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Huddlebuy getting social


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Huddlebuy getting social

  1. 1. How we got Social Media goingChieu Cao, Co-founder @huddlebuy 1
  2. 2. How Huddlebuy got really SOCIAL • How Social Media fits in • Making it work • Secret sauce • Tools
  3. 3. Huddlebuy helpsbusinesses and startups byorganising their buyingpower. 3
  4. 4. Co-founders Investors are entrepreneurs from Chieu Cao top businesses • Linkedin Saurav Chopra • Google • Zoopla • LOVEFILM Per Larsen • Betfair • Others…
  5. 5. 100+ Deals from leading B2B brands 5
  6. 6. Where Social Media fits• Huddlebuy = B2B Group Deals = Social Media• It’s part of our brand DNA• Our product is built to be social• Lowest acquisition cost = Scalable growth
  7. 7. Designing deals to be social1.Simple to understand2.Broad appeal3.Great value4.Paid to share5.Special access to share6.Social recognition7.Usability and design focused on sharing
  8. 8. Building social into the product Subject line short punchy, and “tweetable” Variable incentive based on deal value More incentives to share HuddlebuyOther areas: Post Purchase page, Trigger emails, etc.
  9. 9. Understand all user touchpoints Tweets Tag it Posts Sharing EmailVideos Like it, + it Refer, Get £ SMS
  10. 10. Twitter vs Facebook vs Linkedin For us Twitter is like SPEED DATING. Built for social searching, sharing. It’s time sensitive, rapid interactions Facebook is like PROPER DATING. It’s more engaging, focused on fun, browsing. More creative interactions possible. Linkedin is like a MATCH MAKING event. Full of contacts, experts and potential business partners. Get recognised by influential people.
  11. 11. Key steps to success : 1. Goal Setting RESULT: We researched andNEED: We needed targets that are checked out the competitionrealistic yet will make an impact to using tools like the business. Twitter – 6,200+ Facebook– 2,300+
  12. 12. Key steps to success : 2. Listen NEED: To understand RESULT: Create a systematic approach towhat people are saying gathering feedback. Get someone to and how we can monitor and use tools such as contribute. or
  13. 13. Key steps to success : 3. Test & Learn RESULT: Create a test and learn programNEED: We try to These worked for us –understand 1. Collect and share articles, lots of them.what 2. Connect, be friendly, helpfulapproaches and 3. Share great deals and FREEBIEScontent 4. Give interviews, collect their storiesresonates 5. See what’s working elsewhere, adapt & improve it
  14. 14. Key steps to success : 4. Build it RESULT: Here’s how we built it. 1. Content collection: Use, find expert researchers. 2. Program it: Use to pre-program posts and tweets 3. Personal engagement: Hire someone to individually engage and share with the community.
  15. 15. Key steps to success : 5. Engage RESULT: Here’s how we engaged 1. Support the Huddlebuy brand and created a personality 2. Follow relevant users. Research to know who they are. 3. Establish the right frequency of posts and tweets 4. #FF, DM, Polls, Giveaways, Interviews
  16. 16. Secret Sauce: Keywords & Lists • Get good at creating keywords, lists – then organise them. • List of key influencers • List of all user touchpoints • Keywords that describes our user interests • List of top articles
  17. 17. Secret Sauce: Need for Speed • We try to do everything as fast as possible. • We can make up for mistakes by reacting faster. • We delight users by responding faster • We simply don’t have time as a startup
  18. 18. Secret Sauce: Make it Remarkable • Really understand what makes your business interesting – then focus and exploit it. • At Huddlebuy we focus on great customer services and deals. We try to surprise users with freebies. • People love pleasant surprises and TWEET, POST, SHARE it.
  19. 19. Secret Sauce: Understand TradeoffsGet better at what weknow is working Spend time exploring new things
  20. 20. Tools we use• Monitoring: • Human Resources: – – – – –• User analysis – –• List creation – –• Facebook bulk ad builder –
  21. 21. @huddlebuy 07801881723