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Effective Social Marketing 3 10-10


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Get an overview on how social marketing differs from traditional marketing methods. Also, how using social networks and third-party applications can make managing your time online easier.

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Effective Social Marketing 3 10-10

  1. 1. Effective Social Marketing:decrease your time, while increasing your results Presented by Julia Kinslow
  2. 2. Today’s Discussion• Overview• What is social media marketing?• Top social networking tools• How do I know if it’s worth my time?• How can I manage my time?• Tips and tricks to help grow your network• Useful third-party applications
  3. 3. Overview_____________Questions to address beforeimplementing a social marketingstrategy.
  4. 4. What is social media marketing?
  5. 5. New media advertising vs. traditionalSocial Media Marketing•Multi-way (brand <~> customer customer <~> customer)•Pull marketing•Participatory•User-generated______________________________Traditional Marketing•One-way (brand ~> customer)•Push marketing•Interruptive•Brand-generatedSource: Awareness Inc.
  6. 6. Old Wine in New Barrels... Best Practices _______________“You can make more friends Demonstrate thought leadership in two months by becoming through two-way conversations, interested in other people than and: • Listen to what others say you can in two years by trying to about your company get other people interested in you.” • Give to get • Nurture conversation around“...if you want to make people laugh your company brand at incessantly about • Avoid direct advertisement • Be transparent yourself.” • Address negative comments • Be authentic • Welcome participation andOriginally published in 193615 million copies sold globally co-creation • Build relationships • Have patience
  7. 7. • Provide updates or “tweet” on items of interest to your network – include links to relevant articles, blog information, current events, upcoming webinars/seminars• Pose appropriate questions and answer questions from those you follow• Engage on a regular basis to provide value to those in your network and keep the conversation going
  8. 8. Key Metrics for ROI Convert & Measure ___________________ Social media activity ◦ Increase brand identity (listening)  Social/company mentions  Sentiment analysis ◦ Market Influencer (learning)  Monitoring conversation  Affecting solutions ◦ Increase Web traffic (engaging)  Blogger relations  Conversion rate Business Outcomes ◦ Increase in number of leads/clients ◦ Percentage increase in profit based on the previous month/quarter
  9. 9. Social Marketing PlanStep I - Strategy ____________________ Define To establish brand identity and ◦ Goals growth in the local marketplace, ◦ Target audience social marketing efforts need to be well-thought out to ensure ◦ Key messages your business is well-positioned ◦ Best practices for visibility, thought leadership ◦ Tools and sustained growth. ◦ MeasurementStep II – Implementation Tactical social media plan ◦ Training ◦ Sustaining
  10. 10. What’s the point?Example: Goal __________________ Become a solutions machine ◦ What concerns do your potential clients have? ◦ How can you help resolve them? ◦ Influencer ◦ Trust agent Thought leadership ◦ E-newsletters, blogs ◦ Webinars/Seminars/Networking events ◦ Add value via social media channels Enhance online visibility ◦ Brand awareness ◦ Web site traffic (SEO) ◦ Overall conversion rate
  11. 11. Focus your time spent Time Management ____________________ • Aggregate information in one place • Alltop page • Google Reader • RSS feed • Delicious“I’m ready to implement, but where do I find the time?”
  12. 12. 9 guiding principles Time Management ____________________ 1. Manage disruptions 2. Control information overload 3. Leverage tools 4. Annotate and share 5. Sometimes templates are okay 6. Wrangle task management 7. Communicate expectations 8. Establish routines 9. Unplug Source: Altitude … Brand Elevation through Social MediaHow much time should you dedicate to growing your network?
  13. 13. Grow your network … Tips and Tricks _______________ while growing your brand…
  14. 14. brand essentials: background setup
  15. 15. Can multiple people in our office run one Twitter account? Yes, but be sure to... Explain the “tag team” approach in the biographical area ◦ Indentify Tweets with the person’s initials ◦ Reply to as many “@username or direct messages as possible ◦ Everyone needs to stay appraised of updates to avoid unnecessary/uncoordinated or repeat messages ◦ Establish a tone or brand personality for Tweets – no matter who writes them ◦ Add photos and information for each team member in the background area
  16. 16. Example: multi-author posts
  17. 17. Any way to make my ‘social’ life easier? Contacts manager Cross post to multiple sites Third-party applications Mobile accessibility
  18. 18. Tweetdeck
  19. 19. Copy shortened link into your shorteners
  20. 20. link reporting
  21. 21. Schedule updates in advance
  22. 22. To answer one last question on your mind … “Do I need to use it?”
  23. 23. Questions?Contact information: Julia KinslowPhone: 614.395.2181E-mail: jmkinslow@ninedotscreative.comFollow me on: