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How To Get Clients & Sell Without Selling (Social Selling) Let's look at how to sell! If you're interested in how to get more clients, sell without selling and social media marketing, then this is for you.

If you want to change the feast and famine lifecycle you regularly experience; modernize the way you sell and create just ONE system for client generation that you can use over and over again, instead of having to 'reinvent the wheel' each time you go to market then watch the presentation.

In it I'll be sharing how you can:

1. CREATE: How to create a personalized Client and Lead Generation Plan that focuses on attracting your ideal clients, growing your email list and gearing you up to sell more. This will revolutionize your lead generation process and enable you to obtain security with your income.

2. ATTRACT: I'll share with you how you can free yourself from cold calling and endless networking events, and enable sales with speed, plus I'll give you a brand new "Social Media Quick Tip" that I've never shared on a free webinar yet. This one tip recently landed me a 7-figure client and is guaranteed to help you attract your ideal clients on any social media platform.

3. PROMOTE: Learn how to create a quick and easy "Social Media List Building Funnel" to grow your email list and in turn your sales.

4. SELL: Find out how to create posts, status updates and tweets to sell your programs, products and services via all the social channels. These are what I call your social media daily wins and you can be certain that you'll not feel in the slightest bit salezey whenever you use them.

Thanks for watching!

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How To Get Clients & Sell Without Selling (Social Selling)

  1. 1. How  To  Get  More  Clients  &  Sell  Without   Selling   ì  
  2. 2. WELCOME!  
  3. 3. 3  objectives  for  this  webinar   1.  Add  value  by  modernizing  your  lead  genera4on  and  sales   approach.   2.  Deliver  breakthroughs  in  your  lead  genera4on  and  selling   strategy.   3.  Invite  you  to  join  me  in  a  work-­‐from-­‐home,  online   program  that’ll  update  your  lead  genera4on  and  selling   skills  so  you  see  consistent  growth,  make  more  money  and   be  happier.  
  4. 4. Stay  till  the  end  …   …  and  get:   A  Step-­‐by-­‐Step  Guide  to  Selling  in   the  Digital  Era,  with  an  ac4on  plan.      
  5. 5. Introduction   ì  How  you  can  get  more  ideal  clients   and  sell  without  selling.   ì   A  lead  genera4on  process,  plus  the   tools  you  need  to  fulfill  it:   ì  Social  media  /  social  selling.  
  6. 6. How  I  got  into  this  “fine  mess”  
  7. 7. Who  am  I?   ì  I’m  a  7-­‐figure  business   builder.     ì  I  grew  my  1st  company  to  7-­‐ figures  in  record  4me  -­‐  2   years  (organically)  and  then   did  it  a  2nd  4me  5  years  later.   ì  I’ve  also  recovered  a  6-­‐figure   business  and  taken  it  to  7-­‐ figures  –  much  harder.  
  8. 8. Enabling  business   ì  During  the  past  18  years  I’ve  sold   to  startups  and  exis4ng   businesses  –  solo  entrepreneurs,   SMEs  and  mul4  na4onals.   ì  I  focus  on  3  areas:   2.  Sales   Marke4ng   3.  Opera4ons   1.  ì  I  deliver  consultancy,  coaching   and  training  (online  and  offline).    
  9. 9. Change  your  life  
  10. 10. The  trade  
  11. 11. Eish…hakuna  matata  
  12. 12. Back  to  school  
  13. 13. Investment   $$$$     +     ££££    
  14. 14. Figured  out  my  why  
  15. 15. YOU!  
  16. 16. I  believe  …   ì  …in  entrepreneurship.  Never  has  there   been  a  greater  4me  than  today   (especially  for  women).     ì  Dalai  Lama  said,  “The  world  will  be  saved   by  the  Western  Woman.”  So  if  you’re  a   woman,  this  is  your  4me!  This  is  a  4me  to   rise  up  and  contribute.  
