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2012 New York City Success Tour, July 12

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  • Ask audience who is in the room
  • Ask audience how they heard about the eventThanks sponsors
  • RDM to input their own story..We all could be therapists – great lineConnector, Consultant, InstigatorSmall Biz TherapistEntrepreneur and Small Business Owner
  • Beyond the technologyFounders identify with struggles of small businsses
  • WHY DO WE DO THISSmall is not a dirty wordSmall is Small (2-50 people)Small is Big (5.1 M US)Small is Focus (our ONLY focus)Many companies say they love small biz but really have no clueMany take big biz products and shove it to fit for small biz – take away features/etcSupport is amazing….
  • What sometimes happens is businesses make great products only to realize that customers aren't lining up to buy from them.
  • And we have iterated for 10 years to prove and improve the methodology. At Infusionsoft, we get our 10,000 hours of time with small businesses every 3 months.We want to revolutionize how small biz grow and succeed
  • (these 3 questions came from our years of insight into small biz – Dan R prezo)What if we could discover the patterns of success?What if we could find the formulas that make some people successfulWhat if we could identify the commonalities in the people who just “get by”?What if we could make this easier for people
  • LIVE AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION - have audience stand show who dies and who lives40% fail in first year, Somewhere between 50% and 80% of small businesses fail in the first 5 years. That is not OK with InfusionsoftBusiness failure rate data -
  • Core principle (Michael Gerber in E-Myth): Many entrepreneurs are Technicians suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure.Small business owners don’t come out of the womb understanding how to market. THEY LOOK AROUND AT WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING AND FOLLOW THEMWe aren't born with the innate ability to market and sell. What do we do? Copy others. The problem is the model copied is broken."Tools + Tactics - Strategy = Chaos
  • Most small businesses market like a caveman.1. Wakes up in the morning (TAKES HIS STICK – which has the word “buy from me on it”)2. Goes to find the herd3. Sneaks up on them4. Singles out the weakest of the herd5. Chases them down and beat them with the club6. Drag back to cave7. Start over
  • Everyone in survival mode is DYING.This is simplified but it’s overall an idea of how small biz market in survival mode
  • By working with these businesses (and thousands of entrepreneurs just like them), we identified the three biggest gaps. How many of these three do you suffer from?Lost Traffic. Whether it’s on your website or in your store, too many don’t capture leadsEXAMPLE of person (doctor?) who has lots of online traffic – but can’t capitalize on itLost Leads. As we mentioned with Doug Huggins… we don’t follow up with leads enoughEXAMPLE of mortgage exec whose sales staff discarded pre qualified mortgage applicationsLost Customers. We either lose customers completely, or we lose opportunities to WOW them, Upsell them, get referrals.EXAMPLE: companies are not wowing us – so lost business with by indifference or not wowing customers to have them want to come back to use Sometimes we refer to this as Follow-Up Failure. It’s everywhere.
  • GOOD QUOTE – wrong place? Car salesman are dripping with quota, that is not how people want to be sold to.
  • Our customers are going online.Seems like a train we can’t catch. You don’t have to Start with the strategyRamon’s example of his neighbor’s cat chasing every string – even though it’s clear the string is NOT a mouse – he can’t help it…
  • The real problem with survival marketing is that NOT MANY BUSINESSES SURVIVE ITBut even those who survive it don’t quite achieve their dreams
  • Do you know what the MOST IMPACTFUL INVENTION FOR THE CAVEMAN?THE FENCE! (Imagine that!)
  • After watching thousands of thriving businesses:Inventions FROM CAVEMAN simple tools TO FARMER/RANCHER: Farmer knows the lifecycle of a plant Thriving businesses recognize there is a CUSTOMER LIFECYCLE *IF I DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE AT EACH PHASE OF THE LIFECYCLE, I CAN ENJOY A HARVEST!Thriving businesses grow at some point. They recognize THEY can HAVE A SURPLUS There is hope that they can SPEND TIME MAKING WIDGETS There is hope to get out of my nightmare and back into my dream
  • A fence creates MIND SHARE beyond WALLET SHARE
  • A new framework for thinking about your marketing AND SALESIt’s easier than the alternative. It’s easy to get started.Fundamental premise: Almost every small business who is still in survival mode has a TON OF OPPORTUNITY THROUGHOUT THEIR BUSINESS. When you go from just CONVERTING SALES to considering the ENTIRE CUSTOMER LIFECYCLE, there ARE LOTS OF EASY WINSYou will find that it feels NATURAL, because it’s based on natural laws of the (customer) harvest. (Grandpa would agree with it).
