Shaping new ways of teaching #business einglish in uzbekistan.


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One of my Google documents is called "The optional KWHL Strategy for my Professional Development".
I like the format of this Google document, because it is made in the very Teaching/Learning style!
The letter K stands for Knowledge!
What do I know?
What do I want to know
How will I get the information?
The letter L stands for Learning!
What do I learn?
And that is very important! I Learn to Teach! I Learn Every DAY, but Teach new obtained Knowledge and Skills due my schedule...

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Shaping new ways of teaching #business einglish in uzbekistan.

  1. 1. Shaping new ways in teaching ESP and Business English in Uzbekistan.
  2. 2. Critical thinking on Marketability of continuous educational projects in Central Asia is very important. Shaping new ways of teaching ESP and #BusinessEnglish in Uzbekistan.
  3. 3. In the 2013’ Designed for Business’ EVO Course Is Awarded To Halima Ozimova 21 January - 18 February 2013 Claire Hart, IATEFL BESIG Web Coordinator
  4. 4. K What do I know? W What do I want to know H How will I get the information? L What do I learn? I know how: to open/ conduct/moderate virtual classes at @AdobeConnect and @Wiziq educational platforms. I know how to prepare classes in Blended Learning Style on ESP and especially on classes that satisfy BusinessEnglish needs. What are the most efficient strategies to obtaining IELTS exam high scores. How to conduct / moderate virtual classes at @Elliminate and to present in Global online teaching disseminations. By rewatching recorded classes of famous teachers/trainers. Not all recorded programs are reliable. That my PC maintanance should be updated very urgently! I know how to create/curate Scoops. I know how to write/use #casestudy technique and to make them sustainable, effective teaching aids. I am keen in translating from English and German into Russian and Uzbek and vice versa. I like to learn how to conduct/moderate hangouts at Google+, bcs sharing outcomes as prepared Youtubes is not only awesome but it is so efficient ! via Participating in Google+ Hangouts Events and in F&F Meetings with the most educated/trained Uzbek ICT Specialists. It‟s a good way to communicate on our new obtained linguistic and digital competencies with peers and colleagues in relevant disseminations from abroad specialists,but more important it is to be recognized locally! I know how to moderate social networkings: how to moderate Uzbek ESP teachers ning; how to moderate 2 forums at international Tourist site. I must learn how to master my English to moderate topics with NESs. by opening new forums, threads. Not always be serious. To relax a bit,have fun even making errors!
  5. 5. Virtual Tour to Uzbekistan .Virtual Travel Guide to Uzbekistan Cities. В прошлом году Узбекистан посетили 1,9 млн иностранных граждан, из которых 517 тысяч – туристы.В 2012 году, согласно статистическим данным, Узбекистан посетили 1,9 миллиона иностранных граждан, из которых 517 тысяч в туристских целях.
  6. 6. A map demonstrating the supposed evolution of the word "mother", by Hendrik Willem van Loon.
  7. 7. A map demonstrating the supposed evolution of the word "mother", by Hendrik Willem van Loon.
  8. 8. You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one. ~ Henry David Thoreau.
  9. 9. Top Ten Books and Resources For Online Teachers.
  10. 10. As an online teacher, I am always developing professionally and seeking inspiration and know-how. Here is a list of books and resources for anyone aspiring to teach online, or for those already working online who want to continue learning from thought leaders in education. For the most part, I have found cutting-edge, self-published books written by peers in education to be more useful than traditional books. The main reason for this is that most traditional books are out-dated and cannot keep up with educational trends online. Some of the books I mention are also suitable for educators in traditional settings or who are engaged in blended learning programs.
  11. 11. Twitter is a great way of bringing language teachers together to share ideas, says Joe Dale. Joe Dale is an independent consultant and former languages teacher. He blogs here and tweets as @joedale. The language of Twitter: the rise of MFL teachers online. Since spotting Twitter's power for connecting subject specialists,Joe Dale has been an ambassador of social networking. Here, he describes Twitter's impact on the MFL teaching community. language-mfl-teachers
  12. 12. What's actually going on in the brain when it processes language? And if words affect the mind in different ways, are some more persuasive than others?
