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Sales Pitch Template Builder for Cold Calling Teams


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As a sales executive, you are looking to close more deals but you never know when you shift from pushing prospects in your sales cycles to a Pushy Salesman. A great tool when you plan to start auto-dialing using an Auto Dialer Software like Calley.

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Sales Pitch Template Builder for Cold Calling Teams

  2. 2. cold call? WHAT IS A When you call out to an individual who does not knows you and whom you have never spoken before with an intent to sell your product or a service IT IS CALLED A COLD CALL CALLEY – Automatic Call Dialer
  3. 3. introduce yourself STEP 1 This is by far the most important step of the process. Most of the time the callers do not get it right and loose the connect right at this point. Be Confident and Energetic when you say. CALLEY – Automatic Call Dialer A Pause is important for the prospects as it gets him thinking about you. Are you a client? A former worker? or Who? “This is [name] from [company],” and Pause
  4. 4. establish a rapport STEP 2 If you need better results you need to do things differently. You will be shocked to see how a little research about your prospect can benefit in conversions. It could be anything about his school, company, nature of job, recent promotion or anything that matches to your position statement. CALLEY – Automatic Call Dialer Listen to his answer and be sure that the question you have brings him a smile. Ask open ended questions. Wow, you’ve been at sales department [company] for [X Years]. How did you get started there?
  5. 5. positioning statement STEP 3 Now this is the point where you position yourself as someone who understands their challenges. You are not talking about yourself. If you can get this right you have won the game. CALLEY – Automatic Call Dialer So this is where your research comes to play. You have pre-qualified them, they will say “Yes” I work as a sales manager in a software company with a team of 5 to 8 sales reps. My customers are usually looking to increase sales reps productivity. Does that sounds like you?
  6. 6. next step STEP 4 Now once you have positioned and gained attention of your caller take him to the next step of your sales call journey. Your next step could be to schedule a discovery call or send an invite or ask for a sale. Be sure of your intent of this call so that you stay on the right course. CALLEY – Automatic Call Dialer I was creating a list for demos next week. My team has created an awesome auto dialing solution that your sales reps can use from anywhere. It can sync with your CRM so you get all reporting in your usual way. Our customers have told us that it increased their sales rep productivity by 300% Do you think you will be able to invest 30 mins of your time to take a Demo of it on Friday at 12:00 PM
  7. 7. Cold Calling Tips 1. Always practice your script before you start calling. 2. Stay focused on your ultimate goal of this call. 3. Do your research about your prospect. 4. Ask open-ended questions. 5. Talk less and Listen more to your Prospect. ALWAYS REMEMBER
  8. 8. www.getcalley.comCALLEY – Automatic Call Dialer cold calling script MAKE YOUR OWN INTRODUCTION ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ASK A QUESTION TO ESTABLISH RAPPORT ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ POSITIONING STATEMENT ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ NEXT STEP IN SALES CYCLE – YOUR MAIN AIM OF THIS CALL ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. 9. www.getcalley.comCALLEY – Automatic Call Dialer cold calling script MY SAMPLE INTRODUCTION Hello! This is Manish Gupta from Calley Automatic Call Dialer ASK A QUESTION TO ESTABLISH RAPPORT I see you have been managing sales for XYZ since last 6 years. How did you get started? POSITIONING STATEMENT I am a sales guy like you who works with a team of 5 to 8 sales reps. Our company is always looking to improve productivity of our sales reps. Is it the same with your company. NEXT STEP IN SALES CYCLE – YOUR MAIN AIM OF THIS CALL I was compiling a list of invitees for a Webinar of an Awesome! Automatic call dialer we have created. It can help sales rep call prospects from anywhere, it syncs with your CRM and can increase their productivity by 300% Will you be able to invest 30 mins of your time on Friday at 12:00 PM PST.
  11. 11. Your Success is Our Success Copyrighted.2020. We have been rated as Best Automatic Dialer.