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Presentatie F-Secure 26062015

Beveiligingsdag SLBdiensten: 26 juni 2015

Presentatie F Secure: Leer hoe u uw IT-omgeving proactief en optimaal kunt beveiligen. Door Bert de Houwer, Presales Engineer, F-Secure.

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Presentatie F-Secure 26062015

  3. 3. WEARE#1INSECURITY 153.8 Revenues MEUR Operating Profit MEUR Personnel 18.8 R&D Investments of Revenues25% 939 Pioneering technology year after year BLACKLIGHT DEEPGUARD ORSP LISTED ON NASDAQ OMX Consistently ranked among the best by AV-Test, AV comparatives and numerous 3rd parties
  4. 4. WEWORKWITH200+ OPERATORS AND 6,000+ SERVICE PARTNERS Serving tens of millions of people in 40+ countries.
  6. 6. AV-Test “Best Protection” award for F-Secure for the 4th year in a row
  8. 8. BUSINESS BENEFITS © F-Secure Confidential8 Advanced management features even for complex environments Reduced administration due to automation of daily operations Optimize performance for virtual environments by offloading scanning
  9. 9. EXTRA BENEFITS WITHPREMIUM © F-Secure Confidential9 Better productivity and security with web content control Safe connections to trusted sites for superior security and ease of work Support for automated patch management to secure your business against known threats Support for virtual environments licensed in the same package with Scanning and Reputation Server
  10. 10. EASYMANAGEMENT © F-Secure Confidential10 Deploy Manage Take action
  11. 11. POLICYMANAGER © F-Secure Confidential11  Manage Business Suite products:  Client Security  E-mail and Server Security  Server Security  Manage other F-Secure security products  Security for Virtual and Cloud Environments  All with one, easy and automated solution Desktop Laptop Server Software update
  12. 12. WHAT’S NEW? © F-Secure Confidential12
  14. 14. WEBCONTENT CONTROL © F-Secure Confidential14 Prevent malicious content from entering your network  Reduce productivity losses, bandwidth consumption, and legal risks caused by unauthorized employee access to inappropriate or distracting web content  Improve security by providing an extra layer of protection
  15. 15. IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY THROUGH CONTROLLED ACCESS © F-Secure Confidential15 Source: 2013 of all respondents said they waste at least some time at work on a daily basis. 69% The number of people in this year’s survey who reported wasting time at work every day is up to a whopping 89% 89% OF PEOPLE SURVEYED WASTE AT LEAST HALF THE AVERAGE WORDDAY ON NON WORK-RELATED TASKS. 4% A 20% INCREASE COMPARED TO LAST YEAR
  16. 16. WHERE’S THEWASTE? © F-Secure Confidential16 Source: GOOGLE FACEBOOK LINKEDIN24% 15% 14% 31% waste roughly 30 minutes daily 31% waste roughly 1 hour daily 16% waste roughly 2 hours daily 6% waste roughly 3 hours daily 2% waste roughly 4 hours daily 2% waste 5 or more hours 89%
  17. 17. IMPROVE SECURITY © F-Secure Confidential17  Guarantee better security as employees cannot access the harmful sites in the first place  90% of normal attacks come through the web  You can block harmful sites.
  18. 18. CONNECTION CONTROL © F-Secure Confidential18 Improve security through controlled and safe access to business critical assets  Allows connections during the session to sites which are verified safe by F-Secure  Protects the weakest link in business critical sessions – the web browser
  19. 19. SUPERIOR SECURITY © F-Secure Confidential19  Activates automatically in the browser when entering a web site  Prevents unknown banking trojans from sending sensitive information to online criminals  Closes network connections to unknown sites and prevents new ones during session X
  20. 20. 20 CONNECTIONCONTROL–STOP THEATTACKSBEFORETHEYENTER The weakest links: The online bank users and their browsers Banks have secured the connection from browser to the bank and the online banking servers Phishing Trojans © F-Secure Confidential
  21. 21.  Why a secure connection matters?  Financial loss when online banking credentials and money from the bank account is stolen.  Business secrets stolen if cloud- based CRM credentials are stolen © F-Secure Confidential21 CONNECTION CONTROL
  22. 22. ADVANCED PROTECTION © F-Secure Confidential22  Web Traffic Scanning Advanced Protection allows the admin to block certain content from unknown and suspicious sites.  E.g. Flash, Silverlight, Executables, Java & ActiveX components.
  23. 23. STOPMOSTOFTHE WEBATTACKS © F-Secure Confidential23 JAVA 28% FLASH 33% WINDOWS 10% SILVERLIGHT 5% Source: hxxp:// Block 100% of Java applets and Windows malware that come from unknown sources you do not trust. Technologies targeted by exploit kits in 2014-2015
  24. 24. © F-Secure Confidential24  Web Traffic Scanning Advanced Protection provides an additional layer of protection  This feature will not be enabled by default  PM admin will also have the possibility to whitelist certain trusted sites  E.g. company intranet sites ADMINHASCONTROL
  26. 26. ALERT HANDLING © F-Secure Confidential26 • Syslog improvements • Common Event Format messaging support for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) integration in alert forwarding • Email alert improvements • Introducing Policy Manager Server based alerting via email.
