Asian Women: 10 reasons why they are crucial for economic growth


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Asia powers ahead but women’s role goes largely unrecognised. Women are a key engine for growth and their ongoing investment in education and careers ensures they will continue to set the pace.

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Asian Women: 10 reasons why they are crucial for economic growth

  1. 1. Asian Women:10 reasons why theyare crucial to growth
  2. 2. Asia 5 Bringing you a flavour of business trends in just 5 minutes A Futures Coaching initiative
  3. 3. change A European socio-cultural research institute, Sociovision, spent 30 years looking at social trends, globally Their conclusion: The biggest social force for change in todays World is the Feminisation Of Society
  4. 4. head girl Globally, female enrolment in tertiary education has grown almost twice as fast vs men over the last four decades In South and West Asia Asian, men are still favoured at university but in the East women are now edging ahead
  5. 5. Senior positions 90% of supervisors at Anxa (a French-owned software company based in Manila) are women The companys GM said: “Filipino women are more motivated, handle responsibility better and are much cooler under pressure than men” Source: Grant Thornton
  6. 6. the boss A former colleague spent 20 years going round factories in Asia buying furniture He told me recently: I was metand hosted by men – but in every factory there was always a hardwoman who was the real engine
  7. 7. leaders Past Magewati Soekarnoputri, Cory Aquino, Philippines Indira Gandhi, India IndonesiaPresent Yingluck Shinawatra San Suu Kyi, Burma Julia Gillard, Australia Thailand
  8. 8. playOf course, not every woman wants to grow upHello Kitty is now targetingwomen through adult-sized clothing, branded laptopsand Hello Kitty credit cards Meanwhile, Koreas Pucca made $13bn in 2010
  9. 9. familyIn much of Asia, kinship bonds remain extremely strong The family is at the heart of everythingSuccessful career women who remain single are a rarity (unlike the West) Working women marry early and start families early
  10. 10. supportWhen I was in China recently, I was surprised when my local researchpartner said that shed call her (full- time) driver to come pick us upMany Asian working women rely on a support network to keep going –including nannies, drivers, cleaners – and, of course, grandparents!
  11. 11. disadvantaged Despite huge progress and huge potential, Asian women often face fearful discriminationRead: Low rank = few gender-based blocksto resources & opportunitiesSource: World Economic Forum, 2011
  12. 12. what Asian womenwant Source:
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