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  1. 1. By: Laura Adornato, Amy Zeigler, and Ashley Forbes
  2. 2. New Teaching Ways  More technology is being incorporated  Videoconferencing- when two  different classes learn together virtually Innovative educational tool  Positives  Negatives  Real life applications  79500895.jpg
  3. 3. Has Videoconferencing positively or  negatively effected education? gImages/Jeremy%20Courtois%20class%20for%20w eb.jpg
  4. 4. Different classes become a whole  Able to learn together  Stimulating  Longer interest kept  “Other cultures, customs, different places” 
  5. 5. Builds community among teachers, schools and  parents “Two heads are better than one”  Many on-line resources  Student involvement  Students can be teacher’s aid  Students may participate in lesson  news/2007/videoconf01.jpg
  6. 6. Many educators are not aware of how  videoconferencing works Some districts do not have to the resources to  provide educators with training on how to use videoconferencing. Districts already use their limited resources  on basic technology such as computers
  7. 7. A teacher’s viewpoint:  ◦ “After leaving the classroom for years and returning I feel overwhelmed by the amount of new technology, and although I feel that videoconferencing would be beneficial to my students I do not feel that I have the knowledge to incorporate it into my classroom.”  - Ernestina Adornato, Bermudian Springs High School
  8. 8. Videoconferencing can be difficult to  incorporate into district’s budgets due to the cost of equipment and training Most schools have a difficult time staying  within their budget for necessary items such as books
  9. 9. Based on both the negative and positive  aspects of videoconferencing we have concluded that the positive outweighs the negative and videoconferencing does indeed have a positive effect on education.
  10. 10. 1
  11. 11. Helps the student keep up with their work  Students still feel like they are part of their  class because they can see their classroom and everything going on It helps them maintain their normal lifestyle  while being treated
  12. 12. 1.  2. Forester, S. (2008, February 10). Technology links St. Luke's  students with Boise-area schools: Seriously ill children can now interact with teachers and students during recovery. Idaho Statesman, The (Boise, ID), Retrieved February 22, 2009, from Newspaper Source database  g  0Courtois%20class%20for%20web.jpg   7/videoconf01.jpg
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