Evaluation: Question 3.


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Evaluation: Question 3.

  1. 1. Question 3: What have you learned from your audience feedback? Media Studies A2 Portfolio - Haylee Fynn
  2. 2. In order to obtain audience feedback, I decided to get two different groups of people together who were aged within my target audience and watch my documentary. Focus Group: Creates Discussion Questionnaire: Focus Lots of Group: information Creates Discussion
  3. 3. The focus group included four people who were able to share their thoughts on four open questions which I asked. I feel that this type of feedback is good because I can see first-hand people’s opinions on my production. However, some people may just go along with what other people say so that it is easy and they do not stand out from the crowd. Below is the information which I collected from the focus group.
  4. 4. Participant A Q1: From watching my documentary, do you think it follows the key conventions of a Channel 4 documentary, and why? Participant B Participant C “I agree too. For me I think just the “I agree. I always general plot of the “Yes, I think it does. think of a narrator documentary such Particularly because in a documentary. as the set up within of the voice-over Also the facts which the classroom and during the flash up on the the interviews. It documentary – it’s screen seems to be reminded me of the like a narrator.” a common theme.” sex education show which used to be on Channel 4.”
  5. 5. Participant A Q2: From hearing my radio advertisement, what are your opinions on the final product? “I think it sounds like a very professional piece. I can actually imagine hearing it on the radio.” Participant B Participant C “I agree with that too. It was a good, clear voice and had all the relevant information I needed to be able to tune in.” “I thought it was good because I liked the continuity between the main product as well as the radio advert. I thought it was good that the same voice was used in the voice over of the documentary and the radio advert.”
  6. 6. Participant A “I think that they Q3: Do you think are both creative both of my ancillary and they definitely tasks compliment compliment and my final piece? promote the final product.” Participant B Participant C “I agree with the newspaper advertisement as it looks very similar to other Channel 4 ones but I do struggle to relate the radio advertisement to the documentary as I have never heard a Channel 4 radio advertisement.” “I think that both the radio and the newspaper advertisements are effective in complimenting the main product but the radio advert could fit in more with the documentary.”
  7. 7. Participant A Q4: Do you think I could have done more to make it seem a more professional piece? Participant B Participant C “It could have been more professional by adding graphs and tables to display facts and information but other than that it did seem professional with the interviews.” “Maybe by having a TV advert instead of a radio advert “I think it already would have been seemed quite more professional professional.” as I haven’t ever heard a Channel 4 radio advert.”
  8. 8. The other form of feedback which I used was a questionnaire to a group of ten people of my target audience after watching my documentary. Questionnaires can be a positive way to gain feedback as you can easily analyse the data which you gain and people feel that the information which they give is confidential. However, people sometimes experience the social desirability effect where they want to be seen in a better light by the observer. This may have influence the results which I gained from my questionnaires. Below is the information which I received from my questionnaires.
  9. 9. From looking at the feedback which I have gained from my participants, I can see that I have successfully produced a media product which fits in with the key conventions of a documentary. The most popular features within my documentary seemed to be: • Voice over • Interviews with professionals I am happy about this as these are the features which I wanted to use in order to create an expository mode of documentary.
  10. 10. Personally, I feel that something which I could have done better are my ancillary tasks as I felt that they were not very successful in complimenting my main product. However, from looking at this information, I can see that a lot of the people who watched my documentary thought that the ancillary tasks complimented it well. A couple of comments did mention that they thought that the newspaper advertisement was more effective than what the radio advertisement was. I believe that this is because Channel 4 are not really known for making radio advertisements.
  11. 11. I think that if I was to create another Channel 4 style documentary in the future, I would possibly create a television advertisement rather than a radio advertisement as this would most probably be more effective in complimenting my product. This feedback has allowed me to feel that after a lot of hard work and organised time, I have successfully produced a documentary.