Holistic Health


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The definition of health is changing. Holistic health is the new frontier. What does it mean to the OTC and pharma industry? Find out here.

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Holistic Health

  1. 1. HolisticHealth 10 Insights intoa booming sector
  2. 2. GrowthStories Bringing you a flavour of business growth trends...in just 5 minutes A Futures Coaching initiative www.futurescoaching.com
  3. 3. Im in controlThe genie is out of the bottle;health is also a lifestyle issue,not just a medical topicGood health lies outside of thedoctors surgeryMeans people have to takepersonal responsibility
  4. 4. my health Patients are defining health more broadly than ever before Its mind, body and soul Which means: hygiene, beauty, ageing, spirituality, well-being, nutrition, sport, happiness, brain-health, medicine, breaking news, supportive social circle, holidays, sleep....
  5. 5. blurring Industry too is blurring the boundaries of health: Cosmeceuticals Functional foods Dermaceuticals Nutraceuticals ......
  6. 6. not alternativeIts easy to see why holistic medicine is booming –sociologically speaking it is mainstream; itsorthodox western medicine which is increasinglyalternativeHolistic health is: Based on individuals responsibility Doctors proactive aim is to keep patients healthy, not treat the ill Lifestyle and context based personalisation Treatments are customised and evolve over time
  7. 7. word of mouthA holistic approach to wellness lends itself to gossipFor example, in the Philippines, health is a regularsubject of conversation with advice and tricksOlder people, too, exchange health tips regularly- so you hear that urine might have an anti-cancereffect- or that some berries ease arthritis
  8. 8. health as hobby Launched in 1990, Top Santé has a readership of 3 million in France Health is now as interesting as it is important
  9. 9. ha vio ursnew be Detoxing: Binge then cleanse Sacrificial balancing: Toffee cake today, nothing tomorrow Health trade-offs: Gym workout then off to the pub Down-shifting: Give up high powered effort for laid-back life Chilling: Productively doing absolutely nothing
  10. 10. long term vision Increasing integration of longer term strategies in health management; awareness of lifes stages Young: Dont need to bother about my health yet Middle Aged: Make peace with my body; care and nurture it Old Age: Shepherd my resources
  11. 11. impact on OTCOver the counter products will beseen as part of the answer but rarelythe sole solutionMarketing one-stop solutions risksfrustrating consumers andengendering mistrustA gradual phasing out of one-size-fits-all towards more personalisation
  12. 12. new categoriesHolistic medicine opensthe way to innovate newproducts and services Im thinking: a range ofWhole new categories of massage creams for specifichealthcare remain to be meridiansuncovered
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