Sound and voiceover


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Sound and voiceover

  1. 1. Sound and Voiceover
  2. 2. Sound in a Trailer• Sound can help tell the story along with the actual moving images – it can create atmosphere and realism (sound effects)• Sound can either be a soundtrack or sound effects (part of the mise-en-scene; music playing, birds chirping, leaves rustling)
  3. 3. Types of SoundNon diegetic – the soundtrack will be used to add to theaesthetic of the trailer; a horror movie trailer may have heavymetal rock, or string instruments if it’s a thriller.Diegetic – sound which is in the mise-en-scene; this couldinclude dialogue or the general sound of where the scene hasbeen shot (people talking, birds, cars). However, this may beremoved in post production if it isn’t want the director wanted.Sounds effects are also used, for example in a horror movie,the sound of somebody getting killed with a knife is made bymelons being cut with knives. Also, animation films heavilyrely on sound effects as they have no original sounds.
  4. 4. Voiceover in TrailersA voice over is used to help portray the story of the film to the audience. Thevoice over can either be of a character telling a story* or of someone else whospecifies in voiceovers.A voiceover does the following:- gives information about the film, enough to draw the audience in, but not enough to ruin the film- Provides extra information like the director/producer/actors- creates a hype involving the film, e.g ‘On March 5th, ‘The must see film of 2011’*(Friday 13th Trailer