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Published in: Technology, Education
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  1. 1. CSSTrendsPresenter: Dang Minh Tuan
  2. 2. About Me Full name: Đặng Minh Tuấn Nick name: • ohisee • dangminhtuan1981 • zmt264 Website:
  3. 3. Topics• History of CSS and the Web o For who? Any• CSS today o For who? Intermediate Level (who know how to use CSS)• Something more o Further Future of CSS
  4. 4. History of CSS and the Web
  5. 5. When the Web was born, CSS is nearly NOTHING HTML S S C People use <u>HTML</u> to make the <b>Web</b> <i>Presentation</i> People use HTML to make the Web Presentation
  6. 6. Use only HTML to make Website And Regret Later It’s very Hard to Change
  7. 7. The Age of CSS
  8. 8. Everything You Know About HTML Is Wrong
  9. 9. <style type=“text/css”>b{font-weight: normal;font-style: italic;}</style>I’m a <b>bold</b>. But I’m normal and in italic style.I’m a bold. But I’m normal and in italic style.
  10. 10. It’s time to separate Structure from Presentation HTML CSS
  11. 11. CSS becomes stronger
  12. 12. CSS todayHow CSS look like in 2008, 2009, 2010, ...
  13. 13. More Magic• CSS3 o CSS3 Detector• CSS Frameworks• OOCSS• CSS Generator
  14. 14. More MagicCSS3 Using Image Masks Inline Form Labels Fancy Modal Easy Text Columns
  15. 15. More toolsCSS3 Detector Also take care HTML5
  16. 16. More Libraries. More Choices.CSS Frameworks
  17. 17. More Power, More FlexibleOOCSS
  18. 18. More toolsCSS Generator
  19. 19. Future of CSS!• Will CSS die?
  20. 20. Thank you• For listening and supporting me • Ask me more at:• Email to me: