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Back To The Future


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Too often we look exclusively at the future when we want to identify the trends shaping our lives.

But some Growth Stories trace their origins to the past.

Futurologists need to be historians too....

Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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Back To The Future

  1. 1. Back to the Future 10 Trend Insights from History
  2. 2. GrowthStories Bringing you a flavour of business growth just 5 minutes A Futures Coaching initiative
  3. 3. where to look? Most people who seek trends look forward – sometimes to science fiction writers But some trends come to us from the past
  4. 4. face-to-faceThe future of human communication is videoAlready it takesover half of theinternet bandwidthWhy? Human beings are innately hardwiredfor face-to-face communications
  5. 5. its all ChineseThe West refers to Chinese medicine as alternativeThe fact is, whether we look at its emphasis on (chi)energy, its holistic, preventative approach or itspersonalised treatments... is absolutely aligned with modern socio-cultural trends It is orthodox Western medicine which is increasingly alternative to society
  6. 6. giving it all awayWarren Buffet and Bill Gates are seen as revolutionariesThey are giving away their personal fortunes -as are others in the Giving Pledge movementBut this is not newIn some North AmericanIndian tribes, leaders gainedenormous prestige bygiving away all thatthey owned in so calledPotlatch festivals
  7. 7. old age brains Our ancestors all turned whenever they heard a noise in the bushes Today we do the same – the economic crisis has everyone facing in the same direction... but dangerous social, political and technological changes – coming from another direction - go ignored
  8. 8. patients like me Forget about Shamans, in the past most sickness remedies came from word-of-mouth recommendationsA key trend in healthcare today is peer-to-peer self-help sites, by-passing the medical professions
  9. 9. built to last Traditional craftsmanship is back in a big way – look at the success of Louis Vuitton who never compromises on quality Modernist designer Philippe Stark aims for comfort and longevity in all his pieces
  10. 10. segments A strong case can be made that humans have not evolved very much emotionally over the past two Millenia So, a great starting point for marketers looking to segment customers is Galens four temperaments:sanguine (pleasure-seeking and sociable), choleric (ambitious and leader-like),melancholic (introverted and thoughtful), and phlegmatic (relaxed and quiet)
  11. 11. global agoraThe Medieval marketplace allowed everyone (in thevillage) to see everything on offer (from the farmersand traders)The internet simply revives the same characteristics
  12. 12. . ...b oo m! xp lo siv ee The four great inventions of the Chinese are said to be: papermaking, printing, the compass and gunpowder Who would bet against Chinese innovation, making a big impact on the 21st Century?
  13. 13. What is Futures Coaching upto during March 2012?¨Pitching to work on the future of human communicationsAnalysing social change amongst Filipino and Indonesianwomen and impacts on health marketingRunning deep-dive consumer research on social mediaPresenting to a retail property audience on consumerfutures & impact on retailDeveloping future-facing insights to revolutionise branchformats for a retail bankBlogging on Asian trends and growth strategies
  14. 14. Working with Future Coaching Conference speeches on major trends - accelerating management awareness Workshopping trends – evaluating impacts on businesses or brands; future-proofing existing offers Brainstorming sessions – innovating to harness growth Reports on the future of sectors or industries – jumping ahead of the curve; achieving thought leadership; building in longevity Training for consumer insight teams – boosting internal futuring capabilities
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