  17. 17. I  believe  …   ì  …in  awakened  souls,  in   following  your  passions  and   living  your  dreams.   ì  …in  healing  the  world   through  happiness  and  that   when  we  all  do  this  we’ll  be   happier  and  the  impact  on   the  world  will  be  massive.     ì  …it’s  easier  than  ever  RIGHT   NOW  to  do  this.  
  18. 18. My  mission   HELP  YOU  TO  BUILD   A  PROFITABLE  6  OR   7-­‐FIGURE  BUSINESS.  
  19. 19. To  help  you  bring  your  selling   methods  up-­‐to-­‐date;  to  INCREASE   your  sales,  make  you  more   money,  make  your  business   easier  and  your  life  more   rewarding.  
  20. 20. Agenda   ì  What  you’re  going  to  get  from  this  webinar  is:   1.  Knowledge  of  how  to  create  a  lead  genera4on  plan  to   ahract  more  clients.   2.  A  process  to  free  yourself  from  cold  calling,  networking   and  to  enable  sales  with  speed  plus,  my  social  media   quick  4p.     3.  How  to  build  a  social  media  funnel  to  shorten  your  sales   cycle,  support  your  business,  gain  an  advantage  over  the   compe44on  and  grow  your  list.   4.  How  to  create  posts  and  tweets  to  sell  your  products  and   services.    
  21. 21. 1.  Evolution  of  Selling   ì  
  22. 22. What  is  selling?   ì  Selling  is:   ì  all  about  having  conversa4ons!   ì  about  helping  people  by  matching  their  needs   to  their  wants,  or  finding  a  solu4on  to  their   problems.   ì  about  winning  AND,   ì  It’s  the  most  fundamental  aspect  of  your   business!  
  23. 23. Sales  is  a  people  business   ì  People  buy  from  people  and  prospects  do  business  with  people   they  know,  like  and  trust.   ì  Put  effort  and  thought  into  building  good  rela4onships  but  never   loose  sight  of  the  real  objec4ve  -­‐  to  make  a  sale!   ì  To  achieve  a  sale  you  must:   ì  Build  a  good,  trus4ng  rela4onship.   ì  Be  clear  when  you’re  building  this  and  when  you’re  making  a   sale.   ì  Make  the  sale  inside  the  rela4onship.  
  24. 24. The  first  rule  of  sales   SWSWSW   …NEXT!    
  25. 25. What  makes  a  good  sales  person?  
  26. 26. Buyers  are  different  
  27. 27. Buyers  now  seek  you  out  
  28. 28. Fact   ì 50-­‐70%  of  the  buying   process  happens  before   you  get  the  opportunity   to  sell  (Source:  Forrester)  
  29. 29. Fact   ì 90%  of  business  owners   and  CEO’s  say  they  NEVER   respond  to  cold  emails  or   calls  (Source:  InsideView)  
  30. 30. Fact   ì 89%  of  consumers  begin   searching  for  products   and  services  using  a   search  engine  (Source:   InsideView)  
  31. 31. Savvy  entrepreneurs   ì  Savvy  entrepreneurs  are  shiqing   their  spend  away  from   ‘interrupLon  adverLsing.’  i.e.   trade  shows  and  direct  mail.  
  32. 32. Better  returns  through  social  media   ì  57%  acquire  clients  and  customers   through  blogging.   ì  44%  from  Twiher.   ì  77%  of  B2C  companies  and  43%  of  B2B   companies  from  Facebook.  
  33. 33. They’re  listening  
  34. 34. SOCIAL  
  35. 35. Where  to  focus   ì  To  win  in  business  now,  you’ve  got  to  be  focusing   on  engagement,  interacLon  and  conversaLons.   ì  Recent  figures  suggest  that  90%  of  us  buy  on   recommendaLon  –  even  from  people  we’ve   never  met.     ì  The  reason  –  we’re  programmed  this  way.  We   follow  the  herd,  keep  up  with  the  crowd  and  so   on.  
  36. 36. Which  one?   (A)  Quiet  restaurant   (B)  Busy  restaurant  
  37. 37. Social  media  works  in  the  same  way   Studies  show  that  the  average   conversion  rate  on  a  website  shoots   from  7%  buying  up  to  71%  when  we’re   recommended  via  social  networks.  
