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Shake&Stir presentation for SquareMeal Venues+Events live 2016


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Here is a full presentation from our recent workshop at the SquareMeal Venues+Events live show. If you would like to know more about the current cocktail trends in events industry and also apply some of the techniques to your events, there are plenty of tips and tricks that will come in handy! On top of that we also give away three cocktail recipes that will work well in both small & larger scale events.

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Shake&Stir presentation for SquareMeal Venues+Events live 2016

  1. 1. Shake & Stir Masterclass Overview Introducing Shake&Stir Cocktail Trends In the Events Industry Cocktail 1 – Brambletini Cocktail 2 – Vanilla Sky Cocktail 3 – Kixtarter Summary
  2. 2. Shake & Stir Bespoke Mixology Solutions for bars, restaurants, event planners, catering companies & individuals
  3. 3. Find us onMeet The Team OUR BLOG
  4. 4. Services Event Design Menu Design Consultancy Staffing Masterclasses
  5. 5. Event Design  Bar Hire  Glassware  Cocktail Design  Staffing  Menu tasting Our services range from small private parties to large corporate events Wedding at the Marriot Hotel Shades to illuminate Launch Party Birthday party at the Serpentine Gallery
  6. 6. Menu Design  Personalised  Creative  Bespoke  Unique More on Menu Design
  7. 7. Consultancy  Food & Drink pairing  Measurements & Quantities  Shopping Lists  Branded Cocktails  Drinks Trends  Staff Training More on consultancy
  8. 8. Staffing  Sophisticated  Years of experience  Charming  Great Attitude ‘Great mixologists, great team, super creative and beautiful tasting cocktails!! Can strongly recommend them!’ J. Keßler NIX&KIX More on Staffing
  9. 9. Masterclasses Interactive Engaging Fun Memorable More on Masterclasses
  10. 10. Current Cocktail Trends  London is the centre of the cocktail world • World`s Best Bars – 5 of the top 10 • Tales of the Cocktail/Spirited Awards: 8 of 11 international categories • Artesian, Nightjar, American Bar, Happiness Forgets, Connaught Bar, • Cocktail bars are continuously raising their levels • Gap to events is outrageous-> visible improvements recently • Events: Fantastic food – mediocre drinks -> drinks are your first point of contact with guests  Continuously changing trends • Brief overview of trends which have been around for a while
  11. 11. Current Cocktail Trends  Classics with a twist • Customer knows the drink but still offering something new  Rise of more unusual spirits: Mezcal, Pisco, Akvavit, Cachaca • Knowledgeable customers, more open to experimenting  Premiumisation – drinking less but higher quality Molecular Gastronomy Molecular Mixology • Ferran Adria (El Bulli, near Barcelona); Heston Blumenthal (Fat Duck) • Foam, Infusion, Smoke, Spherification, Liquid Nitrogen, Dehydration etc. Great cocktail = Presentation + Taste + Experience • Tasting with all 5 senses • Glassware, Garnish, Backstory, Fragrances
  12. 12. Current Cocktail Trends In Events Industry  Consistency & Speed • Preparation, Premix, Quality Mixologists  Low ABV, low-calorie cocktails • Health conscious society; Social drinking not drinking to get drunk  Mocktails • Need an appealing option for those who don`t drink (great vegetarian dishes)  Fresh & High Quality Ingredients • A cocktail is as good as its worst ingredient • Alcohol, Juices, Syrups, Garnishes – everything matters  Personalised cocktails matching a theme, a dish or a colour etc.  Sustainability • Fresh juice – Peel garnish, syrup; Mint leaves – stems to infuse spirits • Taste with spoon not straw; Bar & Kitchen working together
  13. 13. Cocktail 1 - Brambletini Ingredients: 35ml Gin 15ml St. Germain 20ml fresh lemon juice 10ml Orange Peel Syrup Blackberry Foam Method: Shake & Fine Strain in a Cocktail Glass Top up with the foam Garnish: 2 blackberries and orange peel on a skewer
  14. 14. Cocktail 1 - Brambletini • Perfect drink for both small and large scale events offering unique way of serving • Using foams is a great way of adding new flavours and texture to a drink • Great example of a classic with a twist • Colour is changing with time • Sustainability: Orange peel syrup
  15. 15. Cocktail 2 – Vanilla Sky Ingredients: 35ml Vodka 15ml Licor 43 40ml Chai 15ml Honey Syrup 15ml fresh Lemon juice 1 drop Cardamom bitters Method: Shake & Strain over crushed ice in a tea cup Garnish: Burning cinnamon stick , star anise & a Licor 43 Glazed shortbread
  16. 16. Cocktail 2 – Vanilla Sky • Pre- batched • Unusual glassware • Garnish adds to the drink • Smell of smoking cinnamon
  17. 17. Cocktail 3 - Kixtarter Ingredients: 20ml Mezcal 25ml Aperol 20ml fresh lime juice 15ml agave syrup 40ml Mango&Ginger Nix&Kix Method: Shaken and strained over crushed ice in a rocks glass Garnish: Dried Mango Fan
  18. 18. Cocktail 3 - Kixtarter • Low ABV cocktail • Unusual spirit • New & Upcoming brand
  19. 19. Thank You!