  13. 13. This graphic also gives a great overview about how our brain process language:
  14. 14. What's Blended Learning ? Classifying K-12 blended learning. @Stanford How to build new educational experiences that are still characteristically Stanford? Faculty discuss online ed: An overview of Stanford's online work . - developing coursework, developing platforms, exploring the educational implications of online learning. Unlocking Creativity. This talk is amazing. Creativity is something we always aim and we never really know how to develop it. Ends upit lies on the simple things around us :)
  15. 15. Presenter discusses outcomes of 2 In-Service SOLE Trainings. Uzbekistan adopted an English training program designed to teach it at an earlier age, to set proficiency standards .New program demands new teachers. English is essential for any scholar, student and in an effort to better compete in the global economy. Conferences, seminars are held in English, and not knowing it means secluding, limiting someone scholarly research, because the literature is all in English. In line with the new program, special subjects, particularly in technical and international specialties, are to be taught in English. There are no university preparing ESP, Business English teachers, training ICT skills in Uzbekistan. Universities‟ best graduates with a major ”English” are usually selected, but young talents with proficient English fluency and accuracy can‟t manage preparing relevant courses for target audiences. The #AmericanEnglish „Shaping the Way We Teach English‟,„Trace Effects‟ Webinars,@TESOL trainings with the Certificate on Completion like “Designed for #BusinessEnglish”, executed by @iatefl_besig moderators, are the best teaching aids.Results are encouraging, now #evo trainers won Tesol, delivered virtual classes to convention, conduct developed ESP and BusinessEnglish classes at @AdobeConnect to SOLE team members.
  16. 16. @YouTube @google + @Nasaf_gnm What a @Twitter JOKE! ?!!!
  17. 17. Никто не сделает первый шаг, потому что каждый думает, что это не взаимно.Ф. Достоевский. Wonder:what the famous economist Joseph Schumpeter had said.. A debate on business and change.Wise tortoises versus smart hares. Be Creative change?fsrc=scn/tw/te/vi/Wisetoroisehare
  18. 18. The Importance of Being Obnoxious: Twitter's Evil Hashtag Habit. For all of Twitter's social innovation, the creation of the #hashtag may be its greatest misstep. Written by Michael Thomsen (@mike_thomsen) Every week Twitter provides us with some of the funniest responses to trending topics. And this week was no exception. Our seven-day round-up of the best hashtags has everything: from things sneakerheads say to hilarious nighttime thoughts. And for these tweeters, nothing is off limits. Check in here, for our weekly recap of the funniest hashtags. “ Hashtags force self-importance to express itself in the crudest of all possible forms, attaching woefully misplaced sentiments to literally coded #subjects sent to take advantage of other people's attention spans and gullibility”.
  19. 19. Stop Looking for Links: Build WOW Content and Let Users Talk About You.
  20. 20. ‘I can’t go to @TESOL Convention , so I'll be watching it all online’ @tesol12 bringing you the best bits live from Philadelfia, Pa. and I Ve delivered my class from Uzbekistan to the USA. ‘TESOL 2012’exhibitor session attendees meet at WizIQ’. english-speaking-uzbek-street
  22. 22. Http:// presents a video about LinkedIn. Your network consists of your connections, your connections connections, and the people they know, linking you to thousands of qualified professionals. Here's a short video about what is and how you can use it to create more relationships, and more success for your small business. LinkedIn for Business Professionals - Effectively Get More Business Want more business? LinkedIn is one of the greatest tools for business professionals to use. There is limitless opportunity for growth in your local city. How & Why To Use
  23. 23. Technology has been a boy's club for most of its existence. Just another unfortunate repercussion of the patriarchy. But that's been slowly changing, and over the last decade we've seen a number of wonderful, intelligent, and cunning women make inspiring strides in the field of technology. Through web development, social media, space exploration, and video game design, we see the world of tech becoming a more equal playing field. Here are 40 women we admire doing work in the field of innovation.
  24. 24. DREAMS, HOPES, AND CHANGING THE WORLD The Rise and Fall of Couchsurfing.
  25. 25. Questions: 1. In your classroom, do you utilize any global networks to collaborate with students/teachers from another country? If so, which networks (ePals, etc) do you use? 2. If you do not use global networks, do you teach about global awareness in your classroom? 3. Do you feel it is important to teach global awareness in the classroom (global citizenship, global technology, 21st century workforce skills)? 4. What type(s) of technology do you use to teach/learn with in the classroom? 5.Do you feel your school system provides the appropriate infrastructure for technology (i.e. Internet capabilities available in every school, computers)? If you teach in the UK and are willing to answer any of these questions - it would be most appreciated!