  • Spend more time with familyFocus on business growthBusiness built to last
  • Treating prospects as peopleUsing systems to scale relationshipsMy goal: help you find the biggest opportunitythe goal is NOT to make you perfect. We’re going to identify the top 3 things to attack first.
  • We are going to work ON your business today. I call it work, but what we are really doing is making sense of a whirlwind of chaotic messages that you hear every day about all of the things you “should” be doing in your business. We’re going to take a different approach that will change the way you think about your marketing forever.And the workbook we’ll be using is the Playbook.Please write your name and phone number down on the fist page. You won’t want to lose this baby.
  • These are the 7 phases.Instead of just looking at “sales” to see how we are doing, there are SEVERAL IMPORTANT METRICS TO WATCH.[Review each phase]This approach gives us the ability to identify where we are doing well, and where there is more opportunity to be had.It's important to look at the numbers, and the good news is you don't have to implement a whole system out of the gate to improve results, you can improve results relatively quickly with some effort applied in one area.
  • OPEN WORKBOOK - Good Lifecycle Marketers understand their customersA common mistake is to say “I’m for everyone”Not how success is created. Requires FOCUS AND UNDERSTANDINGQuick Exercise: Who is your customer?Basic CharacteristicsPains, Problems and ChallengesBenefits They SeekWhy They Buy From YouMost common ObjectionsWho is not your target customer
  • When we are in “sales mode’, we attack our prospects with a Hard Sales Message (i.e. BEAT THEM WITH A CLUB)Lifecycle Marketers find ways to flip the equation around. They get prospects to come to them They create powerful MAGNETS that attract prospectsLet’s look at examples
  • Even everything free people would be suspicious (manhattan stores with confetti all over the floor saying close out sale –that does not even work all the time)
  • Their initial magnet said “contact me”Sean Kelley and Andy MackensenWent from Outbound Hunting to Inbound HarvestingWhen they started, they’d chase people all day.Then they created reports that ENTERED THE CONVERSATION going on in their prospect’s head.*Note: Lifecycle Marketers grow healthy prospect databases** is there more information to read as background for Human Healthy **
  • 1. Story: Had a very expensive event model that never produced what they needed it to. 2. After spending $10,000 on a mailing that produced NOTHING, they were facing bankruptcy and possible foreclosure square in the eye3. Tested an educational approach. They sent an email broadcast (through another vendor?) in conjunction with a PBS special about taxes. Got a massive client.4. Created a magnet and started offering it all over. Attracted a ton more traffic** is there more information to read as background for Gleason **
  • John Carlton: imagine your prospect a lazy, video game playing, stinky dude on a couch. Ain’t getting up for anything.You need to be the one thing that gets his blood pumping today.People don’t wake up in the morning thinking “I need to sign up for yet another email newsletter”Your customers have lots of options, lots of distractions- why even pay attention to you?
  • [Question] What magnets are you using?Feedback?[Quick Exercise] – fill out Attract TrafficExercise: Pick educational magnet topic: Get inside your prospect’s head.
  • This is hard work, but it is important because it will help us focus on the right areas.And it will show you how much opportunity is slipping through the cracks!
