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Using twitter to enhance your job search 9 30-2010


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Leverage Twitter in your job search process. This presentation will help you begin using the social media tool effectively to connect you, the job seeker, to company hiring managers and recruiters.

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Using twitter to enhance your job search 9 30-2010

  1. 1. Using © 2010 Twitter To enhance your Job SearchPresented by Julia Kinslow
  2. 2. Today’s Discussion• Introduction• Why should I use Twitter?• How can it help me find a job?• Key terminology• How do I get followers?• What do I “tweet” about?• Top 10 job search tips• Job search sites / Useful apps
  3. 3. Introduction
  4. 4. Why should I use Twitter?• Visibility. Establish an online presence to better enable hiring managers/recruiters to find you• Credibility. Allows you to demonstrate expertise within your network  Current field  New career area  As an entrepreneur• Name recognition. Social media usage by businesses is continuing to expand in 2010
  5. 5. How can it help me find a job?• Hiring managers/recruiters use to search for candidates• A search engine to help locate job openings• Those you follow/follow you may offer jobs• Provides expert help for free  Résumé/cover letter tips  Network contacts/referrals/job leads  Matching potential employers with job seekers  Interview strategy
  6. 6. Key terminology…• To follow someone is to subscribe to their messages• A tweet is an individual post or message• @username allows you to exchange public messages with individuals posted directly on their page• A DM or direct message, is a private message on Twitter• RT or retweet is a repost of someone else’s message on Twitter and gives them credit• Trending topics are the most-discussed topics on Twitter at any given moment• Hashtag (#) is a simple way to link topics together
  7. 7. How do I get followers?• Design your intent  Job search  Establish credibility in new area  Explore personal interests• Search for people with your interests  Follow those in similar career fields/interests  Follow who they are following  Twitter etiquette is to follow those who follow you  Send a warm welcome (DM) to new followers Tweet and RT value-added comments, ideas and links  Earn followers and friends by RT
  8. 8. What do I “tweet” about?• Tweet on items of interest to your followers – include links to relevant articles, RT blog information, current events• Pose appropriate questions and answer questions from those you follow• Visit for everything you need to tweet• Participate on a regular basis or your followers will lose interest and drop off
  9. 9. 1. Create an account with an easily searchable username2. Build an effective profile using keywords from your industry/interests3. Search Twitter (using “Find People”) for others in your Job search tips industry/groups4. Follow them and follow the people they are following5. Develop your online presence by posting interesting links and info you come across6. Participate by replying to questions, give feedback about blog posts/mentioned articles or introduce yourself with a personalized DM7. Use to find specific tweets about companies & recruiters’ hiring8. Be creative with networking on Twitter and other SM sites. Finding quality followers (as opposed to quantity) equates to more opportunity9. Sharing knowledge related to your career interests will create your unique online “resume”10. Participate often to be found easily on search engines
  10. 10. Test the water before diving in …• If you want to spend time listening first, you don’t need an account to search at• Try searching for companies and a few key topics in your field of interest• Listening can help you get a sense of how you want to engage on Twitter
  11. 11. Useful third-party apps• TweetDeck or Hootsuite• RSS feed• Google Alerts or TweetBeep• Delicious• iPhone or Blackberry mobile alerts•• The Twitter Book• Twitter 101: a Special Guide at
  12. 12. Questions?
  13. 13. Contact: Julia KinslowPhone: 614.395.2181E-mail: jmkinslow@ninedotscreative.comFollow me on: Helping you connect-the-dots to social marketing strategy