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F-Secure E-mail and Server Security

F-Secure Email and Server Security takes server protection to the same level as F-Secure Client Security, which has been rated by AV-TEST as providing the best protection in the world. The combination of email and server security in the same package, along with several performance improving features, makes the solution easier to install and maintain.

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F-Secure E-mail and Server Security

  2. 2. SERVER SECURITY ISAKEY SECURITY ELEMENT © F-Secure Confidential2 Heartbleed affected about 17% of the Internet's secure web servers making passwords vulnerable to theft Daily deal site LivingSocial was the victim of a cyber attack that compromised the account information of its 50 million users Incidents involving servers… Unknown hackers broke into more than two-dozen servers at the US Postal Service, including one containing names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, and other personally identifiable information on about 800,000 workers and 2.9 million customers Hackers gained access to data on more than 76 million JP Morgan account holders. Information on an additional 7 million small businesses was also accessed.
  3. 3. © F-Secure Confidential3 E-mail and Server Security offers protection for Servers Email Communication
  4. 4. BENEFITS © F-Secure Confidential4 Saves time and money as it is easy to manage and take into use Award-winning protection keeps company assets safe Simple, transparent licensing model without hidden costs
  5. 5. © F-Secure Confidential5 • • Windows file servers Microsoft Exchange Microsoft SharePoint EMC Storage Servers (CAVA) Terminal Servers Citrix Servers A packaged first line of defense
  6. 6. © F-Secure Confidential6 Real-time protection for file servers, Microsoft Terminal Servers and Citrix, Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint Servers and EMC Storage Servers (CAVA). Scheduled and on-demand scanning Software Updater Anti-spam Browsing protection Central management with Policy Manager Available in several languages Minimizes impact for virtualized environments
  7. 7.      © F-Secure Confidential7
  8. 8.   © F-Secure Confidential8
  9. 9. © F-Secure Confidential9 Feature F-Secure Server Security (Standard) F-Secure Server Security Premium F-Secure E-mail and Server Security (Standard) F-Secure E-mail and Server Security Premium Virus & spyware protection ● ● ● ● DeepGuard™ ● ● ● ● Web traffic scanning ● ● ● ● Browsing protection ● ● ● ● Protection for Microsoft Exchange ● ● Spam Control ● ● Offload Scanning Agent ● ● ● ● Software Updater ● ● Protection for Microsoft SharePoint ● EMC Storage Server (CAVA*) support ● * CAVA = Celerra Anti Virus Agent
  10. 10. © F-Secure Confidential10 Protecting companies’ business critical IT components FILE SERVERS TERMINAL SERVERS AND CITRIX EMAIL - MICROSOFT EXCHANGE Software Updater for servers COLLABORATION - MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT EMC STORAGE (CAVA) +
  11. 11. © F-Secure Confidential11 Best protection Against 0-day threats Software Updater (Patch management) Proactive protection against threats Turn-key solution for minimizing the risk +
  12. 12.    © F-Secure Confidential12
  13. 13. © F-Secure Confidential13 Protecting companies’ business critical IT components FILE SERVERS TERMINAL SERVERS AND CITRIX EMAIL MICROSOFT EXCHANGE Single package – easy to install
  14. 14. FEATURES © F-Secure Confidential14
  15. 15. EmailAndServerSecurityisapowerful, centralizedsolutionforyourserver,emailand collaborationprotection.Watchoveryour wholebusinessIT,bothphysicalandvirtual,and ensuresmoothoperation. © F-Secure Confidential15
  16. 16. • Protecting the server against malware • Powerful spam scanner for email traffic • Email quarantine management © F-Secure Confidential16
  17. 17. • Real-time scanning protection • Unmatched protection against viruses, Trojans, rootkits, and other malware • Offload Scanning Agent © F-Secure Confidential17
  18. 18. • Real-time protection for all content used with Microsoft SharePoint servers • Scans all up- and downloaded content for malware and other threats © F-Secure Confidential18
  19. 19. • Malware scanning support for Terminal Server/Citrix and EMC Storage Servers with Celerra Anti Virus Agent (CAVA) support © F-Secure Confidential19
  20. 20. • Key in constantly reaching protection levels over the industry average • Unmatched protection against advanced 0-Day threats • Sophisticated technology, with heuristic, behavior and reputation analysis • Monitors the most commonly exploited software © F-Secure Confidential20 …
  21. 21. • Ensures that employees can work safely and efficiently online without worries • Proactively prevents employees from accessing harmful sites, links or contents • Removes human error and proactively minimizes exposure • Works with all major browsers © F-Secure Confidential21
  22. 22. • Optimize protection and performance and reduce hardware costs • Offload performance-heavy scanning to a dedicated server • Supports all popular virtualization platforms © F-Secure Confidential22
  23. 23. • Key component of security, prevents up-to 85% of all malware in existence • Gain visibility to 3rd party software updates available • Creates vulnerability analysis of your environment © F-Secure Confidential23
  24. 24. • Prevents users from downloading potentially harmful content • Block content like Flash, Silverlight, Executables, Java & ActiveX components on unknown sites • Block 100% of Java applets from untrusted sources as well as Windows malware Whitelist trusted sites © F-Secure Confidential24
  25. 25. • Administrator can prevent network activity relating to known botnets • Block Domain Name Server (DNS) queries on the host level • Admin can filter out queries based on domain reputation with the option of whitelisting them © F-Secure Confidential25