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Questionnaire evaluation


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Questionnaire evaluation

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Questionnaire evaluation

  1. 1. Questionnaire Evaluation By Lucy Bennett
  2. 2. I first devised a set of questions to ask the general public. I then created a form on Google drive and added my questions to it, I published the questionnaire on my blog to make sure that people filled in my questionnaire I asked family members and friends to fill it out, to stop biased results I published a link to my blog page on twitter and asked if people would fill it out. I made a questionnaire so it would help me choose what things to put in my magazine. In this slide share I have shown my findings and what I will be planning on including in my music magazine.
  3. 3. Question 1; are you male or female? This question helped me see what genre I should aim my magazine for. I also get to see which genre prefers to answer my questionnaire. This shows that 64% who answer this questionnaire is female, the other 36% is male.
  4. 4. Question 2; How old are you? From pie charts and the list I can see that most of the people who answered my questionnaire are aged 10-16 with 44% however 17-22 wasn't far behind with 36% because for this I can aim my magazine at these two audience types.
  5. 5. Question 3; Would you subscribe to a magazine? This question is important as that it informs us on whether or not people would keep reading my magazine when I publish one. The answers tell me that most people would subscribe meaning that most of the people that would read mine would also carry on reading if I published more than one.
  6. 6. Question 4; How often would you buy a magazine? Having them fill out my questionnaire I am able to see that most people (36%) would buy a magazine weekly, in the future when designing my music magazine I will take this in consideration.
  7. 7. Question 5; How much would you pay for a music magazine? I will being selling my future magazine for £1.50. I am selling it at this price because the highest amount was between 50p-£1.49. I think this price is reasonable and people from working class and middle class are able to afford buying a music magazine at this price.
  8. 8. Question 6; What music genre do you listen to? Pop seems to be the most popular among the people who filled out my questionnaire. This has pushed me towards setting my genre round pop music and chart music.
  9. 9. Question 7; who are your favourite artists? Looking at my results for this question I can see that most artists who are in the charts recently have been voted for. This has helped my decide what music genre I should choose.
  10. 10. Question 8; What music magazine do you read the most? This question gave me an insight into what kind of magazines the people who answered my questionnaire reads this question helped me see who's magazine I should base mine on and what kind of genre I should chose for my future magazine. Answer Frequency Classical music 2 Top of the pops 3 Q 1 Clash 1 Vibe 2 Kerrang 3 NME 1 All of them 1 None 1
  11. 11. Question 9; What interests you the most about a magazine? Freebies was the most common, the front cover came second, this shows that making the front cover look interesting and good is important to selling the magazine. From this information I can see that including freebies would help sell a magazine. Answer Frequency colours 1 freebies 6 gossip 3 Celebrities 4 Articles 2 interviews 3 Q and A sections 1 All of it 1 Front cover 5
  12. 12. Question 10; Do you mind full page advert? When I make a magazine I need to take into consideration adverts. Looking at magazines out there I have noticed that there are many adverts in a magazine, most often or not they are full page. I included this question to see if people are bothered by this. My findings show that 56% are bothered meaning that if I don't included full page adverts in my own magazine then it will keep people happier.
  13. 13. Question 11; Would you enter a competition if it was in the magazine? I asked this question because I wanted to know if competitions was a way of attracting my audience. Looking at the results I can see that yes competitions do attract my audience and people prefer to enter competitions.