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Industrial Training Report-1


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Industrial Training Report-1

  1. 1. AN INDUSTRIAL TRAINING REPORT – I Done by G.V.ROHIT Reg. No.:1011010072 At Simplex Infrastructures Ltd. Brigade Plaza, Anand Rao circle, Bengaluru, Karnataka. Submitted to Department of Civil Engineering Faculty of Engineering and Technology SRM University (Under section 3 of UGC Act, 1956) SRM Nagar, Kattankulathur – 603203 Kancheepuram Dist. July 2012 1
  2. 2. BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE Certified that this Industrial Training Report – I is a work ofG.V.ROHIT (Reg.No.1011010072) who carried out the work at SIMPLEXINFRASTRUCTURES LTD., Brigade Plaza, Anand rao circle, Bengaluru,Karnataka.Class In charge coordinator(Mr. V R PRASATH KUMAR) (Mr. K S ANANDH) 2
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. Acknowledgement It is always a pleasure to remind the fine peoplein the Engineering program for their sincere guidance I received touphold my practical as well as theoretical skills in engineering. Firstly I would like to thank Dr.C.Muthamizhchelvan (Director of E&T, SRM University) formeticulously planning academic curriculum in such a way thatstudents are not only academically sound but also industry ready byincluding such industrial training patterns. I would also like to thanks Mr. V.R. PrasathKumar (Class In-charge) for the positive attitude he showed for mywork, always allowing me to question him and giving prompt repliesfor my uncertainties in all the fields including educational, social andmanagerial work. I would also like to acknowledge and myheartfelt gratitude to Mr.K.S.Anandh (coordinator) who continuouslysupported me in every possible way, from initial advice toencouragement till this date. I express my immense pleasure and deep senseof gratitude to Sri I.Nanajee (General Manager, CIVIL) and my guideand solicitor to Mr.Srinivas (Planning) for spending his valuable timewith me and also helped me in completion of task. Finally, I would also like to thanks SriDebabrata ray (Site- In charge), Mr.Srikanth (Asst.Manager) forgiving me this opportunity and guiding me during the course of thetraining. 4
  5. 5. CONTENTSChapter No Topic Page No. 1 Introduction 1 2 Details of the project 2.1 Site location 2 2.2 Site map 3 2.3 About the project 4 3 Details of study 3.1 Detail of structure 5-6 3.2 Process of laying a slab 7-8 3.3 Batching plant 8-10 3.4 QA/QC Lab 10-11 3.5 Process of laying of columns 11-13 3.6 Model flat 14-15 3.7 Amenities provided 16 3.8 Safety 17 4 Conclusions 18 5
  6. 6. CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION We have been assigned Hiranandini lake verandahs and Hiranandini hill crestconstruction sites for field study by the company. These are part of HIRANDINI UPSCALETOWNSHIP, a 32 acred luxury residential project located in Begur village gracing hulimavulake , off the bannerghatta road in Bengaluru .These residential projects are a premium multistorey residential towers developed by renoved developers HIRANANDINI. The construction of the structures has been assigned toSIMPLEX INFRASTRUCTURES LTD., Bengaluru. The building has been designed by Architect HAFEEZCONTRACTOR, Mumbai and the structural consultants are MAHIMTURACONSULTANTS, the associate engineers are WSP CANTOR SEINUK, New York.About Developer Hiranandani is one of the largest real estate developers in the countrydiversified into entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, retail and call centers. HiranandaniConstructions are known to incorporate a fantastic balance of space management and naturalbeauty in their Building Constructions. Some of the world renowned developments areHiranandani Gardens in Powai, Meadows and Estates in Thane.COMPANY PROFILE: Simplex infrastructures limited are one of the pioneers and a total solution provider in infrastructure and construction ambit. Been in business since 1924 and present in almost all the states and in middle east It employs 8110 people and has capital equipments worth rupees 1296 crore in FY10 Ranked 7th amongst top 10 infrastructure companies by “construction week” Has present order book of over 12,000 cr rupees with over 150 site locations in india and overseas. The company reported a turnover of 4,500 cr rupees and PAT of 127 cr in FY10 The company commands a market capitalization of over 3,000 cr rupees. 6