  27. 27. SCHEDULED REPORTING © F-Secure Confidential27 • Scheduled reporting via email to multiple recipients linked to certain policy domains. Reporting is based per policy domain. • Reporting can be scheduled on daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  28. 28. OTHER NEWFEATURES © F-Secure Confidential28  Policy Manager based backup  Scheduled backup of PM Database on a weekly and daily basis.  Software Updater improvements  Exclusions by one-time click in the software updates tab  Comment field for exclusions  Updated graphical user interface  Update on look and feel in the user interface.  Minor improvements on default real-time scanning and email scanning settings.  Active Directory improvements  Auto discovery of unmanaged hosts.
  29. 29. POLICY MANAGER FEATURES © F-Secure Confidential29
  30. 30. F-Secure Policy Manager is our central management solution. It is a highly scalable and automated tool that lets you manage all your security applications in one place, define and distribute security policies, and monitor your company's overall security.
  31. 31. SOFTWARE AND APPLICATIONS Software Updater fully integrated to the solution, no infrastructure needed Patches automatically OS and third- party non-Microsoft applications Automatically downloads and installs the patches, with manual setting if needed
  32. 32. Better manageability for USB devices Prevents malware infections via USB Administrator can be notified if device has been blocked DEVICE CONTROL Blocks certain hardware devices to protect network and endpoints
  33. 33. POLICY MANAGEMENT Manage security settings centrally Create and customize individual security profiles based on your needs Assign profiles individually to any computer or in groups Support for multiple concurrent admin sessions
  34. 34. Gives IT admin possibility to restrict access to web content based on pre-defined categories 28 different categories available An extra layer of protection against malware, phishing and other online scam sites WEB CONTENT CONTROL
  35. 35. Protects users against harmful activity when accessing online banking and other business critical sites Supports all the major browsers Closes network connections to unknown sites while enabled CONNECTION CONTROL
  36. 36. Web Traffic Scanning Advanced Protection allows the administrator to block selected content from unknown or suspicious sites The admin can whitelist selected sites Protects the user from typically vulnerable content from websites ADVANCED PROTECTION
  37. 37. VISIBILITY TO ENVIRONMENT Provides exceptional overview on the security status of your environment Creates vulnerability analysis for the IT environment with remediation steps Creates detailed reports on the security events and levels
  38. 38. MANAGEMENT HIERARCHY Capability of importing Microsoft Active Directory tree structure Different views for each level, with the ability to give defined access Easy to control user accounts and which services they have access to
  39. 39. SERVER MANAGEMENT Centrally manage your server security Detailed overview of server security information and status Manage your third party software vulnerabilities
  40. 40. CONTROLLED SECURITY THE EASY WAY © F-Secure Confidential40 Test it for free!
  41. 41. © F-Secure Confidential41 PRIVACY ISAHOT TOPIC
  44. 44. © F-Secure Confidential44 PRIVACYISANEWMARKET ANDDIFFERENTFROM TRADITIONALSECURITY SECURITY IS ABOUT BEING FREE OF A THREAT OR DANGER. Traditionally Internet Security solutions have focused on securing PCs and smartphones from viruses and other Internet threats. Additional benefits, such as parental control, have been developed to complement the offering. PRIVACY IS ABOUT BEING FREE FROM BEING OBSERVED OR DISTURBED BY OTHERS. With digital lifestyle consumers are revealing their thoughts and interests online while opening up an opportunity for others to profile, track and snoop their personal interests. Online privacy solutions focus on giving the consumers the control of their online privacy. NEWSOLUTIONSARENEEDED!
  45. 45. ARECONCERNED ABOUTPRIVACY WHENUSING PUBLIC WI-FI. © F-Secure Confidential45 52%of respondents globally
  46. 46. AVOIDUSING PUBLIC WI-FI BECAUSE THEY WORRY ABOUT VIRUSESOR MALWARE. © F-Secure Confidential46 59%of respondents surveyed in six countries
  47. 47. ARECONCERNED THEIRONLINE BEHAVIOR IS TRACKEDAND DATASOLDTO 3RDPARTIES. © F-Secure Confidential47 57%of respondents surveyed in Europe
  48. 48. WOULD LIKETOUSE GEOGRAPHICALLY RESTRICTED ONLINE SERVICES FROMANYWHERE. © F-Secure Confidential48 54%of respondents surveyed in six countries
  50. 50. © F-Secure Confidential50 STRIPTEASEADSRUINED ABIRTHDAYPARTY “My 10 year old daughter's birthday party was completely ruined when our family iPad started showing suddenly striptease ads. I felt awful and humiliated. Parents were calling our house all evening and I had to explain over and over what had happened. I’m worried my daughter’s friends will not play with her anymore. Later on I learned that advertisers had been tracking my husband who was organizing a bachelor’s party – that’s why the ads were being shown to my daughter and her friends.” Catherine, 45 “OUR FAMILY IPAD STARTED SHOWING SUDDENLY STRIPTEASE ADS.”
