The SCORE BIG Scoreboard


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SCORE BIG is an acronym that introduces an easy-to-remember and apply formula for creating effective marketing communications.

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The SCORE BIG Scoreboard

  1. 1. MARKETING PRINCIPLES TO HELP YOU SCORe BIG S=singular FOCUS ON ONE BIG IDEA. SIMPLE MESSAGES GET REMEMBERED. C=CREDIBLE EARN TRUST. BE REAL. FAIR. HONEST. O=ORIGINAL CREATE SOMETHING MEMORABLE.STAND OUT. R=RELEVANT KNOW THE CUSTOMER. PROBLEMS. PAINS. PLEASURES. E= YOU CANNOT BORE PEOPLE INTO BUYING. MAKE IT FUN. ENTERTAINING HOME VISITOR b=bold have a point of view. take a stand. I= have a clear purpose for everything you create. intentional G=guiding teach.tell. give advice. steer the way. feldman creative Go!Win! written & designed by