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ISSN Leaders Meeting October 27 2011


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ISSN Leaders Meeting October 27 2011

  1. 1. Welcome!ISSN Leader Meeting October 27, 2011 Brandon Wiley, ISSN Director
  2. 2. Keeping Perspective“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. Itmeans that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”“Just for today, no matter where I am going, or what I am doing,or who I am doing it with, it is my intention to focus on thepositive.” - Lucy MacDonald“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races oneafter another.” - Walter Elliott“Life is not a matter of having good cards, but of playing a poorhand well.” - Robert Louis Stevenson“When faced with the reality of how fragile life is, it’s amazinghow priorities can change in an instant. In the end, we’re onlyas good as the relationships we build, maintain and cherish.”
  3. 3. What a difference a year makes… The Network has expanded from 24 to 34 schools(Serving nearly 16,000 students - 64% are low-income students,81% are minority students, and 18% are ELL) In June 2010, eleven ISSN schools had graduating classes.The Network average on-time graduation rate was 93% and thecollege going rate was 94%, of which over 70% went to four-year colleges or universities The Network has become more diverse: Rural, suburban and urban Traditional public, charter and independent schools Academies, small high schools and comprehensive high schools K – 5, 6 – 8, 9 – 12, 6 – 12
  4. 4. We also… GPS Retreat in October/April in Houston, TX forabout 100 teachers Held two Leaders Meetings (Houston/New York) Largest ISSN Summer Institute to date(In Washington DC…ok, Rockville, MD ☺) Several regional PD sessions across the Network Over 7 site visits for new or third year schools
  5. 5. And don’t forget… Continued the development of the tools and resourcesnecessary to implement GPS Revised the Performance Outcomes to align them tothe Global Leadership POs Partnered with ShowEvidence to build the digitalplatform for GPS Awarded a 2-year grant to implement a “Masterybased” system in several Network schools, with GPSserving as the vehicle for students to earn course creditinstead of seat time
  6. 6. Work to Be Done This Year… Currently, wehave 10 site visitsscheduled for thisyear – in theprocess ofidentifying theteams andmaking invitations
  7. 7. First ISSN Site Visit to an International School No. 1 High School Affiliated withCentral China Normal University in Wuhan, China International Experimental Class
  8. 8. If you knowBarb Kelley…
  9. 9. Work to Be Done This Year… Need to schedule about 10 school study tours Teams of 7 to 10 teachers and leaders to visit established schools in the Network Tour of school, focus group discussions with students, teachers, leaderPotential for the Future…All ISSN Schools become demonstrationsites…to communicate about our model…to generate revenue…
  10. 10. Spring Leaders Meeting Los Angeles, CA Originally scheduled for March 22 & 23 Several conflicts… Therefore, we need your feedback on the dates of February 13 – 17An online survey will be sent today for feedback…
  11. 11. Havana, Cuba March 16 – 23 / March 25 – April 1 • Visits to daycare and job training centers • Opportunities to learn about community development projects • Interaction with staff & children @ the House of Loving Care• Meetings with children and teachers at a dance school for urban youth • A visit to a special needs school • A visit to the Muraleando community project • UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Still space for about 10 more students…
  12. 12. Summer Institute/PGL Conference
  13. 13. Summer Institute/PGL Conference June 26 – June 30 Brooklyn, New York New York Marriott @ the Brooklyn BridgeTuesday, June 26 – Optional Pre-Conference DayWednesday, June 27 – ISSN SI Breakouts & Opening DinnerThursday, June 28 – ISSN SI Breakouts & Experiential LearningFriday, June 29 – PGL Breakouts & KeynotesSaturday, June 30 – PGL Breakouts & Keynotes
  14. 14. Summer Institute/PGL Conference Optional Pre-ConferenceThe day will focus on day-long workshops to help teachers develop the instructional strategies necessary to prepare students to be globally competent and college ready.Focus on how to develop the skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century.Please…send us suggestions and ideas about speakers and facilitators for these sessions…
  15. 15. Further Development and Implementation of the Graduation Performance System Task Implementation Standards/ Portfolio of College Ready GPS Assessment and and GloballyPerformance Task Design Scoring of Student CompetentOutcomes & Student Work Work Graduate Rubrics Teacher & Student Feedback and Reflection
  16. 16. Levels of GPS Implementation District Level Goal: Focus: Embedding Policies for Proficiency- Mastery Based Credit School Level Goal: Focus: Demonstrating Portfolio System Competence Classroom Level Goal: Focus: Improving Task Cycle Performance
  17. 17. Work to Be Done This Year… Consistent… Set of Outcomes for what “doing GPS” means Definitions and language Set of Tools – including PD modules and coachingresources Collection/Creation of Exemplary Tasks for “Task Bank” Roll-out of Show Evidence
  18. 18. Badges for LearningAsia Society has submitted a grant application to explorethe development of “badges” for students to earn thatsignify that they are globally competent and college-ready…Likewise, we can offer a badge system to allow teachers todemonstrate they know how to teach for globalcompetence…This may lead to further discussion about an ISSN Diploma
  19. 19. ISSN NING The NING has undergone a redesign to accomplish several goals…1.) Make it more user-friendly and intuititive2.) Encourage greater collaboration, sharing andcommunication3.) Serve as a “one stop shop” for information, resourcesand ideas4.) Facilitate “anytime, anywhere” professionaldevelopment and opportunities to “meet”
  20. 20. The Future of the Network… As we move forward, we face challenges to sustain, remain viable and effective…Your continued leadership, feedback and commitment to the ISSN Mission will be more important than ever. Change is inevitable. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the ISSN - you are the network; the network is you.