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PHS Leadership Development


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Slides to support a decision making activity as part of leadership development training at Patcham High School

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PHS Leadership Development

  1. 1. Time Progress
  2. 2. Keeping the main thing the main thing. David Rogers @davidErogers
  3. 3. Your projects
  4. 4. What is the main thing? What priorities for change are there at the moment? Which are the most important?
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Photo Credit used through Creative Commons ‘…there was a clear tendency amongst best teachers to see the power of the humdrum, the everyday.’ Practice Perfect, Lemov, D; Woolway E; Yezzi, K p5-6
  7. 7. The strategic view v’s minutiae I also knew, as did every kid in Canada, that it was impossible….. But…. Just the day before it had been impossible to walk on the Moon….. Maybe someday, it would be possible for me to go too, and if that day ever came, I wanted to be ready.’ Chris Hadfield, Aged 9.
  8. 8. Theory PracticeThe Gap School Policy The Gap Culture Teacher Skills Financial Time Teaching load
  9. 9. What would you do? Ideas Plans Steps Share
  10. 10. Sharing
  11. 11. Priorities 6 dots each. Use them as you wish
  12. 12. What would you identify as the key priority? What strategy would you use?
  13. 13. What is it like now? What do we want it to be like? How do we get there? How do I know that we are there? Project managing change Audit, External Advice and reports. People, Stuff, Culture, Data. Vision – what is the main thing? Plan, People, Stuff, Culture, Support, Communication Impact, Monitoring, Messages