Sponsorship of Outdoor Events


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Sponsoring outdoor events is a fantastic growth story. £700 million is being spent on the Olympics in London. But why? And what can brands hope to get for their money?

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Sponsorship of Outdoor Events

  1. 1. Outdoor Events10 Insights for potential sponsors
  2. 2. GrowthStories Bringing you a flavour of business growth trends...in just 5 minutes A Futures Coaching initiative www.futurescoaching.com
  3. 3. olympianLondon is in a frenzy as it prepares for the Worlds greatest show Official sponsors (like Coca Cola, Acer, P&G)have spent £700million to be part of it Why?
  4. 4. visibilityFor companies, of course,its about visibility, having your brand acquire the halo of the event, being seen as a winner
  5. 5. Its also aboutbeing seen as afan; sharing the same passionsIts a way to give brands a personality fans
  6. 6. passion Outdoor events are a huge subliminal opportunity Catch people in a state of heightened emotions and they will remember that elation next time they see your brand
  7. 7. human connection Its an opportunity for brands to show soul... ....and solidarity with social movements
  8. 8. charity connection Its an opportunity for brands to show soul... ....and compassion with charitable movements
  9. 9. antedote Its also about balance With more spending going online, and consumers spending more time online....Sponsoring outdoor event is a great way of keeping it real
  10. 10. brand essence Some brands create their own events in order to capture their DNA precisely
  11. 11. interactive QR Treasure hunts are one way to involve participants in many-to-many event
  12. 12. da ng er! Like sponsoring a celeb who goes off the rails... your brand risks being framed negatively when things go wrong
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