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Task1 evaluation!


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Task1 evaluation!

  1. 1. Evaluation Task #1 In what ways does my music video use,challenge and develop conventions of existing media profucts?
  2. 2. Analysing conventions by looking at.... 6 Stills
  3. 3. 1. CameraCHALLENGES the convention – the camera is a high tech tool that is almost the ‚invisible‘ tool on setas its use is to record and show the mise-en-scéne (the content/or the action) such as the artist. Wechallenge this convention by providing the feel of our artist writing on the lense of the camera andcovering the viewer‘s sight to look at him. In addition, Peter is out of focus at the same time. Thecamera focuses on the writing saying ‚Foreground‘ which is the title of the song which againchallenges onventions of other music videos where the title is not particularly introduced as anelement within the video.This could even be referred to the artist‘s image as he is a calm musician in his ‚own little world‘ shownin the music video which is contrasting to other media products where the artist‘s aim is to show offhimself to his audience as much as possible. Also, there‘s no performance element, neither does itcontribute to a narrative.
  4. 4. 2. StyleCHALLENGES – usually, music videos focus on the artist‘s face and shoulders in the frame but in ourvideo, we have a lots shots where we have wide shots of him or only focus on the bottom half of him toshow the actions he is doing as opose to him singing and performing. These shots make the stylemore filmic than a usual music video as it provides a certain distance to the audience.It has also to do with the genre we produce in because comparing indie to, for example, RnB, it ismuch more the music we care about than the glamour around a RnB star. No blingbling, no fancymake up or sexy gazes into the camera. He‘s only shown walking up the stairs.
  5. 5. 3. Performance - DancingDEVELOPS – dancers are often used in music videos! But usually they arerather commercial dancers in HipHop, Pop or RnB videos that dancebackground or together with the artist, therefore the song is more upbeat. This iswhy we neither challenge nor use this convention but we develop the danceidea and put it into a completely different content and music genre.The ballerina is used as another artistic element which is a high cultural imagethat signifies sophistication and contributes to the seriousness of Peter‘s music.
  6. 6. Here‘s an example of Beyoncéwhose music is in the RnB/Popgenre and sheAlways uses lots of backgrounddancers as well as her own dancing.But this is much more theentertaining and sexy factor of dancein opposition to our ballerina.
  7. 7. 4. Performance (1)DEVELOPS – the performance convention in music videos isthat the camera focuses particularly on the top half of the artistssinging or a wide shot showing him dancing/rapping. In ourvideo, Peter performs/lipsings but instead of acting it he juststands still against a wall and doesn‘t even look into a camera.Again, it conveys his genre and his image of the introvertedmusician.
  8. 8. 5. Performance (2)USES - the convention of an instrument playing artist. We showthe artist playing his instrument and especially CUs of his handsplaying which is commonly used in music videos that are bybands or artists that play their music themselves to reinforce thisfact. These shots can also be used to connect a new section inthe music video to one we saw earlier, so that we are remindedof that particular sequence creating a cohesive music videoorder of events (‚narrative‘).
  9. 9. 6. Special effectsUSES – especially nowdays the use of special effects in music videos is constantly increasingas the technology gets better and better and CGI is used to add value and the level of interest,or enhance the look of the video. This is conventional in particularly Pop genres where the‚shell‘ meaning the look of the artist and the location is far more important as in the rock andindie genre in our case. But we use this tool as well in order to add an element to the storylineby making flowers come alive and by making a photograph move to remind that the world ourartist is in withing the video is not the normal life we know, even if it seems like it.Therefore, I‘d say the difference in using special effects the way we do is that we use it to aminimum amount but to create the same effect as high budget Pop videos to. To createsomething superficiel and inaccessible for the audience. Relating back to ‚the present absentstar‘ a music artist is.
  10. 10. Analysing conventions by looking at....2 panels of the digipak
  11. 11. The font CHALLENGES conventions of album cover styles because we keepit really realistic by using the actual artist‘s writing and scribbling to underlinethe genre of Peter & The Wolf which is INDIE, in contrast to, for example,HipHop/Pop digipaks that significantly use a lot of CGI to create an aestheticlyflashy CD cover. Our font makes the digipak more real and personal whereasa fully computer created one underlines the distance between audience andartist.We also use the same background wallpaper as in the video instead ofcoming up with a whole new fancy design which is rather unusual for albumdesigns.
  12. 12.  Also, we don‘t use any photos except for one polaroid which CHALLENGES the convention of using new technology to edit photos.e.g.
  13. 13. Analysing conventions by looking at....1 poster photo
  14. 14. CHALLENGES – as conventions oftoday‘s posters are rather eye-catching and colorful. Our‘s is simpleand no photoshoped changes aremade.Also DEVELOPS – as we mentionquotes of critics to enhance thepromotion which is usual onadvertising photos. Using a knownphoto from the music video to remindfans of it and maybe encouragecustomers and create a ‚style‘ orunique selling point which is alsosomething that big stars do to createwhole face of the new album.CHALLENGES – conventionally, intoday‘s music industry there‘s a lot of‚sex sells‘ promotion which isdominant on advertising posters andspreads. We do not work with thispromotion tool.
  15. 15.  How to present the artist as a person? Convention: matching to the star image the record label gives him or her. In the indie world (Mochi Mochi Records) artists are signed as what they are, which challenges the convention as they don’t have a face or reputation that is invented for them. This image is of course displayed on the poster. In this case, he stares melancholicly out the window into the wide world which refers to his genre and his image of not having a star image – this contradiction therefore uses the convention again.
  16. 16. Example: The Prodigy: stare with an aggressive expression right into the camera conveying the feel that the band and their music is tough and loud and intrusive. Also they want to take over the world with their music whereas Peter just cares about his music because it makes him happier and not about marketing himself. (Of course he wants to sell his album… this is just his reputation as a musician.)
  17. 17. Thank You.