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Question 1

  1. 1. Question 1 In what ways does your media product, use, develop or challengeconventions of real media products?
  2. 2. My poster, out of all three pieces of media, challengesconventions the most. I decided to challenge the conventionsof the horror genre after my first piece of audience research.The people I had asked outlined ideas about having anunconventional poster – but only if was done well, to methat meant creating it in a unique way, but still having thekey features that a conventional poster would have, andtherefore doing what posters are meant to do; catching theaudience’s attention. From all the posters I analysed, I foundthe Scream 4 and Saw posters to be most appealing. Themain image was of just one thing – an object of importancein the films. I found that this looked more appealing thanhaving the character on the poster; the audience would seethe character in the trailer or magazine cover anyway. Byusing an image of something relevant or important to thefilm/trailer, my poster creates a real sense of enigma, moreso than maybe having the character on the poster. Creatingthis convention was something that I wanted to stick by. Ialso used the conventional colours black and red. SomethingI had noticed when analysing the posters was that whitewasn’t used a lot. I decided to use white because firstly itsymbolises purity, something that is relatable to children, theantagonist in Rosie Black is a teenager therefore it stickswith the theme. Secondly, it is aesthetically pleasing andwhen placed amongst other posters which use predominantlydarker colours, it will definitely stand out. I usedconventional things that are on posters; tagline, masthead,date and institutional logo. By doing so, I balanced theconventional with the unconventional and thus made theposter recognisable for what it is rather than making it looktoo different.
  3. 3. My magazine is quite unconventional, mainly due to theimage I used. Where in the magazines I analysed, therewas a clear, unedited image of the character, but instead Ichose to distort and edit my image. This was because Iwanted to represent the theme of the trailer; Rosie Blackhas a split personality and she sometimes ‘loses hermind’, and therefore has a warped outlook. By editing theimage so heavily, it creates a sense of distortion of realityand fantasy. One convention that I stuck by was havingthe character looking straight out at the audience; thisbreaks the diegesis of the film and the characters ‘sphereof action’. This allowed me to connect with the audience,while still having conventional media language alongsideit. The conventions I used were masthead, cover lines,flash button, barcode, issue number and date. To makethese conventions look different, or seem lessconventional I edited them in different, eye-catchingways. All the typefaces were hand-drawn; not only doesthis create continuity with the poster and trailer, it givesthe magazine an authentic look as by drawing thetypefaces in specific ways I could get the actual effect Iwanted rather than choose out of readymade fonts. Ideveloped the flash button to look more suited to thehorror genre, instead of using a simply circle whichwouldn’t look ‘edgy’ or scary enough, I drew a shapewhich looks as though the page has been ripped, creatinga much more successful look than just having a normalshape. Again, I used conventional colours; red and black,creating a bigger continuity between the media texts.
  4. 4. The most unconventional thing about the trailer is that there is only onecharacter seen, Rosie Black – who is the antagonist and protagonist of the film.Rather than having all the characters featured, by just having Rosie, the trailerportrays and successfully represents the emotional aspects that – if the filmwas made – would be extremely important. Like my magazine cover, at thebeginning of the trailer Rosie looks directly at the camera. By breaking thediegesis in two of my media texts, I have not only created a sense of continuitybut also connected with the audience on a deeper level. While analysing themagazine covers, I found that I was drawn to those where the characters werelooking at the audience, breaking their ‘sphere of action’. Therefore, this ideawas brought into the trailer. The hand drawn typeface is used again for theinter titles and title of the film, in the trailers I analysed, they had simpletypefaces, but the one I made is quite elaborate. The main convention is theface paced editing, done to resemble the racing heartbeat. The trailer wouldn’tbe as successful as a horror themed trailer without this.