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Internet gatekeeper


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Gateway level protection for your business
- email and web virus scanning
- spam scanning
- email content filtering
- web content control

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Internet gatekeeper

  1. 1. FRONTLINE DEFENSE FOR YOUR BUSINESS Stop malware at the gateway F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper
  2. 2. © F-Secure Confidential2 Malwarecanenteranorganization’snetworkinmany differentways. Theeasiestandmosteffectivewaytostopharmful contentspreadingviatheInternetistostopitalready atthegatewaylevelofthenetwork.
  4. 4. F-SecureInternetGatekeeper scansallincominge-mail,web,andfiletransfertraffic. Italsogivescontroloverwhatcontentisallowedin thecorporatenetwork. © F-Secure Confidential4
  5. 5. HIGHLIGHTS © F-Secure Confidential5 Ensures that malware cannot enter or leave the corporate network.RIGOROUS EFFECTIVE BUILT FOR USE SAVES COSTS Blocks malware that risks data, wastes network bandwidth and increases legal liability concerns. Flexible and easy to deploy. Small and easy to use, but has all the essential features to keep your business safe and increase productivity.
  6. 6. INTERNET GATEKEEPER IN SHORT © F-Secure Confidential6 The easiest and most effective way to stop harmful content from spreading via Internet. Provides the best Real-time protection service in a gateway product. Can detect malware and other threats, even new ones, without them reaching your endpoint devices. Provides access control for web content Easy administration with easy to use Web user interface.
  7. 7. INTERNET GATEKEEPER FEATURES © F-Secure Confidential7
  8. 8. F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper provides high- performance protection at the gateway level by scanning incoming and outgoing SMTP and POP3, HTTP and FTP traffic for all types of malware. It provides reliable protection with automatic updates.
  9. 9. 360 PROTECTION FOR EMAILANDWEB TRAFFIC © F-Secure Confidential9 Protection by F-Secure Security Cloud Designed for Simplicity & Robustness Added security with Web Content Control Email Traffic Scanning Web Traffic Scanning Web Content Control File Transfer Scanning Spam Filtering
  10. 10. Gives IT admin possibility to restrict access to web content based on pre-defined categories 28 different categories available An extra layer of protection against malware, phishing and other online scam sites WEB CONTENT CONTROL Reduce productivity losses, bandwidth consumption, and legal risks caused by unauthorized employee access to inappropriate or distracting web content.
  11. 11. Protects against virus and other malicious code hidden in email, web, and file transfer traffic Real-time protection against latest malicious contents EMAIL AND WEB VIRUS SCANNING
  12. 12. Avoid unwanted spam and phishing messages and filter them on the gateway level. High accuracy spam detection EMAIL SPAM SCANNING
  13. 13. Provides security to the customer’s network in real-time. Protection against both new and upcoming malware. SECURITY CLOUD
  14. 14. WHAT’S NEW IN INTERNET GATEKEEPER 5.30? © F-Secure Confidential14
  15. 15. WebContentControl SecurityCloudsupport © F-Secure Confidential15
  16. 16. WEBCONTENT CONTROL © F-Secure Confidential16 Prevent malicious content from entering your network  Reduce productivity losses, bandwidth consumption, and legal risks caused by unauthorized employee access to inappropriate or distracting web content  Improve security by providing an extra layer of protection
  17. 17. IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY THROUGH CONTROLLED ACCESS © F-Secure Confidential17 Source: 2013 of all respondents said they waste at least some time at work on a daily basis. 69% The number of people in this year’s survey who reported wasting time at work every day is up to a whopping 89% 89% OF PEOPLE SURVEYED WASTE AT LEAST HALF THE AVERAGE WORDDAY ON NON WORK-RELATED TASKS. 4% A 20% INCREASE COMPARED TO LAST YEAR
  18. 18. WHERE’S THEWASTE? © F-Secure Confidential18 Source: GOOGLE FACEBOOK LINKEDIN24% 15% 14% 31% waste roughly 30 minutes daily 31% waste roughly 1 hour daily 16% waste roughly 2 hours daily 6% waste roughly 3 hours daily 2% waste roughly 4 hours daily 2% waste 5 or more hours 89%
  19. 19. IMPROVESECURITY © F-Secure Confidential19  Guarantee better security as employees cannot access the harmful sites in the first place  90% of normal attacks come through the web  You can block harmful sites.
  20. 20. SECURITY CLOUD SUPPORT © F-Secure Confidential20 Improved detection capability against emerging threats  Provides faster and superior detection capability  Enhances traditional malware scanning.
  21. 21. EASY SECURITY © F-Secure Confidential21
  22. 22. EASYMANAGEMENT © F-Secure Confidential22 Deploy Configure Manage
  23. 23. EASYDEPLOYMENT 23 Internet HTTP SMTP FTP Internet Gatekeeper Situated between the corporate network and the Internet, Internet Gatekeeper ensures that malware is not able to enter or leave the corporate network. Deployment options • Installer or VA All-inclusive compatibility Provides interoperability with firewall and e-mail systems. E-mail Server Workstation
  24. 24. MANAGEMENT Easy configuration using simple web user interface. Robustness & simplicity ensures minimal maintenance. Intuitively designed easy-to-use configuration options ensure minimal use of administrative resources. Designed for easy integration, ensuring compatibility to complex environments.
  25. 25. HIGHPERFORMANCE AND RELIABILITY © F-Secure Confidential25  A suitable solution for both small and large organizations.  Intuitively designed easy-to-use configuration options, together with powerful automation, ensures minimal use of administrative resources.
  26. 26. ADDEDVALUE WITH INTERNET GATEKEEPER 26  Internet Gatekeeper is a gateway solution and does not require any client installations.  It protects all devices in the network regardless of operating system.  It works independently from the various end-points it protects, reducing deployment & administration costs.  It adds additional layer of protection to the corporate network at the gateway level.
  27. 27. © F-Secure Confidential27 EASY AND EFFICIENT GATEWAY SECURITY Test it for free!