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Health promotion ppt 1

  1. 1. Preliminary Core 1 :Better Health forindividualsFQ3 What strategies help to promote the health ofindividuals?
  2. 2. • What is health promotion?(DP1) • Health promotion is about achieving the best possible health for everyone. It is difficult to improve an individual’s health if the economic, environmental and social conditions are bad. Interventions are changes made to individual and social circumstances to maximise opportunities to achieve good health. • WHO defines health promotion as the process of “enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health”. (1986) • Health promotion is based around the saying “Prevention is better than cure” and it aims at preventing morbidity and mortality.
  3. 3. New public health approach• Watch the film regarding the new public health approach and the importance of health promotion
  4. 4. 3 levels of preventionHealth Promotion can target three levels of prevention:1. Primary: Persons yet to display symptoms of disease. Aimed at preventing onset of disease eg immunisation programs.2. Secondary: Early signs of disease or risk factors are present, aim is to halt or slow disease process. This is early stage intervention. Eg weight loss programs3. Tertiary: Minimise the effects of the disease. Eg: medicines
  5. 5. • Who is responsible for Health Promotion? (DP2) • individuals • community groups/schools • non-government organisations • government • international organisations, eg WHO, United Nations
  6. 6. IndividualsWhat role do individuals play in health promotion?• Individual’s play a key role in promoting their health, because personal behaviour is the major determining factor of health status. For health promotion to be effective, individuals’ need to be empowered. This refers to an individual’s ability to make decisions about, or have personal control over their life. (• Individuals working in health-related areas are able to assist people to gain control over their health eg general practitioners, counselors, dentists, health workers, community nurses. Other individuals who are involved in improving health also include health educators, social workers, community workers and environmental health officers.
  7. 7. Individuals• List the people or groups who could empower you to improve your health
  8. 8. Community groups andschools• Community groups and schools are important settings for health promotion, after all these are the places where we live, work and play.• Communities should be able to contribute to discussion and participate in the setting of health policies. Our schools also need to places that promote health among our young Australians.
  9. 9. Activity• Activity: Examine one of these strategies and explain how they are able to improve health of individuals and communities. RRisk ( )- Promoting health among young people by focusing on alcohol, drugs and driving. Community Health Education Groups – ( )provides adult/elderly physical activity and nutrition classes around the North Coast. Healthy Kids School Canteens –(http://www.healthy- Promoting healthy food choices Secondary Schools Nursing Program - sing/secschool/default.htm Nurses promoting health in Victorian secondary schools.
  10. 10. Non Government organisations• Look at the following eg’s of NGO’s........•• bin/•
  11. 11. Non-governmentOrganisations• Non-government Organisations are non-profit making organisations that operate at local, national or international levels. They are funded from a variety of sources including government grants, public donations and fundraising. Non-government organisations (NGOs) play a crucial role in the health of Australians. For example, many organisations such as universities conduct health research into the prevention, detection, and treatment of disease. While other NGOs contribute in various ways, including raising funds for research, running educational and health promotion programs, providing support services and coordinating voluntary care.
  12. 12. GovernmentAll levels of government are responsible for promoting betterhealth• The Commonwealth Government is responsible for planning long-term programs that address Australia’s health priorities. Use the link below to explore one of the seven Commonwealth Government Health Promotion Campaigns.• Activity: Select one of the campaigns suggested in your work booklet1. Briefly describe the nature of this campaign2. Describe some of the campaign materials used2. Explain why the Australian Government has initiated thecampaign in this area of health
  13. 13. The Commonwealthgovernment• The Commonwealth government is also responsible for allocating the funding and developing systems that all Australians have access to health services• Medicare - Australias health insurance. Medicare funds affordable primary health care treatment for all Australian citizens. Residents with a Medicare card can receive subsidised treatment from medical practitioners, nurse practitioners and allied health professionals who have been issued a Medicare provider number, and can also obtain free treatment in public hospitals.Activity: Explain why Medicare is an important initiative in promoting health forall AustraliansOther Commonwealth Government websites you may be interested in visiting:Quit now Australias National Tobacco CampaignNutrition Guidelines - The Australian Guide to Healthy EatingGo for 2 and 5 - Fruit and Vegetable Campaign
  14. 14. State Governments• State Governments are also responsible for campaigns that target specific health promotion and disease prevention programs. In NSW the department of health is divided into Area Health Services that support local needs.• NSW Department of Health.• Also check out the North Coast Area Health Service for state government initiatives in our local area.
  15. 15. Local Governments• Local Governments support the state and Commonwealth governments in implementing health promotion eg local libraries distribute information. They are also responsible for creating environments that support health eg providing parks, cycleways, shade areas at local swimming pools,
  16. 16. International Organisationseg WHO.• The World Health Organisation is a specialized agency of the United Nations that acts as the coordinating authority on international public health issues. It provides leadership on global health concerns, monitors disease outbreaks, assesses the performance of health systems around the world and promotes health research.• (As an example of the role of WHO, explore the WHO response the swine flu pandemic.• Activity: Outline the functions of WHO in responding to global health concerns. Also list some of the Programs and Projects coordinated by WHO that affect young people