We Think: A Mega Trend


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We-Think is the dynamic behind social media. Check out why this trend is affecting everyone from doctors to bankers

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We Think: A Mega Trend

  1. 1. We-Think10 Insights into a Mega Trend
  2. 2. GrowthStories Bringing you a flavour of business growth trends...in just 5 minutes A Futures Coaching initiative www.futurescoaching.com
  3. 3. its about.... Growing belief in people like me... bringing a deeper sense of togetherness... a need for more trusted references... an excited desire to share & build... and all catalysed by new technologies
  4. 4. people like me In todays society, people increasingly ignore former social markers like class or politics Now, we find friends amongst people who do the same things as we do, go the same places as we go I witnessed many informal conversations in Starbucks recently between customers and Baristas. Social status was no barrier; both enjoyed Starbucks – that was enough
  5. 5. togethernessSharing collectiveemotions is a key desireWorking for CancerResearch UK, I havewitnessed the power ofRace for Life bringingtogether suffers andsurvivors of cancer andcreating powerful bonds
  6. 6. tous ensembleAs I write this blog, atypical example ofWe-Think plays on thetelevisionTous Ensemble is typicalof a new genre of realityTV where an entirecommunity comestogether to rebuild thehome – and the lives - ofan unfortunate family
  7. 7. trusted referencesClearly we are moving to a bottom-up societyWhat counts is the opinions, advice and recommendationsof others like meBrands, leaders and authoritieshave less to say in this newworld orderEven doctors find their statuschallenged by new patientcommunities
  8. 8. hierarchies get itThe power of We-Think is causing strategic rethinks in thecorridors of powerSome banks are now proposing to let small businesses use theiroverspaced banking halls as their own private officeSupermarkets continue to investin on-site cafés to help the isolatedmeet other lonely shoppersand mums team upIn growth countries, the FMCGbrands are all about sponsoringlocal roadshow events (right)to bring the community together
  9. 9. striking gold A great example of We-Think from, of all places, a goldmining companyGoldcorp were desperate to reinvigorate an exhausted mine in Canada They took the unprecidented step of publishing all geological data on line They got 1,400 participants looking for gold, several promising sites wereexamined and the result is that Red Lake is now Goldcorps most profitable mine
  10. 10. tech enabledDid tech create We-Think or did the social need tobelong spur tech developments?Socio-tech is a term I like. It suggests an iterative loopPeople want to connect;technology comes alongand builds the links;encouraging people tonetwork more; givingnew incentives to invent
  11. 11. vi deo There will be an explosion of video use over the next 10 years Already, more content is uploaded to Youtube every 2 months than the entire output of NBC, ABC and CBS since 1948 Video will ramp up even more since we are hardwired for face-to-face communication - and video will give us this
  12. 12. making money If you need to be convinced that We-Think is a money-spinner look at the story of Instagram In the news recently since Facebook agreed to pay$1bn for this photo-sharing and photo manipulation site Why did Zuckerberg pay so much? He could have downloaded the App for 0.99 cents!Or maybe the 30 million users sharing 5 million photos a day had something to do with it
  13. 13. What is Futures Coaching upto during April 2012?Helping reinvent an entire supermarket departmentDeep-diving into global banking technology trendsBuilding a key note speech to NGO Fundraisers inGeneva in JunePitching to build an international development strategyfor a major European agencyPreparing a business trip to Jakarta and SingaporeBlogging on Asian trends and growth strategies
  14. 14. Working with Future Coaching Conference speeches on major trends - accelerating management awareness Workshopping trends – evaluating impacts on businesses or brands; future-proofing existing offers Brainstorming sessions – innovating to harness growth Reports on the future of sectors or industries – jumping ahead of the curve; achieving thought leadership; building in longevity Training for consumer insight teams – boosting internal futuring capabilities
  15. 15. LONDON • PARIS Website: www.futurescoaching.comBlog: http://futurescoaching.typepad.com Email: chris@futurescoaching.com