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00613 (1)


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00613 (1)

  1. 1. READING and DRAMATIZING the Nobel Prize Winning Literature.
  2. 2. Five UzTEA members, active Uzbek NNESsshare their ideas and findings whiledebating interactive per SKYPE on one of short stories of Doris Lessing, the Nobel Prize Winnerin Literature of the year 2007.
  3. 3. Now two of them are emeritus lectures• at their universities ,the first one• as a consultant and the second• one as a virtual member of the• English chair. Nevertheless they are active in their life long educational profession :
  4. 4. • They create/conduct/• promote virtual classes at Indian educational platform @WizIQ. Her page there is: halima- ozimova1154325
  5. 5. She will share her findings at Tesol Convention 2012.Her presentation is called : “My English speaking Uzbek street in Indian virtual class” class/650293-tesol2012-members-gather-at-wiziq-the-english-speaking-uzbek-street
  6. 6. • The speakers plan to repeat• Their virtual class on Doris Lessing,• which was misconduct because of the• bad connection on the time of previous delivering.She shares her ideas on using ICT enabled products/services in education at the thread:• “managed any class,but Class2.0?”•
  7. 7. • Speakers being themselves inspiring Bookworms hope to discuss with• Uzbek English . Booklovers a plot, heroes, characters, some literary• and linguistic styled findings and• tricks, analyzing in details one of• short stories of Doris Lessing.
  8. 8. In their analysis they are applying Jigsaw Reading technique, using some trivia,recalling somehistorical/chronological/cultural/f ashion/trends and facts from lives of internationally recognized celebrities,
  9. 9. once had lived due the time of this story, incorporating somescenes from related movie and especially they are triggering thoughtful Reading between lines of the story.
  10. 10. Created by the presenters teaching/learning scaffoldingconsiders to be a good premisefor the full-scale comprehension of this brilliant story by Uzbek NNESs.
  11. 11. The speakers hope that their presentation, focused onmasterful description of one of famous landmarks of UK’s capital , would increase the inspiration of all visitorsof the 2012 Olympic London.
  12. 12. Besides, every UzTEA member is WELCOME in Speaker’sVirtual class room: Reading theNobel Prize Winning Literature.
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