  51. 51. © F-Secure Confidential51 “…OURFAMILY IPADSTARTED SUDDENLY SHOWING STRIPTEASE ADS!” UNTRACKABLE Freedome keeps you anonymous and doesn’t let others tap into your data.
  52. 52. © F-Secure Confidential52 BANKINGINFORMATION STOLENATMYFAVORITE COFFEELOCATION “I like spending my Saturday afternoons at my local coffee shop. What’s more relaxing than a cup of Cappuccino and browsing the Internet with my tablet. Occasionally I also take care of household items such as paying my bills online. Little did I know that even a kid can hack into a public Wi-Fi. Except that in my case it wasn’t a kid but a hacker who stole my bank account information. Long story short, it took weeks of fighting with my bank and at end I still lost money. One thing is for sure, I will never use a public Wi-Fi anymore.” Mark, 24 “ONE THING IS FOR SURE: I WILL NEVER USE A PUBLIC WI-FI ANYMORE.”
  53. 53. © F-Secure Confidential53 “ONETHING ISFOR SURE:IWILLNEVER USEAPUBLIC WI-FIANYMORE” Connect safely from any public Wi-Fi. Freedome encrypts your data so that no one else can read it WI-FI SECURITY
  54. 54. © F-Secure Confidential54 SHOPPINGTAKEN TOANEWLEVEL “Let’s face it, I do appreciate being able to browse the web safely but what I really enjoy is bargain hunting. By changing the virtual location of my tablet I have been able to save hundreds of Euros. How? Well, the same shopping websites have different prices for different countries and with a push of a button, I can change the location of my tablet and hunt for the best deals in different countries…This is pretty cool!” Anna, 36 “…HUNTFOR THEBESTDEALS INDIFFERENT COUNTRIES… THISISPRETTY COOL!”
  55. 55. © F-Secure Confidential55 “…HUNTFORTHE BESTDEALS INDIFFERENT COUNTRIES…THIS ISPRETTYCOOL!” Change your virtual location to other country for better online prices. SAVE MONEY IN ONLINE SHOPPING
  56. 56. © F-Secure Confidential56 FOOTBALL, ANYWHERE? YES,PLEASE! “Don’t tell my wife but I can’t live without football. I mean I can’t live without her either but football is still football. While I love our vacations I hate missing out the important games. When I try to stream content from my home country I always get a message that the stream is not available in foreign countries. What a bummer. Then I discovered this new app that allows me to change my virtual location. The whole world is now open! I can watch my favorite content when I’m abroad and I can watch foreign content when I’m at home. What’s better than knowing what will happen in TV shows before my friends do.” Jason, 52 “ICANWATCHMY FAVORITECONTENT WHENI’MABROAD ANDFOREIGN CONTENTWHEN I’MATHOME.”
  57. 57. © F-Secure Confidential57 “ICANWATCHMY FAVORITECONTENTWHEN I’MABROADAND FOREIGNCONTENT WHENI’M ATHOME.” TELEPORTTOANY LOCATION With Freedome you can change your virtual location to the other side of the world and use your favorite services when you are traveling.
  59. 59. 0 500,000 1,000,000 1,500,000 2,000,000 2,500,000 January February M arch April M ay June July AugustSeptem ber OctoberNovem berDecem ber January February M arch April Android Apple PC Mac © F-Secure Confidential59 EXTREMELYFASTGROWTH ANDHIGHRATINGS F-SECURE FREEDOME DOWNLOADS
  61. 61. Terminology  Online Profiling is primarily used by ad networks as a basis for targeted marketing. It's a method of combining cookies, web site traffic analysis, and personal information to create a profile of a customer's browsing and buying habits. An online profile includes how much time customers spend in certain areas of a Web site and which ads they click on.  Geoblocking is the system used to limit the access to the internet, based on geographic location. There are several databases which map IP addresses to countries. These databases then form the basis of block-lists, more commonly known as geoblocks. Website administrators who manage video-streaming sites such as Netflix use geoblocks to limit their audiences to a certain geographic location.
  62. 62. Terminology  VPN (Virtual Private Network) is used to protect online activity and identity. By using an anonymous VPN service, Internet traffic and data remain encrypted, which prevents tracking Internet activity. A VPN service is especially useful when accessing public Wi-Fi hotspots because the public wireless services might not be secure. In addition to public Wi-Fi security, a private VPN service also provides consumers with uncensored Internet access and can help prevent data theft and unblock websites. © F-Secure Confidential62
  63. 63. Terminology  Phishing website is a fake web site set up by fraudsters that mimic e.g. sign-in pages of trusted companies to trick the person into disclosing their user name and password, and thus providing fraudsters an access to an online account. Once given the access, personal information can be used to commit identity theft, charge credit cards, empty bank accounts, read email, and lock the person out of the online account by changing the password. © F-Secure Confidential63
  64. 64. Terminology  Online tracking. Most of the websites visited are tracking the visitors online activity. Online tracking is used as a market research or as a way to target the advertising that they deliver. Different websites can share tracking information. One issue with online tracking involves privacy, as not all users care to have their web browsing activity tracked in this manner. © F-Secure Confidential64