  38. 38. Social  media  shortens  the  sales  cycle   ì  When  you  ask  for  help  or  search  for   something  through  those  you’re   connected  to,  you’ll  find  that  you’ll  end   up  on  the  recommended  site  knowing  a   lot  more.  You’ll  be  more  focused  and   more  ready  to  buy!  
  39. 39. Key  thing  to  note   ì  Understand  this  and  you’ll  take   traffic  away  from  your   compe4tors  who  may  out  rank   you  now  in  terms  of  SEO.  
  40. 40. To  succeed  in  business   ì  You  need  to  be  taught  how  to   use  it  effec4vely  –  as  a  process.   ì  You  need  to  know  your   objec4ve  and  your  market.  Then   plan,  focus  and  take  consistent   ac4on.  
  41. 41. It’s  your  choice   You  have  a  choice  –  whether  to:   ì LEAD  the  change.   ì FOLLOW  someone’s  change.   ì QUIT.  
  42. 42. Consider  this…   ì If  you  choose  not  to,  one   thing’s  certain  –  your   prospects,  clients  and   compe4tors  are  going  to.  
  44. 44. Clients  access  information  
  45. 45. Decisions  are  made  
  46. 46. Overwhelmed  by  sales  messages  
  47. 47. BUT  …  THEY  STILL   NEED  SOLUTIONS   (&  NOW)  
  48. 48. Outwit  the  competition  
  49. 49. Out  maneuver  the  competition  
  50. 50. Stealth  sell  
  51. 51. CONNECT  MORE     DO  MORE   SELL  MORE  
  53. 53. Those  who  get  it  win   31%  greater  team   quota  with  social   selling  techniques   (Aberdeen  Group)  
  54. 54. TWEET  THAT  STAT!   31%  greater  team  quota  with  social  selling   #AberdeenGroup  @JaneFrankland    
  55. 55. 3  Levels  of  social  selling   LEVEL  3  –  Managed  Systems   LEVEL  2  -­‐  Strategy  &  Formal  Training   LEVEL  1  -­‐  Individuals  
  56. 56. To  stop  using  outdated  methods  
  57. 57. Empower  yourself  or  your  team  
  58. 58. Here  are  your  new  tools  
  59. 59. Good  News   AND                     Bad  News  
  60. 60. Creating  The  Process   ì  
  61. 61. Prospecting   ì Prospec4ng  can  be  one  of  the   less  glamorous  aspects  of   running  a  business  but  it’s  also   the  most  important.  If  you   don’t  have  leads,  you  don’t   have  sales    (=  no  money)!  
  62. 62. Creating  success   ì  Using  social  media  to  grow  your  clients  and  enable   sales  has  been  on  the  radar  for  so  many  businesses   but  few  achieve  success.  It’s  usually  because:   ì  They  don’t  set  objec4ves.     ì  They  get  distracted.   ì  Their  content  is  focused  on  selling,  not  the   client  or  customer.   ì  They’re  using  “old  school”  sales  and  marke4ng   mentality  with  new  tools.   ì  They  provide  no  value.  
  63. 63. A  replacement  for  cold  calling  
  64. 64. This  is  key…   ì  …  because  when  you  cold  call  normally,   there’s  no  prior  rela4onship  established   and  your  prospect  has  no  sense  of   obliga4on,  or  interest  to  give  you  the   4me  of  day  because  they’ve  got  no  idea   who  you  are.  
  65. 65. WRITE  THAT  DOWN   “Every  good  conversaLon   starts  with  good  listening”  
  66. 66. Good  listening   ì  If  you  want  to  get  more  clients  you   have  to  get  to  know  your  prospects   and  establish  rela4onships—and   social  media  can  help  you   accomplish  this  quickly  and  easily.    
  67. 67. Get  good  at  conversations  
  68. 68. Think  great  customer  service  
  69. 69. “Price  is  what  you  pay.   Value  is  what  you  get”   Warren  Buffet  
  70. 70. Know  your   VALUE-­‐ADD  
  71. 71. Client  &  Lead  Generation  Plan   ì  
  72. 72. Belief:  work  on  it  (continually)   ì  Set  the  inten4on,  create  the  vision  and  believe.   ì  Create  systems  to  support  you,  for  example:   ì  Create  vision  boards.   ì  Use  manifesta4ons,  affirma4ons  or  EFT.   ì  Write  gra4tude  journals  daily.   ì  Create  a  business  plan  and  firm  up  the  numbers.  
  73. 73. Research  &  prepare   Your  buyers   Your  compe4tors   ì  Where  do  they  hang  out?   ì  Where  do  they  hang  out?   ì  What  do  they  like  to  talk   ì  What  do  they  talk  about   about?   ì  What  are  their  pains  and   challenges?   ì  What  do  they  do  outside  of   work?   ì  Create  a  profile  (avatar)  of   your  prospect   ì  Assess  their  skills  (and   weaknesses)  
  74. 74. Discover  business  opportunities   ì  This  is  where  you’re  going  to  find  your   clients  and  sales  opportuni4es.   ì  Find  your  prospects  anywhere  online  -­‐   wherever  a  relevant  conversa4on  is   happening.     ì  Find  out  where  your  market  is  having   conversa4ons  first,  and  then  go  there.  
  75. 75. Exercise   •  List 5 places where they’re hanging out. By doing this you can get ideas for what to post or tweet about. Go find out what’s already working. •  List 5 topics that are entertaining and interesting to your target. •  List 5 topics that are entertaining and interesting but not necessarily related to your niche.
  76. 76. Groups/ CommuniLes/ Forums/Blogs   Plagorm  (Twiher,   LinkedIn,   Facebook,  blog   etc.)   Niche  Topics   (entertaining  &   interesLng  -­‐   RELATED)   Non-­‐niche   Topics   (entertaining  &   interesLng  –  NOT   RELATED)  
  77. 77. Determine  the  best  way  to  connect     ì  Facebook’s  best  for  B2C  sales.   LinkedIn  is  the  appropriate   pla{orm  for  sales  of  B2B   products  or  services,  and   Twiher  can  be  employed  for   all  kinds  of  sales.   ì  Blogs,  live  chats  and  comment   sec4ons  on  websites  are  also   great  places  to  generate   leads.    
  78. 78. Remember  the  competition   ì  Gaining  compe44ve  insight  is  useful  because  it  enables   you  to  know  how  to  beher  posi4on  yourself  and  it  can   help  you  get  more  clients.   ì  Listen  to  what  they’re  saying  and  what  their  clients  are   saying  about  them  too!   ì  Set  up  Google  Alerts  for  compe4tor  terms  (brand   names,  products,  business  owners  names).   ì  Follow  them  on  the  social  pla{orms  and  join  groups   where  they  may  be  AND  listen  to  what  they’re  saying.  
  79. 79. Strategy:  set  it   ì  The  strategy  i.e.  your  mission  contains   the  who,  what,  when,  where  and  why.   Everything  else  is  about  the  tac4cs  to   accomplish  the  mission.   ì  Your  ac4vi4es  (tac4cs)  are  the  how  and   should  contribute  to  the  success  of  a   strategy.    
  80. 80. “Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu
  81. 81. Image:  look  the  part   ì  Percep4on  is  everything  and  reality  is  nothing  so  it   doesn’t  maher  how  good  your  product  or  service  is.   If  the  prospect  or  client  doesn’t  perceive  it  to  be  –   it’s  not.   ì  Success  or  failure  so  ojen  comes  down  to   percepLon  and  presentaLon.  So  start  off  on  the   right  track  by  presen4ng  yourself  well.  
  82. 82. Remember  Google!   ì  Your  profile  has  now  become  a  tool  and  has  to   represent  you  well  as  it’s  going  to  work  for  you   24/7.     ì  Think  of  it  as  a  door  opener  and  invest  in  it   accordingly.  Start  by  reviewing:   ì  Headshots  &  PR  shots  (for  social  pla{orms).   ì  Website.   ì  Collateral  (brochures,  business  cards  etc.).  
  83. 83. Here’s  an  example   Photos  of  “Jimmie”  by  Timothi  Photography  hhp://  
  84. 84. The  moth  to  the  lamp  
  85. 85. Think  Bridget  Jones!  
  86. 86. It  works  so  well…   ì  The  strategy  works  so  well  because  most  of  us  are  short   on  4me,  so  we’ll  home  in  and  look  at  images  that  stand   out.  We’re  bombarded  with  zillions  of  informa4on.     ì  When  you  get  a  professional  image  out  it  makes  people   look.  And,  then  they’ll  spend  more  4me  diges4ng  what   your  offer  or  message  is.   ì  Then  they’ll  ask  the  right  ques4ons  and  they’ll  find  the   right  answers  and  end  up  understanding  what  you’re   trying  to  do.    
  87. 87. Create  a  persona   ì  Without  misrepresen4ng  yourself,   create  a  persona  (profile)  that's   likeable  and  trustworthy.   ì  Show  personality  and  don’t  make  it   ALL  business.   ì  Buyer  beware…Posi4on  yourself  as  a   jerk  and  loose  business!  
  88. 88. Gravatars   ì  Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. ì  Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums. Plus they can help to drive traffic organically to your website. ì  You can make one really easily at:
  89. 89. Sell  without  selling  
  90. 90. Join  communities,  groups  &  forums   ì  Start  by  spending  some   4me  with  the  tool  you   plan  to  use.   ì  Build  up  your  personal   account,  have   conversa4ons,  and   become  acquainted  with   the  norms  and   expecta4ons  of  the   community.  
  91. 91. Connect     ì  Friend,  follow  or  connect   with  individuals  with  profiles   that  match  your  prospects’   or  your  clients’.     ì  Conduct  a  search  on  each   social  pla{orm  or  use  a   resource  like   hhp://    to   find  prospects  who  are   talking  about  your  industry   or  using  related  keywords.    
  92. 92. Engage  in  conversations     ì  Then  comment  on  their  posts,  retweet   them,  answer  a  ques4on  or  share   something  they  say.     ì  By  contribu4ng  to  their  conversa4on  you   add  value  to  their  network.  Then  it   becomes  natural  for  you  to  follow  them   and  for  them  to  follow  you  back.      
  93. 93. Show  you  care  &  add  value   ì  If  you  just  write  them  a   message  with  a  pitch  and   a  link  to  your  website,   they’ll  be  uninterested.   ì  If  you  say,  ‘Here  are  some   solu4ons  to  your  problem,   maybe  my  product  or   service  can  help,’  they’ll   know  you  care  about   them.    
  94. 94. Keep  listening   ì  If  you  really  listen  to  what  they’re  saying  on   social  media,  you  can  open  doors  and  start  a   conversa4on  without  having  to  make  a  cold   call.   ì  Contribute  to  a  conversa4on  they’re  already   having  with  their  social  network  and  share   content  that  they’ll  find  useful.    
  95. 95. No  one-­‐way  conversations   ì  You’ve  been  given  two  ears   and  one  mouth  for  a  reason.   Don’t  have  a  one-­‐way   conversa4ons.  Don’t  talk  to   your  laptop,  mobile  or  tablet.   ì  Pay  ahen4on  to  what  your   prospects  and  clients  are   saying,  needing  and  even   moaning  about.     ì  Ask  ques4ons,  listen  for  those   who  are  asking  for  help.  
  96. 96. Build  relationships   ì  Put  the  emphasis  on   developing  rela4onships  more   than  developing  leads,  because   good  relaLonships  will  turn   into  leads.     ì  People  share  a  lot  of   informa4on,  and  if  you  monitor   and  listen  to  what  they’re   saying,  you’ll  eventually  be  able   to  engage  in  a  meaningful   conversa4on  with  them.  
  97. 97. Take  your  time  &  get  to  know  them   ì  Once  you  develop  a   rela4onship,  you  can  tell  the   prospect  how  your  product   or  service  might  be   something  they  want  or   need.     ì  NOTE  rela4onships  take  4me   to  build  so  don’t  expect   success  overnight.   ì  You  don’t  get  married  on  the   first  date!  
  98. 98. Conversion   ì  Now  that  you’ve  laid  the  founda4ons  –   you’re  visible,  looking  the  part  and  built   trust,  it’s  4me  to  move  the  sale  along  and   convert  the  prospect  into  a  client.   ì  Two  things  are  important:   1.  Emails  (your  list)   2.  Mee4ngs  (online  and  offline)    
  99. 99. The  process   Ahract  &  Promote   Leads   Convert   Suspects   Speaking  &  Events   PublicaLons   Blogs  &  Guest  Blogs   Social  Media  &  PR   SEO   Prospects   Landing  Pages   CTAs  &  Opt-­‐ins   Surveys  &  Forms   QualificaLon   MeeLngs   Delight   Close/Sell   Clients   Email   QualificaLon   MeeLngs   Systems  &  Processes     Loyalists   Email   Speaking  &  Events   PublicaLons   Social  Media  &  PR   MeeLngs  
  100. 100. Social  media  quick  tip   The  rules:   1.  Know  your  objec4ve.   2.  Create  a  process.   3.  Fulfill  the  mission.   4.  Get  the  BLEEP  out  of  there!   5.  Analyze  the  results.   6.  Tweak  and  /  rinse  and  repeat.  
  101. 101. Walk  in  your  buyer’s  digital  footsteps  
  102. 102. Create  digital  bait  (content)  
  104. 104. Summary   ì  Knowledge  of  how  to  create  a  lead  genera4on  plan  to   ahract  more  clients.   ì  A  process  to  free  yourself  from  cold  calling,  networking   and  to  enable  sales  with  speed  plus,  my  social  media   quick  4p.     ì  How  to  build  a  social  media  funnel  to  shorten  your  sales   cycle,  support  your  business,  gain  an  advantage  over  the   compe44on  and  grow  your  list.   ì  How  to  create  posts  and  tweets  to  sell  your  products  and   services.    
  105. 105. Consider  your  results   ì  If  you’re  not  ge~ng  the  sales  results  you   want  it’s  usually  because:   1.  You  don’t  know  how  to  sell   2.  You’ve  got  a  block   3.  You’ve  not  got  the  resources   4.  You’re  not  taking  enough  ac4on   ì  This  is  what  we’re  going  to  look  at…  
  106. 106. Perform  at  a  higher  level   ì  You  can  choose  to  give   yourself  a  pay  rise.   ì  By  applying  a  proven  system,   you  can  predictably:   ì  Get  more  leads.   ì  Get  more  mee4ngs.   ì  Get  more  sales  .   ì  Earn  more  money  and,   ì  Have  more  fun  in  your   business  and  life!  
  107. 107. 3  ways  to  perform  at  a  higher  level   1.  Inner  game  –  Selling  is  90%  psychology  so  this  is   about  the  mental  side  of  selling  –  belief  systems,   comfort  zones  ,  way  you  deal  with  rejec4on.   2.  Outer  game  –  strategies,  systems,  methodologies   –  the  ‘how  you  do  it.’   3.  AcLon  –  how  many  buyers  you  get  in  front  of.  
  108. 108. What’s  the  value?   ì  What’s  1  sale  worth  to  you?   ì  What’s  the  life4me  value  of  1  of  your  clients  or  1  of   your  partnerships,  alliances  or  joint  ventures?   ì  How  much  more  money  can  you  earn  per  month  if   you  improve  your  sales  skills?   ì  2k/month  =  24k/year  or  240k/10  years.   ì  The  stakes  are  high!  
  109. 109. If  I  could  wave  a  magic  wand  
  110. 110. What  difference  would  it   make  to  you  or  your   family  if  you  could  bring   in  an  extra  2,000/ month?  
