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Developing a primary secondary fieldwork collaboration


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Slides used at the Geographical Association's Annual Conference that described the story of a fieldwork collaboration between two schools.

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Developing a primary secondary fieldwork collaboration

  1. 1. ‘It’s  not  about  fieldwork,  it’s  about  geography,  learning  and  a  real  audience’   Developing  student  leadership  through  fieldwork @davidErogers @leah_moo David  Rogers Leah  Sharp
  2. 2. There is a lack of challenge in Year 7. Think past ’they haven’t done geography.’ They come to us as excellent writers and thinkers.
  3. 3. Introducing    #beermatgeog
  4. 4. Aim:  to  produce  a   replicable,   embedded   sequence  of  lessons   that  meet  the  needs   of  the  curriculum.
  5. 5. Why? 42% 63% 45% 69% 81% 64% 27% 18% 19% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Gap Non-­‐FSM  pupils  reaching  expected  level FSM  reaching  expected  level School  readiness at  5 Attainment at  11 Attainment  at   16
  6. 6. Why?
  7. 7. Why  Secondary? Lack  of  genuine  leadership  opportunities,  plenty  of  jobs Curriculum  -­ Year  8,  10,  11  -­ revisiting  local  area  for  the  depth  of   knowledge.  Interleaving.   Revision for  terminal  examinations  Memory  theory  – moving   beyond  re-­reading  and  the  highlighter  – retrieval  beats  re-­exposure Revision  isn’t  extra  but  an  integrated  part  of  lesson  sequences   Raise  expectations New  GCSE  needs  a  deeper  understanding  of  fieldwork,  therefore   more  fieldwork  
  8. 8. Why  Primary? Opportunities  out  of  school  – cultural  and  social  capital Knowledge  of  local  area  – expanding  their  contextual   footprint Writing  attainment  lower Real  audience  is  what  is  needed  to  up  their  game
  9. 9. How do I go about a geographical enquiry? Publish Produce   your  work Select   the  best  Information Gather   Information Ask  questions Evaluate Questions   answered? Criteria  met? NoYes Start   Here Who?  Where?  When?   Why?  What?  How? What  do  you  need  to  find  out? How  will  you  present  the  information? BIAS For  and  Against Audience PowerPoint,  Publisher,  Poster,  Oral,   Visual,  Play,  podcast,  Video,  Report.. Improve
  10. 10. Teacher      CPD   Does  Wivelsfield display  the  characteristics  of  the  rural  urban  fringe? 11 Character   of  R/U   Fringe 8 Feedback 10   Housing   Need 10 Feedback 8 Urban   Fieldwork   Skills Further   Reasoning Don’t  build   on  our   field! Are  we  in   the  Rural   Urban   Fringe? Fieldtrip External  Audience  -­ Geocaching Feedback  and  interleaving  within  secondarySecondaryPrimary
  11. 11. Year  11  start  of  the  lesson  – characteristics  of  the  rural-­urban  fringe
  12. 12. Year  11  agreed  list Year  4  letter Year  8  feedback
  13. 13. 4/23/17
  14. 14. Daily  writing Whole  school  development  plan   Falling  behind Low  expectations Continuation  
  15. 15. Coffee  Shops Pubs Selection  of  tools Planning  documents Sharing  information Media Outcomes Mozilla  X-­ray   Googles
  16. 16. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results
  17. 17. Face  to  face  meetings Weather Job  changes Teacher  knowledge Attendance Barriers  we  discovered Face  to  face  meetings Weather Job  changes Teacher  knowledge Attendance
  18. 18. Time ‘Health  and  safety’ Will  secondary  take  the  results  seriously? Focus  on  SATs Primary  subject  knowledge Some  primaries  don’t  do  geography Barriers  from  Twitter Time ‘Health  and  safety’ Will  secondary  take  the  results  seriously? Focus  on  SATs Primary  subject  knowledge Some  primaries  don’t  do  geography
  19. 19. Saturday  1st July  2017 Brighton
  20. 20. Why  successful? Well  planned,  embedded  sequence  of  lessons SLT  support Focus  on  learning  and  children
  21. 21. @davidErogers @leah_moo
  22. 22. #beermatgeog Challenge: have  a  conversation;;  come  up  with  a  plan;;  commit  by  tweeting  a  selfie   with  a  beer  mat  pledge   @davidErogers @leah_moo