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Task 1


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Task 1

  2. 2. This from the outside looks like a typical house that might appear within a horror film due to its location. Its old rundown appearance and its isolate country setting suggests that something dramatic could and would take place inside.
  3. 3. This shot was an original from the beginning being passed down through storyboard to storyboard. Created through the means of Adobe After Effects, the altered reflection is unnatural and visually disturbing to the viewer as well as pleasing as this is what they came to see. The figure in the mirror look odd and mysterious due to its faceless figure and dark attire. The mystery behind this character (presence) brings questions into the viewers mind as his appearance is considered as scary unnatural.
  4. 4. This screen shot shows an unknown source of blood in a sink, suggesting some act of violence has taken place within the location. The Horror genre often focuses on violence and pain, with scenes of blood and touture.
  5. 5. This image is designed to give the audience a voyeuristic view of the young girl. Horror is a genre that often uses voyeurism to create tension and the sense of the character being watched. It also involves the viewing of the characters and inflicting pain and fear on them.
  6. 6. This shot works in a different way on using the audiences fear of the dark to create a sense of tension and thrill. The eerie atmosphere and spooks of this shot are created due to the open door at the end of the corridor spilling in the only light. This puts questions in the viewer mind of what is in the room, and is the light natural, man made or something else.
  7. 7. The light becoming dark in this shot due to the doors slamming shut act to create yet another mystery for the viewer. Why are the doors shutting by themselves? The end of the corridor is completely covered in darkness throughout the entire shot, again working on people’s endless fear of the dark.
  8. 8. This image was shot at a low angle looking up towards the house giving a sense of power of the house over the the good character and the audience themselves. The presentation of the house looks rumpled and mysterious typical of a house found in a horror film setting.
  9. 9. This image establishes the surroundings of the house, that can only be appreciated once inside. It is typical to those that small scale horror film may use due to the unabated land and darker sky. The window also illustrates conventions of horror due to its old fashioned appearance and flaking paint.
  10. 10. For the titles we decided a dark background and pixilated text, which gives it the effect of distortion and makes it look like it is moving, messes with the viewers vision and playing with their minds making even more supernatural.