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12 ways to improve your website now final


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Presentation slides for the webinar done by Leading Results, Michelle Horn & Dan Kraus on October 4, 2012 on a dozen or more ways to improve your website.

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12 ways to improve your website now final

  1. 1. 12+  Ways  to  Improve  Your     Website  -­‐  NOW  
  2. 2. 12+  Ways  to  Improve  Your   Website  -­‐  NOW   Dan  Kraus  &  Michelle  Horn   Leading  Results  
  3. 3. Leading  Results  Overview   •  MarkeGng  services  firm  –  coaching  and  consulGng     u  1:1  Coaching,  Group  Coaching   u  FracGonal  VP  of  MarkeGng   u  Social  Media  Coaching  and  Learning   u  Referral  MarkeGng  Coaching  and  Classes   •  Authorized  Duct  Tape  MarkeGng  coaches   •  Offices  in  Los  Angeles,  Boston,  Philadelphia  and  CharloXe   •  Clients  throughout  North  America   •  We  help  our  clients  stop  wasGng  money  on  markeGng  that   does  not  create  results  
  4. 4. Leading  Results  Core  MarkeGng  Mantra   •  Dont  talk  about  the  products  you  sell;  talk   about  the  problems  you  solve.       •  Then  talk  about  the  remarkably  different  way   that  I  will  experience  working  with  you  as  you   solve  those  problems.     •  Be  sure  you  tell  me  what  I  get;  NOT  what  you   do.    Because  I  dont  have  Gme  to  figure  out  if   what  I  need  is  what  you  do.    
  5. 5. DefiniGon  of  MarkeGng  Know   Like   Trust   TRY   Buy   Repeat   Refer  
  6. 6. Therealities of marketing today
  7. 7. Listen over say
  8. 8. Insight over Information
  9. 9. Proof over promise
  10. 10. Publish over prospect
  11. 11. Farm over hunt
  12. 12. MarkeGng  is  a  System   1.   Strategy  before  tacGcs   2.   Fill  your  markeGng  hourglass   3.   Publish  educaGonal  content   4.   Create  a  total  web  presence     5.   Use  a  lead  generaGon  trio   6.   Make  selling  a  system  too   7.   Live  by  the  calendar    
  13. 13. Today’s  Speaker  –  Michelle  Horn   •  MarkeGng  Evangelist   •  CRM  -­‐  Consultant,  Power  User  and  Trainer   •  Background   u  3x  Business  Owner   u  Sales   u  ConsulGng   u  Training   u  Website  Design  
  14. 14. MarkeGng  is  a  System   1.   Strategy  before  tacGcs   2.   Fill  your  markeGng  hourglass   3.   Publish  educaGonal  content   4.   Create  a  total  web  presence     5.   Use  a  lead  generaGon  trio   6.   Make  selling  a  system  too   7.   Live  by  the  calendar    
  15. 15. 1:  Its  not  me,  its  you..   •  Make  it  about  them,  not  you  –   your  front  page  beXer  clearly   state  what  someone  gets  from   working  with  you   •  Let  them  know  in  3  seconds  or   less…    
  16. 16. 2.  NavigaGon  easy  enough  for  3rd  graders   •  Don’t  make  them   work  for  it.  
  17. 17. 3.  Who  reads  blogs  anyway?   •  Make  it  relevant  and  Gmely  –  Add  a  blog  and   write   •  Blog  your  Keywords,  3x  per  post  per  750   words  (more  or  less)    
  18. 18. 4.  Entertain  me  &  Don’t  make  me  read   •  Make  it  watchable  –  add  video  and  all  the  relevant   tags  so  that  the  video  not  only  sells  for  you,  but   helps  you  get  found   •  Visually  pleasing    
  19. 19. 5.  Add  Calls  To  AcGon   •  Tell  them  what  you  want  them  to  do   •  Track  leads  
  20. 20. 6.  A-­‐Yup,  I’m  from  around  here…   •  Make  it  local  –  address  on  every  page,  city/state   listed  under  every  customer  tesGmonial,     •  If  you  can,  specific  pages  for  city/towns  you  do  a  lot   of  business  in  or  want  to  do  more  from.  
  21. 21. 7.  You  can  trust  me   •  Make  it  more  credible  -­‐    add  tesGmonials  and   client  quotes  through  out  –  see  previous  for   having  it  help  with  geo  
  22. 22. 8.  Don’t  be  a  social  misfit   •  Make  it  social  –  if  you  are  using  twiXer,  FB  or   LI,  have  logical  integraGon  points    
  23. 23. 9:  Incoming…..   •  Have  your  college/university  link  to  your  website.  Or   your  Sons/Daughters..    And  your  spouses   •  Guest  Blog  for  Links   •  Donate  service  to  NPO  for  links   •  SCORE  for  links    
  24. 24. 10.  Don’t  make  me  use  a  dicGonary   •  Make  the  whole  site  readable  by  your  ideal   customer   •  Make  it  specific.    Each  page  has  1  and  only  1   topic.  
  25. 25. 11.  Show  me  your  face!   •  Make  it  personal  –  get  pictures  of  your  people   in  the  staff  pages    
  26. 26. 12.  Don’t  play  Hide  &  Seek   •  Along  with  the  address  on  every  page,  you   need  a  phone  number   •  Make  sure  that  on  every  page  they  have  a   way  to  email  you  and  a  way  to  get  on  your   mailing  list   •  Your  contact  page  needs  a  map  and   direcGons  
  27. 27. Bonus  1.  Add  an  asset   •  eBook   •  White  paper   •  Case  study  
  28. 28. Bonus  2.  Squeeze  Pages  for  AdverGsing   •  Only  one  thing   to  do   •  No  navigaGon  
  29. 29. Bonus  3.  Help  Google  Help  You   •  Make  it  findable   •  Pages  Gtled  appropriately  (Café  XYZ,  Café  XYZ   Catering  Menu,  Café  XYZ  Take-­‐out  Menu)   •  This  also  applies  to  the  “local”  aspect  (Boston,  MA   Sage  CRM  consultant  and  trainer)  
  30. 30. Bonus  4.  Leverage  Technology  
  31. 31. Result   Ultimately, an effective website will help with the Know, Like and Trust So you can focus on Try and Buy! Offer  #1     Know   Like   Trust   Complete  the   evaluaGon,  get  the   slides  
  32. 32. Offer  #2   •  MarkeGng  and  Business   Development  Audit   u  You  complete  our  quesGonnaire   u  We  spend  45  minutes  with  you  to   review  it     For  the  free  45  minute  business   þ assessment  in  the  presenta3on  evalua3on      
  33. 33. We help small businesses stop wasting money on marketing Ques=ons  &  Answers   Contact Us  Web:  Email: mhorn@leadingresults.comPhone: 626-795-6584Twitter: @themichellehorn“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy isthe noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu