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Developing a plan for conducting site visits


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From Can I Come Over to Your Place? Presentation

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Developing a plan for conducting site visits

  1. 1. DEVELOPING A PLAN FOR CONDUCTING COMMUNITY PARTNER SITE VISITS 1. Do you tend to work with the same community partners from year to year? 2. Do you explore new partnerships as you become aware of new nonprofit agencies in your area? 3. How do you currently establish and then cultivate relationships with your community partners? 4. Is one of your strategies to conduct periodic site visits with community partners? If so, how are the visits structured? If not, do you plan to start conducting visits? 5. If you do conduct site visits, do you use an interview tool? If so, what data is collected and how is it shared? If you do not conduct site visits, how would you handle these two aspects? 6. Do you maintain a clearinghouse/repository for project ideas that have been validated by partners? If not, do you think it would be useful?