  • Businesses that are thriving are focused on CAPTURING the information of their prospects If you want to be able to FOLLOW UP, you have to have their information If you want to have a large prospect database, it comes ONE DAY AT A TIME. You already have leads slipping through the cracks and you don’t even know it.CALL AN OFFICE (of the attendees) LIVE….. or gesture to do so…(Dan Ralph)
  • Most businesses have enough prospects slipping through the cracks that they could doubleWebsite with form prominently displayedLead Capture process for all customer interactionsBusiness cards ALONE are NOT a lead
  • Most businesses have enough prospects slipping through the cracks that they could doubleWebsite with form prominently displayedLead Capture process for all customer interactionsBusiness cards ALONE are NOT a lead
  • Now that you have captured the leads, you can begin to nurture and warm the lead so they become a hot prospectWhen you don’t have a solid lead nurture plan in place, you end up dropping leads. - Doug Huggins Story (?)- SERGE CONCIERGE STORY – no follow up with “NO’s” (Ramon’s example)
  • One thing we’re doing is touching them with helpful information firstCitation for this slideAs referenced from a study of the Sales and Marketing Executive Club of Los Angeles
  • Jeanette was a stay-at-home mom. When Joe’s front office person left, she decided it was time to come work in the business. She heard about Lifecycle Marketing and took off like a rocket. Kept it simple. Did one thing at a time.She spent time mapping out a planShe used the simple templates in our libraryTechnophobe. She saw her first iPad the morning of InfusionCon. Had to get someone to help her get on wireless
  • Look at the results.
  • Julie Goldman – The Original Runner CompanyShark tankKardashian weddingMakes custom runners for weddings. Got good press from some celebrity weddings.Before lifecycle marketing: She would take an index card, write down the name of the bride, wedding date, what interested in. Every month – would pull out the card and try to follow up. There HAS to be another way (too time consuming, I’d call and it would be too late, also some brides would call in and expect me to remember details about their wedding. Her follow up stunk.
  • Debbie Green – Founder. Sell design software to help interior designers Before this nurture was in place, they had 5 people following up on leads. Wowed the audience at the recent MarketingProfs event because their small business out-markets many of the big businesses. One session attendee applauded Debbie for her business’ commitment to customers. Her business of more than 1,000 employees sometimes take a robotic approach to customer follow up.  She explained that their communications with customers aren’t personalized or friendly.The size of your business is not important. It’s whether you are committed to nurturing leads.
  • How many more prospects would you have if you educated them, nurtured them, took care of them?
  • COMMENT FROM SCOTT TO CONSIDER USING: I kinda do want you to walk out of here a little bit screwed up in the head. I want you to say to other businesses  "hey you didn't capture me as a lead, ha ha! Oh, wait I'm not doing that yet either!"
  • FOR CREATIVE: let’s add live link to this URL – why not embed on an Infusionsoft page?This video could be worth seeing live – if possible
  • Converting Sales is much easier when you’ve been nurturing them with education and follow up.
  • One thing we’re doing is touching them with helpful information first
  • Sean Kelley and Andy MackensenWent from Outbound Hunting to Inbound Harvesting
  • David Hiersekorn – Private Counsel law practiceDavid turned the “typical” legal model on its head using a creative lead conversion strategy.
  • Wowing customers creates a monopoly in their mindCar mechanic who shines carCustomers who have indifference towards you are not wowed
  • Ramon’s story of giving back $5,000 to a customerAsk audience who they rave about
  • Wow customer without being askedWow customer when a problem happens (ieSmashburger)
  • Ramon’s example of customer who came and asked how they could spend 100% more with him
  • Fun, unique dentist in California. Top 20 coolest small offices in United states. When you are leaving, most dentists try to schedule appointment for 6 months, but that date doesn't always work. He sends reminders about the appointments (email and call from receptionist). Take advantage of birthdate. B-day comes with email and postcard
  • Jermaine Griggs – Hear and PlayJermaine used personalized, triggered follow-up to present upsell offerings Different type of music, current level of consumptionUPSELL IS NOT a SNEAK ATTACK – it’s enabling customers to buy more of what they want from YOU and NOT your competition
  • Customer referrals are one of the cheapest ways to grow.Nelly asked Daily News to have Ramon speak and Nelly was not even sure what Ramon did for a living (POWER REFERRAL)
  • What would happen if you doubled referrals?
  • What would happen if you doubled referrals?
  • Let’s review the Opportunity AnalyzerWrite the numbers from each phase (monthly). Multiply by 12.
  • Share totals.
  • Do some Maps together on Elmo (for those who don’t know what an Elmo is - on: Simple, fluid Trigger-based marketing
  • The key is that the lead is being captured and followed up on automatically.How many “free classes” go uncaptured and unfollowed up on?Life happens!!Law practice that added $642k from “Nos”
  • Would you like us to show you a little bit how our software works?If you feel this is less relevant for you, you can be rude and get up and leave.I'm not going to try and sell you, or block the door until you buy. The most important thing I wanted to sell you on today, was lifecycle marketing, and to motivate you to move in the direction of implementing lifecycle marketing.
  • Think of Infusionsoft as the tractor that helps the farmer. We have software to help implement and automate lifecycle marketing all in one system. There are good tools out there to help you implement lifecycle marketing, we help that happen all in one system.
  • High – Level Overview Web Based, so you can log in from anywhere Multi-user (your whole office logs in) Has a prospect and customer database at it’s core Manage contact details, history/notes (like ACT) Integrated with all the tools you needInfusionsoft allows you to capture leads that you attract with your magnets Everything goes into one customer database Everything is Segmented using TAGS
  • Google analytics is great – but can’t tell you WHO is visiting your web site.Infusionsoft can
  • Show the blank map on bullet 4, three other maps
  • Coaches are now specialized by your type of business. They’ll ask you the right questions to find the biggest opportunity, then they’ll be there to help you get success!
  • Sign up here today you get 3 of the bonuses free
  • Fill out surveyReady to buy? Want more information? – ask usInfusionsoft partner – referral or consultant?
  • Lifecycle Marketing Ramon

    1. 1. Why are we here?1. Help you grow your business.2. More sales from current customers.3. Close more sales from prospective customers4. Share Infusionsoft insight about why small biz succeed and fail5. Introduce new way of thinking about sales & marketing6. Give you a personal work book – Lifecycle Marketing Planner7. Help you leave EXCITED about opportunities to GROW
    2. 2. Ramon RayInfusionsoftRegional Development Manager, NY/NJEditor & Technology Evangelist, Smallbiztechnology.comramon.ray@infusionsoft.com917-685-3920 | @ramonray- Puppet shows in developing countries- Graduate FBI Citizen’s Academy- Chatted with President Obama in first Google Hangout
    3. 3. About Infusionsoft® Ideas and strategies 10 years in the making  32,000+ users  9,000 small businesses  250 employees Software that automates and scales the sales and marketing function Serve small business Inc 500/5000 recipient 5 years running Many employees are former or current small biz owners
    4. 4. Infusionsoft Founders Co-founders are small biz owners Know struggles of small business Growing Infusionsoft from zero employees to 300 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012 Finalist
    5. 5. We Listen, We Care, We Serve • 700 customers involved in latest software upgrade • 10,000 support calls a year • 67,000,000 emails delivered
    6. 6. Infusionsoft’s One Purpose:To Help Small Businesses Succeed
    7. 7. Infusionsoft wants growinga business (and starting one) tobe easier for small businesses you!
    8. 8. Why did you start your business? What was your dream? Control Financial Freedom Escape from the cubicle Time Freedom Greater rewards Accidental Entrepreneur
    9. 9. Is your dreama nightmareIs the honeymoon over?
    10. 10. Infusionsoft 10-yearResearch Project
    11. 11. Three Questions1. Why do so many small businesses fail?2. Why do some small businesses thrive?3. What tools can we offer to help more small businesses succeed?
    12. 12. Why do so manysmall businesses fail?
    13. 13. Reasons for Small BusinessFailureNot enough customersNot enough salesNot enough money
    14. 14. Many entrepreneursare Technicianssuffering from anentrepreneurialseizure.eMyth author Michael Gerber
    15. 15. Survival marketing Why Are Small Businesses Failing?
    16. 16. Survival Caveman marketing1. Wakes up in the morning2. TAKES HIS STICK (which has the word “buy from me” on it”)3. Goes to find the herd4. Sneaks up on them5. Singles out the weakest of the herd6. Chases them down and beats them with the club7. Drag back to cave8. Start over
    17. 17. What’s your caveman club? Word of mouth marketing Online advertising Post cards Tweeting Exhibiting Direct mail Print advertising
    18. 18. Survival Marketing1. Generate interest2. Sell to hot leads3. Get new customers4. Sigh in relief5. START OVER
    19. 19. Lost Opportunity1. Lost traffic2. Lost leads3. Lost customers
    20. 20. What does this really mean? Lost traffic - content marketing is no good without lead capture Lost leads - getting leads and prospects is useless without lead nurturing Customers- are a “waste” if they are not followed up and wowed
    21. 21. Small biz are failing becausethey are not able to uncoverhidden pools of profits.