  7. 7. CHAPTER 2 DETAILS OF THE PROJECT2.1SITE LOCATION: The Hiranandini upscale project,Located off Bannerghatta Road, in a welldeveloped area replete with the best of social infrastructure, the project is accessible fromElectronic City, to major corporates like Infosys, Wipro, Dell, Siemens, 3M & HP, and thecountry’s best educational institutions including IIM Bangalore, Sarala Birla Academy, RyanInternational School, in addition to large Multispecialty hospitals such as Wockhardt andApollo. Figure 2.1 peripheral view of site location 7
  8. 8. 2.2SITE MAP : Figure2.2 Arial view of hiranandini upscale project, bannerghatta(from left lakeverandahs, hill crest, club meadows) Thoughtfully planned, secure, easily accessible, the highlights of thedevelopment include panoramic vistas from large French decks, a plush club house, world-class gourmet restaurants, exquisite landscaping and the best internal amenities. House ofHiranandani has skills to nurture community, to connect people, to amplify the joys andhappiness of togetherness. 8
  9. 9. 2.3ABOUT THE PROJECT:Hiranandini lake verandahs: It is a classy project which redefines the style of living .This project gives rich detailand fine finishes of interiors and exteriors exhibiting unique design and style. It is welldesigned home with landscaped garden and panoramic views. It is 3BHK multi-storeyedapartment for elite class, with varying sizes of 1660, 1826 and 2061sq ft .Each flat costsranging from 80lakh to 1.1crore rupees. Figure 2.3 view of lake verandahs after completion 9
  10. 10. CHAPTER 3 DETAILS OF FIELD STUDY3.1DETAILS OF STRUCTURE: 1. The height of the structure is 99.5mts. 2. The structure consists of 2 wings (wing-A and wing-B). 3. Two wings are separated by an inaccessible partition wall in every floor throughout the structure. 4. Each wing consists of 4 flats in each floor totalling 8 flats per floor. 5. The lake verandahs consist of 27 floors totalling 216 flats in them. 6. Apart from the 27 floors there are 2 subsurface floors designed for parking purpose. 7. These subsurface floors are well protected by retaining walls with height varying from 8-12m . 8. A stilt lobby level is also provided. 9. Each wing consists of 4 lift wells and 2 stair cases Figure 3.1 a plan describing placement of lift wells and stair cases in wing-A 10
  11. 11. Out of four 3BHK flats in every floor of a wing 1, 2 no.s Flats have area of2061 sqft and 3no has1660 sqft and 4no.has 1826 sqft. Figure 3.2 a typical floor plan of lake verandahs project Figure3.3 a plan for flat no’s 1, 2 describing positioning of various rooms 11
  12. 12. 3.2PROCESS OF LAYING A SLAB: In this all the sophisticated equipments are used to finish the work in easy andsimple method. The thickness of each slab is 20cm and between 2 wings a strip is not castedimmediately but casted after 25 days known as Expansion strip. The steel rods used inconstruction are THERMAX STEEL from Germany. Also shaft spaces are provided in slab for plumbing work Figure 3.4, 3.5 views of shafts on and below the surface of the slab Figure 3.6, 3.7 describes work of electrical conduting and cup locks support After framing using shutter boards filmed with shuttering oil, electricalconduting will be done, here cup locks are used to support the frame, and then concrete ispoured over the frame with the help of hydraulic jack and concrete pipes which are used topump the concrete from transit mixer to the place where slab has to be laid. To preventcoagulation inside pipes, first a cream slurry cement paste has to be passed through pipes forsmooth flow of concrete 12
  13. 13. Tower cranes are used to move the required material from one place to other insite both vertically and horizontally. The tower cranes can with held the wind force up toheight of 30m, beyond which they need to be clamped to nearby column of building forsupport.Each tower crane costs about Rs.95 lakhs Figure3.8 view of the tower crane from the site office3.3BATCHING PLANT:M40 concrete mix is used here for the construction of structure. A separate batching plant ispresent near the site for the construction of lake verandahs and hill crest structures. Figure 3.9 batching plant with a transit mixer 13
  14. 14. Figure 3.10, 3.11 describes the control panel and closer look to batching plant respectively. A Transit mixer is used to transfer concrete from batching plant to the work site.It carries around 7cubic mtr volume of concrete and takes about 15 min to load.The main components of batching plant are Control panel Silos Cement storage godown Small tower crane for pushing ingredients into mix using trayThe batching plant consists of silos which are used to store flyash and chemicals accelerators and retarders. M15 M20 M25 M30 M35 M40 KG KG KG KG KG KGCA I 564 538 534 526 521 494CA II 664 576 572 564 558 529FA II 725 738 727 710 697 636CEMENT 256 284 304 326 351 433FLY ASH 76 82 88 94 101 126WATER 180 180 175 180 170 180CH. ADMIX .8-1.2 % .8-1.2% .8-1.2% .8-1.2% .8-1.2% .8-1.2%W/B RATIO .54 .49 .44 .42 .37 .32 Table 3.1 A Table describing Mix Design Per Cubic Meter for various mix designs 14
