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Creating a global classroom


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Use social media to make connections and flatten your classroom walls. A collaborative slideshow created by educators worldwide showing global collaboration.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Creating a global classroom

  1. 1. Creating a Global ClassroomLouise Morgan @mrsmorgansclassImage Source: to Google Presentation can be found at:
  2. 2. Is it worth the effort?I am enough of a realist to understand that Icant reach every student. But, I am more ofan optimist to get up every morning and try.Preston MorganLotus Reflections - The Peaceful Classroom
  3. 3. HOW can I connect with educatorsaround the world?Create a PLN (Personal Learning Network) byconnecting with educators via:TwitterTwitter ChatsSkype IMGoogle +PinterestTCEAand other social networks.
  4. 4. Globally Connected EducatorsJoin EDMODO SKYPE COMMUNITYJoin Group URL: TWITTERAnd become involved in the many teacher chatsduring the week. If you´re too shy, just browse thearchives (you´ll surely be inspired by the work ofothers!) @mariacolussa, Argentina@cybraryman1s Twitter Chat page:
  5. 5. The Global Classroom ProjectWiki: @GCPorganisers
  6. 6. Participate in Twitter Chats!#2ndchat
  7. 7. Skype Instant Messaging GroupsSet up a free educator account at - Use the instantmessaging board to connect and chat with other educators.Skype Instant Messaging GroupsSet up a free educator account at - Use the instantmessaging board to connect and chat with other educators.
  8. 8. Find projects and classes to connect with atSkype in the Classroom
  9. 9. Growing my PLN,courtesy Steve ShermanGrowing my PLN,courtesy GlobalClassroomSocial Educational Entrepreneursof Hello Little World SkypersWomen Empowerment Programby GeoGebra Institute of KeralaIm an UnTeacher.Sebastian PanakalStartup Village, Kerala, India
  10. 10. Join a Network and Find Projects!Click on links:TCEAThe Global Classroom ProjectHello Little World SkypersGlobal Virtual Classroom ClubhouseFlat Classroom ProjectsProjects by JenThe Global Read Aloud
  11. 11. HOW can I connect my students withan authentic global audience?BloggingVideo Conferencing(Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime)EdmodoTwitterVoicethreadGoogle Doc/Apps
  12. 12. Grade 2s in South Africa create pictures in Excel usinginstructions from Gr 8s in PennsylvaniaThe grade 8 class sent adocument with instructions.The grade 3 class used thedocument to construct
  13. 13. SKYPESteve Sherman, Cape Town, South AfricaTeaching weekly lessons with up to 10classes around the world simultaneouslyIntroducing students to the Internet andSkype for the 1st timeHosting Dr Don Thomasand Dr Cady Coleman,NASA Astronauts. Doingschool assemblies andQ&A sessionsGuest speaker in assemblyProf. development, teacher training, workshops, interviews, weekly lessons, guest speakers, collaborativeclass projects, etc.... Jump in... Join in.... The world is only a click away!
  14. 14. The contest: Three schools are teamed byGVC into a single team. That team workstogether to create a website about a worldissue that they have chosen collaboratively.This is a full year commitment whichinvolves knowing how to create a website.Schools also need strong collaborationskills, as the 3 schools in each team areseparated geographically, but need to worktogether as one.More information can be found on our wikiat: of the resources we have on our sitesare available to anyone who wishes to usethem.GVC Program Manager: Janet Barnstable has two maindivisions: a web design contest and aclubhouse.The clubhouse: A school or class joins andchooses the projects in which they wish toparticipate. This can be done on their own timeschedule and does not have to involve workingwith any other school. The projects are publishedon our wiki at: among the students are the LiteratureCorner and International Recipes, but they areequally interested in the more serious topics suchas Peace, Holocaust Remembrance, and Caringfor Our World.Projects and Contests
  15. 15. Co-creating a Popplet with students around the globe.Robyn Thiessen - Vancouver, B.C.
  16. 16. Online Collaboration Projects & Activities:Joe McNulty, Computer Teacher, Newtown Middle School in PennsylvaniaTodayInComputerClass.comOnline Collaboration: 8th grade students inHonduras and Pennsylvania making Venn Diagramsabout theirfavorite foodsusing GoogleDrive and aGoogle Hangout.Language & Cultural Exchange: Indonesianand American students teaching commonphrases to each other using Skype.Students Presenting Online: gettingfeedback from an international audience.
  17. 17. Connecting through Skype.Mrs. Egesdals 4th grade class in Forest City, IASkyped with individuals in Chile and Peru to add to our study of South America.
  18. 18. Our Global Connections made through SkypeRobyn Thiessen Vancouver, B.C.
  19. 19. Making connections through Skypeand the classroom environment.
  20. 20. Making Connections through bloggingOur Kindergarten students have thoroughly enjoyed connectingand communicating with children around the world throughblogging.Our Blog address is:
  21. 21. Global Awareness ProjectsFor earth Day this year we researched how plastic waterbottles, as well as other forms of pollution can affect ourenvironment. We co-created a video to share their wish toprotect our world.Mrs. Leonards Kindergarten GA, USA
  22. 22. We Can See ProjectWe Can See ProjectSharing our schoolyard with children inschools around theworld and thenskyping to talk withthem.Ms. Lirenmans Classin Surrey, BCCanada
  23. 23. Teachable Moments through GlobalConnectionsAnne Mirtschin Hawkesdale P12College, AustraliaBoston year one students were reading "AmazingAustralian Animals". Hawkesdale prep/ones werestudying animals at same time - drew the Oz animals,scanned & emailed to USA. Students from bothcountries sang a verse each of the song from thebook. Lorraine Leo, USA stitched the podcast togetherwith alternate classes singing.TwitterTweeted for people to share their favourite animals.Responses came from all over the world and a lotmore learning took place.
  24. 24. The Travelling Rhino Project.Young children can raise awareness about global issuessuch as the rhino poaching crisis.These Gr 2s at Cotswold Prep in South Africa did apresentation to their whole school.
  25. 25. The Seasons Project -
  26. 26. Christmas Around the WorldVoicethread
  27. 27. The Global Read Aloud - Edmodo
  28. 28. #2ndchat Read Aloud - Edmodo
  29. 29. 1Totally cool... Teacher from Texas initiates Google presentation, that teacherfrom Argentina adds to while entertaining a cat in Illinois. Global teachers ANDtheir pets! Janet Barnstable
  30. 30. Links to my TCEA Tots and TechPresentations:www.frugalteacher.com