    22. 22. Social media. The Big BuzzSocial media is greatBut it’s only a toolIt’s a megaphone to use with a marketing strategy
    23. 23. Tools & Tactics AreSurvival Marketing
    24. 24. Problems With Survival Marketing1. We are always chasing the next deal (The herd is in control)2. Our marketing is disjointed (on again, off again)3. We don’t have confidence that our marketing plan will bring a surplus of customers
    25. 25. What makes somesmall businesses thrive?
    26. 26. Wallet Shareto Mind Share
    27. 27. Introducing...LifecycleMarketing
    28. 28. Lifecycle Marketing delivers moresales, and allows businesses to buildtheir business and stop surviving.Lifecycle Marketing is build on2 simple premises…
    29. 29. Prospects Are People
    30. 30. Prospects Are People• Less Desperation, More Relationship.• Inbound, not outbound.• Grandpa’s way of doing business• Give first• Take care of the customer• Build relationships
    31. 31. Systems ScaleRelationships
    32. 32. Imagine You Only HadOne CustomerHow would you take care of them
    33. 33. Systems scale relationships• Imagine you had only ONE client• How would you treat them?• How often would you “touch them”?• If we treated all customers as one customer how many customers would we have?
    34. 34. Lifecycle MarketingWhat Ramon calls - Dating Your Leads & Marrying Your Customers!
    35. 35. Lifecycle Marketing Plannero Ideas, Insights, and “Aha”so Big Gapso Big Opportunitieso *Key Action Items TIP: Write your name and phone number down on the fist page in case you lose it. 39
    36. 36. The 7 Phases of The Customer Lifecycle Lifetime Hot CustomerVisitors Opt-Ins Sales Customer Referrals Prospects Satisfaction Value
    37. 37. Know thy customer
    38. 38. Attract TrafficOnline ADOffline
    39. 39. Lead magnetso Not buy from me (the quick sale)o Get information from me to HELP YOUo How can I get people to ENGAGE with meo Why do people keep passing byo The “only” enticement we have is – sale, free, etco Lead magnets position you as expert
    40. 40. Human Healthy Vendingo Started as pure “hunters”o Created targeted lead magnetso Grew prospect database by 10x
    41. 41. Gleason Taxo Spent thousands on marketingo Getting poor resultso Discovered gold with educational marketing
    42. 42. Results of Benefit Marketing(Lead Magnets) for GleasonTax • Decreased marketing spend by more than 50% • At the same time, increased leads by 120%
    43. 43. Big Lead Mistake: Join Our Newsletter Join Our Newsletter Whenwas the last time you woke up and said: “Today I need to join another newsletter...”? (Answer: 2002)
    44. 44. Exercise:Pick a topic for youreducational magnet
    45. 45. Opportunity Analyzer Exercise:How many more visitorscould you attract with theright magnets?
    46. 46. Capture LeadsOnline ADOffline
    47. 47. Lead Capture Gaps• Web Traffic that leaves your site• Walk-ins that walk out• Telephone calls that hang up Lead Entry Form• Networking contacts that leave• Tradeshow visitors who walk by
    48. 48. Lead Capture Gaps• Web Traffic that leaves your site• Walk-ins that walk out• Telephone calls that hang up• Networking contacts that leave Lead Entry• Tradeshow visitors who walk by Form
    49. 49. Opportunity Analyzer Exercise:How many visitors are coming toyou without you capturing theirinformation?