  111. 111. Study  and  implement  
  112. 112. TheDailyWins   ì  7  module  membership  that  teaches  you  how  to  get  more  clients  and  sell:   ì  En4re  sales  process  –  from  ini4al  contact  through  to  the  close  and  sale.     ì  Delivering  a  value  proposi4on,  USP  and  key  differen4ators  so  you  can   stand  behind  what  you  charge.   ì  Value  and  pricing  in  a  world  of  fast  decisions.   ì  Growing  your  prospects  with  tradi4onal  and  modern  tools.   ì  Processes  and  systems.   ì  Closing  without  being  icky,  salezey  or  pushy.   ì  Videos,  PDFs,  fun  sheets  and  done  for  you  sheets/scripts.   ì  Weekly  sales  calls  live  for  the  7-­‐week  program.   ì  Access  to  a  community  and  group.  
  113. 113. LIMITED  TO     40  MEMBERS  
  114. 114. Program   ì  Teach  you  my  proven  system  for:   ì  How  to  get  unlimited  leads.   ì  How  to  get  unlimited  mee4ngs.   ì  How  to  convert  leads,  deal  with  objec4ons  and   close.     ì  How  to  track  your  progress  and  analyze  your   performance.   ì  How  to  use  social  selling  inc.  Twiher,  Facebook,  and   LinkedIn.   ì  How  to  be  a  champion  in  conver4ng  prospects  into   clients.  
  115. 115. Close  your  eyes   ì Imagine  how  it  would  feel  to   have:   ì More  clients   ì More  money   ì Less  stress  
  116. 116. TheDailyWins   Inner  Game   -­‐  Founda4ons  to  selling   -­‐  Strategy  &  planning   -­‐  Posi4oning  &  USPs     Outer  Game   -­‐  Methodology  &  process   -­‐  Time  management   -­‐  Selling  with  the  phone  &  mee4ngs   -­‐  Social  selling  with  Twiher,  Facebook  &  LinkedIn     AcLvity   -­‐  Repor4ng,  analysis  &  performance   Extras   -­‐  Weekly  calls  throughout  the  program   -­‐  Facebook  Community  
  117. 117. BONUSES  
  118. 118. 5  Bonuses   1.  Selling  with  Colour  training  module  and  e-­‐Book  from  a   global  leader  in  colour  consultancy.   2.  How  to  Build  a  Personal  Brand  e-­‐Book.   3.  An  audio  interview  with  an  expert  on  iden4ty  upgrading   that  covers  self  sabotage  and  money.   4.  An  e-­‐Book  on  Financial  Educa4on.     5.  Email  access  to  me  during  the  program  so  you're   supported  throughout  your  journey  and  not  leq  alone.  
  119. 119. SIGN  UP  AND  GO  TO:   hhp://jane-­‐ trainings/thedailywins-­‐program  
  120. 120. If  this  course  was  offered  free   YES   NO  
  121. 121. FREE  is  not  invested   ì Congratula4ons  if  you   answered  NO.  You’ve  got  a   winning  ins4nct.     ì When  you  invest  in  yourself   through  others  you  take  the   commitment  seriously.    
  122. 122. Additional  bonus   Register  in  next  10  minutes:   A  step-­‐by-­‐step  cheat  sheet  on  how  to   grow  your  views  and  subscribers  on   YouTube.  I'll  be  sharing  how  I  grew   mine  as  an  unknown  to  over  100,000   views  &  600  subscribers  in  a  year.    
  123. 123. AND…   ì The  first  6  people  who  choose   to  move  forward  with  this   today  (next  24  hours)  get  an   addi4onal  bonus  –  1  hour   private  coaching  session  with   me.  
  124. 124. Early  bird  discount   REGISTER  TODAY   FOR  THE  DISCOUNT  
  125. 125. Still  not  sure…think  about  this   ì  Whether  you  sign  up  today  or  not  there’s  a  cost   involved.   ì  That  could  be  tens  of  thousands  of  dollars  or   pounds  -­‐  if  not  more.   ì  This  is  a  well  thought  out  program  that’s  backed  by   a  30-­‐day,  no  ques4ons  asked,  money-­‐back   guarantee.   ì  This  is  also  tax  deduc4ble  if  you’ve  got  a  business.  
  126. 126. Time  to  invest  in  yourself  
  127. 127. SPEND  MONEY   TO  MAKE  MONEY  
  128. 128. Questions  &  Answers   ?