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  2. 2. • COCKTAIL - is a mixed drink made up of base liquor, a modifying ingredients and a mixer presented with a garnish.
  3. 3. 3 ELEMENTS OF COCKTAIL 1. Base Liquor - it determines the type of cocktail. It consists of single spirituous liquor or a combination of wines, liqueurs or aromatic wines.
  4. 4. 2. MODIFIER - it gives flavor and smell to the cocktail Ex: Grenadine syrup, almond extract, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, Angostura bitters, mint, Gomme syrup
  5. 5. 3. MIXER - it neutralizes the sharpness in the base liquor and perking up the drink itself. Also called as fillers. Ex: Tonic water, sodas, colas, fresh fruit juice, ginger ale…
  6. 6. CLASSIFICATIONS OF COCKTAILS 1. INTERNATIONAL COCKTAIL - are cocktails that are recognized Worldwide. Ex: French75, Moscow Mule, Zombie, Long Island Iced Tea.
  7. 7. 2. Tropical Cocktail - are cocktails that are heavily blended with fresh fruits. Ex: Mai tai, Pina Colada, Daiquiri, Tequila sunrise.
  8. 8. 3. CLASSIC COCKTAIL - are cocktails named after a person or places. Ex: margarita, manhattan, rob boy, white russian
  9. 9. 4. SHOOTER - Cocktails with a combination of two or more liqueurs. It should be served flaming and drunk in one gulp.
  10. 10. 5. MOCKTAILS - non alcoholic drinks. EX: four season, Shirley Temple, orange squash, lemon squash…
  11. 11. TYPES OF COCKTAILS ADES - Served tall with ice and garnish with slices of fruits. Mainly made with sweetened lemon or lime juice and a variety of liquors and filled with plain soda water.
  12. 12. • BUCKS - made with an ounce of liquor and lemon juice plus ginger ale and topped with a twist of lemon.
  13. 13. • COBBLERS - tall drinks generally served in a large goblet fills with two-thirds shaved ice heavily flavored fruit juices and liquor, decorated with fresh fruit and a spring of mint. Served with a straw or stirrer.
  14. 14. • COOLERS - a tall, hot weather drink made with different types of liquor, flavoring, cracked ice, carbonated beverage and fruit rinds.
  15. 15. • DAISIES - large cocktails made of liquor, grenadine of any other cordial with lemon or lime juice. Shaken with ice and served in an old fashioned glass or champagne glass over ice cubes decorated with cherry fruit.
  16. 16. • FIZZ - an effervescent drink, popular drink for the late morning and afternoon. From liquor, lemon juices and syrup.
  17. 17. • FIX or LOWBALL - Drinks pit in an small tumbler , with lots of ice..
  18. 18. • FLIP - a drink made with liquor and sugar mixed with an egg and spices. This was originally a hot drink. Today, however, Flips are served cold. Shaken well and strained into stemmed glasses, sprinkled with grated nutmeg. An eggnog and Fizz combination.
  19. 19. • HIGHBALL - a tall drink. Any liquor served with ice in tall glass with soda carbonate mixers such as soda and tonic, ginger ale, etc.
  20. 20. • HALF & HALF - any mixture of low fermented malt beverages. Generally half beer and half ale. Or half beer and half porter or stout.
  21. 21. • JULEP - a mixed drink with fresh mint, bourbon and rye whisky, sugar and crushed ice served in a frosted glass. Refreshing drinks ideally prepared with fresh mint. If you cannot obtain fresh mint, add 2 teaspoons of mint liqueur or mint cordial to the glass instead.
  22. 22. • PUNCH - a drink usually mixed in a bowl in large quantity and served from the buffet cups or glasses. A punch may also mixed and served in individual glasses. Care should b taken to mix ingredients such a way that neither the sweet, the bitter, the spirits or liquor is more apparent than another. Served cold.
  23. 23. • POSSET - a drink of hot milk with egg, ale wine, and flavored honey and spices. An old British drink from which the eggnog was derived.
  24. 24. • POUSSE CAFÉ - made from several cordials and liqueurs in series so that one floats atop another. Each has a different color and weight to permit floating.
  25. 25. • SANGAREES - made with whisky, gin, rum or brandy with port wine floated on top pr with wine, ale, porter or stout. Slightly sweet long drinks served cold in a highball glass or warm in punch glass. In addition to alcohol, they always contain sugar, hot or cold water and a trace of grated nutmeg.
  26. 26. • SLING - made like sangarees with the addition of lemon juice and a twist or lemon peel. Served in an old fashioned glass.
  27. 27. • SMASH - Small julep. Served in an old fashioned glass. Made with muddled sugar, ice cubes, whisky, gin, rum or brandy and soda. Garnish with springs of mint and fruit.
  28. 28. *The End* Thank you for listening!