    50. 50. Nurture ProspectsSEOAD + +PPC
    51. 51. Did you know? 48% 1 2% 24% 2 3% % of deals that close 12% 3 4% % of calls acompany makes 6% 4 10% 10% 5 81% It takes an average of five sales calls to close a deal, but most salespeople give up after just one or two calls
    52. 52. Follow up Goodie Bag People buy when they’re ready to buy not when you’re ready to sell Will people get ANNOYED with too much follow up? Be smart about It and follow up with the right customer! (KNOW THY CUSTOMER) Adrian Miller (Adrian’s Network), business growth guru – called a prospect 30x and finally got the sale Your competitors will STOP FOLLOWING UP – you can CRUSH IT – by doing what your competitors will not do
    53. 53. Good Intention Prospects NeedNurturing• Piles of prospects: YES, NO’s. PILE OF GOOD INTENSIONS (biggest pile)• Create contact sequences for various customers• Create follow up sequences for various objections – bins of follow up
    54. 54. Gleason Tax
    55. 55. Lifecycle Marketing – Beforeand After Before After $15,000 on  $500 per month marketing  7,156 leads 3,215 leads  2,228 emails 438 tax clients  770 tax clients 75 financial clients  150 financial clients 4 staff  12 staff
    56. 56. Original Runner Company• From shoebox of customer cards to customer database• Today: 20 different lead nurture follow up systems • Sample swatch + follow up • Based on wedding date• Increased Conversion by 60%!• Referrals jumped 80%
    57. 57. Minutes Matter• Used lead nurture campaign to follow up with Free Trial prospects: • Day 1: Fast Track Plan (sets expectations and preps them for success coach) • Day 3: Welcome • Day 6: Meet success coach • Day 14: Series of how-to’s and Studio tips • Day 20: Four-day special 20% off • Day 30: Last day of trial • Day 45: We haven’t heard from you• Increased conversion by 30%!
    58. 58. Opportunity Analyzer Exercise:How many prospects do you“drop” each month becausethey aren’t ready to buy today?What dollar value is this?
    59. 59. How much moremoney could yoube making if youfollowed up withthe no’s?
    60. 60. Get Fish Prospects To Jump Into Your Boat
    61. 61. Convert SalesSEOAD + +PPC
    62. 62. How does this apply to HOT leads? 48% 1 2% 24% 2 3% % of deals that close 12% 3 4% % of calls a company makes 6% 4 10% 10% 5 81% It takes an average of five sales calls to close a deal, but most salespeople give up after just one or two calls
    63. 63. Human Healthy Vending• Were spending 8-10 hours per prospect• Changed model so reps only talked with qualified, educated prospects (magnets)• Decreased time spent selling by 75%• They operate like a 20-person marketing department• Grew from 0 to $5M+ in 3 years
    64. 64. Could you benefit by spending75% less time selling?
    65. 65. Lawyer Nurtures Customer Love Problems: Impatient clients, frustration about billings Solution: uses content, videos, reports and emails to offer free value to the prospect/client  Breaks mold & pre- empts questions  Closes 100% of his appointments David Hiersekorn  Sales job is done when they walk in
    66. 66. Opportunity Analyzer Exercise:How many additionalprospects would buyeach month with greatfollow-up?
    67. 67. Deliver and SatisfySEOAD + + $ + +PPC
    68. 68. Wowing the Customers + GreatCustomer Service = Low CostMarketing and Customer RetentionTools
    69. 69.  Takes 10 positives to overcome 1 negative Invest in wowing your customer Wow Your Customers
    70. 70. The $5.00 ChallengeWhat could you do with$5 or less to “WOW”every new client?
    71. 71. Opportunity Analyzer ExerciseHow many customers decide tostop doing business with youeach month because you failedto WOW them?
    72. 72. Upsell CustomersSEOAD + + $ + +PPC
    73. 73. Upsell Benefits• Buying more frequently• Buying higher profit products• Cheaper to sell to existing customers Do You Want Fries With That?
    74. 74. Funtastic Dental• Problem: late reminders/no reminders cause patients to miss appts• Solution: better reminder system• Result: higher customer value (increased frequency)
    75. 75. Jermaine Griggs – Hear and Play• Created personal relationships• Sent targeted messaging (LCV > $200)• Doubled Net Profit!
    76. 76. Opportunity Analyzer ExerciseHow many past customersshould be buying again thismonth but aren’t because of poorfollow-up and no targetedupsells?
    77. 77. Get ReferralsSEOAD + + $ + +PPC
    78. 78. Ask for themBe Systematic “Advanced” Referral Strategy
    79. 79. Gleason Tax• Launched customer referral program ($10 gas card)• Tax clients automatically got an email• Doubled referrals
    80. 80. Survey customers and ask how you are doing.  Those that love you, invite to be referrers.  Those that arent loving you, that becomes a customer service opportunity  Important to have a plan to nurture referrers (rabid fans)This is BEYOND Customer Service – It’s the Customer Experience
    81. 81. Opportunity Analyzer ExerciseHow many referrals do we loseeach month because we don’task?