  26. 26. "UNews Weekly" - Audio podcasts from UN Information Office Tashkent are ready for your listening! The editions have all the latest from the UN in Uzbekistan - open the link and download them onto your players and listen to them on the go!
  27. 27. yqgA& audio-podcast-from-un-information-office- tashkent-episode-.html "UNews Weekly" Audio-Video podcast from UN Information Office Tashkent, 72wE&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  28. 28. К 1 сентября во всех столичных школах появится Wi-Fi Переход школ на электронные журналы и учебники способствует оптимизации процесса обучения. Теперь дети гарантированно имеют при себе все необходимые книги, а родители оперативно получают информации о своем ребенке. «Я открываю журнал, отмечаю, что ребенка нет на уроке или что он получил двойку. И родителям сразу же приходит смс-ка», — рассказала учитель.
  29. 29. Launching a startup is tough, but moving past start-up and into phase two can be even tougher.
  30. 30. Why to learn in Webheads Virtual Office? Because I became a webmaster and can use our virtual room: WebHeads in Action weekly sessions.Read more on that here: Professional Development (PD) on a tight budget. It is no exaggeration that many institutions are currently forced to operate with tight budgets while at the same time making changes where curriculum framework is reshaped and a wide range of new technologies is integrated. Yet, institutions have to find ways to ensure ongoing learning and development of staff in order to meet the evolving needs of learners and other stakeholders. Often Professional Development (PD) expenditure on staff is the first area to be curtailed when there is a budget crunch. How do institutions continue to offer PD on a tight budget?
  31. 31. About Gulliver Our correspondents inform and entertain business travellers with news and views to help them make the most of life on the road
  32. 32. About Graphic detail A new chart or map every working day, interactive-data features and links to interesting sources of data around the web About Free exchange Our economics correspondents consider the fluctuations in the world economy and the policies intended to produce more booms than busts Charlemagne: More Greek myths Greece's debt: A bail-out by any other name The Netherlands Focus on growth The IMF delivers an unexpected message to the Dutch THE NETHERLANDS has spent the past year sinking ever deeper into economic gloom. GDP shrank by almost 1% in 2012, and forecasters expect another 0.5% contraction this year.
  33. 33. The euro crisis.Still sinking. A VERY serious crisis for Cyprus has not translated into panic on the continent itself. With markets behaving themselves, the world can go back to not caring about the other big crisis in Europe: the euro-zone recession that just won't end.
  34. 34. About Free exchange consider the fluctuations in the world economy and the policies intended to produce more booms than busts
  35. 35. Why Women Make Excellent Entrepreneurs in the Digital Age
  36. 36. A century from now, what kind of legacy will Steve Jobs have? It won’t be about business or marketing, but how he humanized tech.
  37. 37. zb4& Public speaking practice on WizIQ:
  38. 38. Businesses look to social media to drive growth social media is expected to be a huge growth area for business next year, with almost nine in ten businesses saying they will be investing more in the phenomenon.
  39. 39. Go big or go home? Forget that. These strategies for increasing your brand influence take hardly any time, and very little money. Grow Responsibly and Sustainably Gotta get back up.(Use Failure To Help Your Business . How to build leadership skills at any level
  40. 40. Business English should include case studies of success and failure stories of prominent companies and lift a veil of their specific language usage to get a better understanding of their cultures. Integrating Technology for Active Life-long Learning (IT4ALL) WizIQ was quite a hit at the TESOL Dallas conventions as teachers were impressed by the fact that the virtual class was like a real class but with a huge difference. Many teachers are finding students in campus-based classes hard to manage since students are more interested in their cells and in socializing with their friends than in what the teachers have to say. I pointed out that one solution on how to get students engaged and motivated in what the teacher had to say was to give WizIQ live online classes because teachers have more control than in a physical classroom.
  41. 41. UNESCO supports the development of Uzbekistan’s Education Sector Plan ©UNESCO supports the development of Uzbekistan’s Education Sector Plan 45894758827094&l=8560ab2223 @unictashkent21h "UNews Weekly" - Audio podcast from UN Information Office Tashkent (Episode 8) is ready for your listening!