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Technology In Early Childhood Education (ECE)


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Technology In Early Childhood Education (ECE)

  1. 1. Technology in Early Childhood Education (ECE) BY MAILE SCHOLER
  2. 2. What does research say about technology in ECE?  Using Technology in schools is somewhat of a controversial topic. Some believe that using technology is detrimental to the  students learning. Others disagree and believe that if facilitated correctly, technology can be beneficial to the learning process.  Research suggests appropriate and effective uses of technology in early learning Also, provides guidance in selecting the tools and creating the  environment essential for successful technology use. Source: 
  3. 3. What does research say about technology in ECE?  Properly used, computers and software can serve as catalysts for social interaction and conversations related to children's work. A classroom set up to encourage interaction and the  appropriate use of the technology will increase, not impair, language and literacy development Strategies to build socialization into computer use include placing  two seats in front of the computer to encourage children to work together, placing computers close to each other to facilitate sharing ideas, and locating computers in a central spot to invite other children to participate in the activity. Source: 
  4. 4. What does research say about technology in ECE?  Some of the benefits from making an electronic slideshow of a class book are as follows: Looking at photos reinforces the learning and allows children  to revisit the activity. Dictation their words helps children develop an understanding  of how spoken language connects to print. Technology allows children to respond and represent learning  in individual ways, and provides a window on their thinking. Source: 
  5. 5. What does research say about technology in ECE?  Some of the benefits of exploring with digital tools are as follows: Experiential learning encourages student  involvement, enhances understanding, and is effective with a wide rang of learners (including English language learners). Oral language skills are the basis of literacy. Hands-on  activities create opportunities for conversation and learning new vocabulary in context as children talk while they work. Source: 
  6. 6. What does research say about technology in ECE?  Some of the benefits from making and displaying graphs using a graphing program or spreadsheet on the computer are as follows: Children learn through experience that collecting and  organizing information allows them to ask and answer questions Visual representations of data help children to understand  information in a new way. Source: 
  7. 7. Using Technology in the ECE classroom  Using Digital Cameras (film or video):  You can record your students’ activities while they are working on classroom projects, during performances and special events. Then you can have the children tell a story about the pictures you  take of them and write captions for the photos.  You can turn the photos into a PowerPoint presentation shown to the class on what they have done, or you can print off the photos and have the students make a little photo album.  Photos taken can show the parents what the students have been doing in school, and what they have been learning.
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  9. 9. Using Technology in the ECE classroom  There are a number of websites that offer activities/games that help the students learn certain concepts. You can find activities online that help teach concepts in any  field whether it be literacy, science, math, history etc. Some of the websites are the following:    
  10. 10. Using Technology in the ECE classroom  For example, if you want to help a student who is struggling in Math to learn the concept of fractions you can use the following website:  sFractions/page4.htm This website game helps kids visualize the concept of how  fractions work and can help them learn and understand them.
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