  15. 15. The ingredients used in preparation of concrete are coarse aggregate I, II andfine aggregate (pit sand, dead river sand),cement, fly ash, water ,chemical admixtures .TheW/B Ratio of M40 Mix is 0.32The chemical admixtures used are MYK Save mix SP3.4Q/A & Q/C LAB (Quality assurance &quality control lab): In this lab the quality and strength of various building materials like cement, sand,concrete, water, coarse aggregate are tested using various testing machines and apparatus like vicat apparatus, Compression testing machine flakiness and elongation index gauges, volume measuring jars digital weighing scale(20kg max. and 2gm accuracy) sample collecting trays pycnometerFigure 3.12, 3.13 describes view of QA/QC lab and frame work for concrete cubes for testingrespectively. 15
  16. 16. Figure 3.14 describes the view of curing tank near qa/qc lab3.5LAYING OF COLUMNS: Figure 3.15 represents view of various columns from below ground surface 16
  17. 17. Figure 3.16, 3.17 describes frame work for column concreting and tor rings respectively. Columns are laid under utmost care. steel rods are firmly placed and theseare connected using different types of TOR RINGS with the help of binding wire. About 8Tor rings are provided at spacing in every column. Basically tor rings are of different typeslike rectangular, square type, triangular, trapezoidal used for connecting various amount ofsteel rods.tie rod, ropes are used to place the shutters firmly around the column where theconcrete is to be laid. Once the shutter is firmly placed then the concrete is filled manually till0.5 mtr in order to avoid HONEY COMBING. M40 grade concrete is used for layingcolumns. The date on which concreting is done to a column is written on column so that carehas to be taken to cure it for 14 days 17
  18. 18. Figure3.18 the checklist for column concreting Prior to concreting of a column it should fulfil all the requirements of thechecklist for the column concreting ,it checks all the activities and should meet theacceptance criteria after checking the report will be signed by Foreman, Site engineer andSector engineer before giving a nod to concreting 18
  19. 19. 3.6MODEL FLAT:Figure3.19 a view of living room in model flat A Model flat is constructed near to the construction site so that the buyers can have aglance about their future house.Figure3.20 a view of master bedroom in model flat 19
  20. 20. Figure3.21 a view of study room in model flatFigure3.22 a view of kitchen in model flat 20
  21. 21. 3.7AMENITIES PROVIDED IN LAKE VERANDAHS: 100% Power Backup Children’s play area Gymnasium Marble flooring Swimming pool Club house Vaastu shaastra VRV central air-conditioning Wooden flooring in master bedroom Exquisitely landscaped gardens interspersed with water bodies, statues and childrens play areas. Tree lined avenues and decorative iron railings set on natural stone compound wall. Grand entrance hall and well decorated corridors on all lift lobbies. High speed automatic lifts. Ample parking space. Modern fire fighting system. CCTV in entrance lobbies for security. Retail shopping. Club house features include: Swimming pool. Fully equipped, modern gymnasium. Tennis & Badminton courts. Multipurpose hall. Childrens play area. Billiards room. Yoga, Meditation and Aerobics centre. 21
  22. 22. 3.8SAFETY: The company has observed various safety norms as per ISO standards and A safety office ispresent in the construction site. Various safety measures have been taken as shown below Figure 3.23, 3.24 represents the view of safety nets tied around the building edges Figure 3.25 the following items are provided as per ISO safety norms. 22
  23. 23. CHAPTER 4 CONCLUSIONS From the field study report, it is evident that the construction is going on full swing, butfrom according to the project monitoring chart, the project is lagging behind the schedule fora period of about 6 months. As dated on 1st june2012 the construction for slab for 3th floor is going on and stillabout 24 floors are to be constructed. The schedule to hand over the project is dated forJanuary, 2014 at the earliest. To accomplish this task the work should be done in 2 batches of workforce throughoutthe day and the developers should lend more financial support than present. Gracing the Hulimavu Lake, this most happening realty destination for the elite will bea self-sufficient and all encompassing community where its residents will prosper forever. 23