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Mise-en-scene in the mystery-thriller genre


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Mise-en-scene in the mystery-thriller genre

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Mise-en-scene in the mystery-thriller genre

  1. 1. Mise-en-Scene in the Mystery-Thriller Genre
  2. 2. Low key lighting and dark colours Mystery-Thriller films use low key lighting to create mystery and suspense within the film. It does this by hiding key points of the frame including peoples faces and surroundings from the audience. It can also hide important facts and clues from the characters or it can be used to hide the characters from one another. Low key lighting is also used to play on peoples primitive fears of the dark and the unknown. Low key lighting is often paired with dark colours to highlight the shadows created in the dark. The Dark Knight Rises
  3. 3. Props Mystery-Thriller films often have weaponry including guns and knives. This is because there is usually a confrontation or fight between the protagonist and the antagonist and weaponry increases the stakes for everyone involved and increases the tension within the scene. Identity
  4. 4. Sound Mystery-Thriller films often use non diegetic music to build up suspense and tension. The music often starts off slowly and quietly and then builds up to become fast and loud. Silence is also used to create tension and panic within an audience. It can also be used to highlight the isolation felt by a character either literally or figuratively. Diegetic sound is also used to create tension an suspense. Footsteps are often used to indicate that a big scene or important moment is coming up. This is also sometimes used to indicate that a character is being followed or that they are completely alone
  5. 5. Setting Mystery-Thrillers are often set in urban areas. This creates an unease within the audience as it is a familiar setting and it could be them in the situation. It can also create more danger in a situation as there are more people than just the antagonist and the protagonist and therefore more lives are at risk. Mystery-Thrillers can also be set in rural areas as it highlights the isolation of the situation as there is no one to help playing on people’s fears. This particular fear is called urbanoia. Another popular setting is that of a dystopian society or future. This sends a message to the audience and usually acts as social commentary and a warning to humanity about the current path they’re on. Inception
  6. 6. Costume Mystery-Thrillers often have the characters dressed in the normal clothing of the time it is set in. This is to create realism in the film and also to make the audience feel like they could be in that situation increasing the fear felt by the audience. Costumes can also be used to indicate the moral alignment of a character. “Good” characters where light and bright colours whereas “bad” and morally ambiguous characters will wear dark colours and more often than not black. Characters may also wear a lot of black if they’re on the run or supposed to be hiding. The Bourne Identity