    82. 82. TOTAL Opportunity analyzer• Add up all the opportunity you have in front of you• What 3 areas of opportunity could you improve on (traffic? Leads? Etc)• What actions will you take – week, month, 2 months?• Best insights and ideas?
    83. 83. How do you implementLifecycle Marketing?
    84. 84. Map out the planSEOAD + + $ + +PPC
    85. 85. Maps Help You Create A Fluid Strategy Attract. Capture. Nurture. Convert. Nurture Sequences
    86. 86. Don’t Rush. Building A Fence &Farm Takes Time Don’t rush. Understand the possibilities & opportunities Focus on one or two areas to invest in now
    87. 87. What tools can we offerto help small businessesgrow?
    88. 88. What tools?• Train your mind. Most important part of Lifecycle Marketing• Use your own tools and string them together (Email marketing, Ecommerce, CRM, Auto responder, Analytics, Social media)
    89. 89. Infusionsoft is theJohn Deere Tractor(to go with yourFence – which is theprocess)
    90. 90. Infusionsoft - All In One Sales and Marketing Softwareo Attract and Capture Leadso Nurture Prospectso Close Saleso Wow and Upsell Your Customerso Get Referralso Ecommerce, CRM, analytics, automation, sales and more
    91. 91. Attract and Capture Leads Build simple lead capture forms (drag and drop simple)
    92. 92. Attract and Capture Leads Use Social Media To Get The Word Out
    93. 93. Attract and Capture Leads Track website activity for visitors and leads
    94. 94. Nurture Prospects Drag and Drop Campaign Builder
    95. 95. Nurture Prospects Drag and Drop Simple Email Design
    96. 96. Nurture Prospects More Than Just Email
    97. 97. AutomaticClose Sales Lead Scoring
    98. 98. Close Sales Find Hot Leads Easily
    99. 99. Sell Online Integrated Shopping Cart
    100. 100. Get Repeat Sales, Upsells, Referrals Build Customer Follow-Up Campaigns
    101. 101. Software is only a tool.You have to use it right and make it a part of your process.Hence the Infusionsoft Success Coach.
    102. 102. Infusionsoft takes you by the hand andgets you started F-A-S-T!• Your personal Success Coach for 60 days• Assistance transferring data• Kick-Off Strategy Session: - Evaluation of your current customer lifecycle - Create YOUR custom Marketing Automation Plan (M.A.P.)
    103. 103. Here’s how we take you by thehand and get you started F-A-S-T!• Your personal Success Coach for 60 days• Assistance transferring data – Evaluation of your current customer lifecycle – Your custom Marketing Automation Plan (M.A.P.)• Help you launch your first 2 campaigns (Content too)• “Flex Blocks” – specific to YOUR unique needs
    104. 104. We create YOURcustomMarketing AutomationPlan
    105. 105. First Class Customer Service Weekly Webinars - (4,500+ Registrants) 2,000 attendees at InfusionCon 2013 Free Technical Support: • Phone or Online Chat • Average Wait Time: 1min. 13 sec.State-of-the-art Help Center
    106. 106. $249/mo.$1,499 (or 3 pmts of $599)
    107. 107. Today’s Quick Start Package• 2011 Ultimate Marketer Swipe Binder $399.99• Beat the Recession Kit: $399.99 (Dan Kennedy, Michael Gerber)• Endless Profits: Double Your Sales Case Study $199.99Additional Savings of: $999.97
    108. 108. $249/mo.$1,499 (or 3 pmts of $599)
    109. 109. Key Points To Remember Farming Instead of Hunting (Build A Fence) Lifecyle Marketing Instead of Survival Marketing (7 Steps) Nurture customers who are not ready to buy now. No does not mean never No does not mean never Whether you buy Infusionsoft or not – implement Lifecycle Marketing
    110. 110. Join The Infusionsoft Small Business Success Club (free).Online videos and tutorials to learn more about LifecycleMarketing Text Your Email To: (917) 525-2324
    111. 111. Thank youWant to be an Infusionsoft partner?