ESL lesson plan


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ESL lesson plan sample on explanation of gerund and infinitive. I made an attempt to prepare more student-centered lesson.

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ESL lesson plan

  1. 1. ESL LESSON PLAN Prepared by Nargiz G.
  2. 2.  Performance objectives: By the end of the lesson students should be able to distinguish and use appropriately gerund and infinitive.  Level: pre-intermediate
  3. 3. Segments  Warm up and/or review  Introduction  Presentation  Practice  Evaluation  Application/closure
  4. 4. Warm up and/or review  Segment: An activity to review gerund and infinitive words to the student. Some verbs might be familiar to them, and some are new.  Describe activities: Show pictures of various situation and ask students to express it with one verb on the given list  Time:5 min
  5. 5. Introduction  Segment: Introducing new grammar material on gerund and infinitive to students by game. Focusing student attention on the verb usage.  Describe activities: 1. Arrange students in groups of 6 to 8 and have each group stand together. Give each group a situation card from the worksheet. 2. As in a party setting (but with a time limit), students mingle by asking questions or making statements and suggestions about the situation. They must use verbs followed by infinitives or gerunds whenever possible. 3. A different situation may be given to the group after a few minutes of talking.  Time:10 min
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Presentation  Segment: Prepare power point presentation on the topic gerund or infinitive, or simple write on a blackboard sentences  Describe activities: Presenting new grammar material to the student by power presentation  Time: 5min
  8. 8. Practice  Segment: Praticing new knowledge by doing exercise and focusing on the usage of gerund in each case  Describe activities: Prepare sentences with necessary grammar material exercises and pass them during a class  Time: 7 min
  9. 9. Example
  10. 10. Evaluation  Segment:Evaluating attainment of each student  Describe activities: Divide the students into two teams and have the teams line up on either side of the board. The game is a relay race between the teams, who must identify whether the words are followed by a gerund (G) or an infinitive (I) (alternative designations:doingfor a gerund,to dofor an infinitive). At your signal, the first student from each team rushes to the board and writes Gor Iafter one of the expressions on his list, then quickly passes his/her chalk or marker to the next team member. Succeeding players can either identify another word or can choose to correct an incorrect answer left by one of his/her teammates. The first team to finish the list with all answers correct is the winner.
  11. 11. Application  Segment: Making arrangement about topic for the next time. If some time left, then introduce video which summarize lesson wU  Describe activities: Giving homework