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Powerful email protection

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Does your business deal with confidential information?
Complete protection for inbound and outbound email communication. Messaging Security Gateway blocks unwanted and harmful messages, and eliminates the possibility of data leakage.
Filter incoming mails, hide and encrypt your emails, block leaks, communicate in private, and keep your secrets truly secret.

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Powerful email protection

  1. 1. YOU COMMUNICATE – WE PROTECT F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway Protection Service for Email
  2. 2. HOW TO PROTECT CONFIDENTIAL DATA? © F-Secure Confidential2
  3. 3. © F-Secure Confidential3 HOWTOPROTECTYOUR ORGANIZATION’S CONFIDENTIALDATA? Have you ever sent an email to the wrong address? Do you know that sending a message without the email encryption is similar to dropping a postcard? Do you know what information must be encrypted? Avoid big mistakes
  4. 4. Private personal information (social security number, etc) Confidential company data Information related to payroll etc Healthcare information Banking details Other information according to local legislation WHENTOPROTECT EMAIL? © F-Secure Confidential4
  5. 5. F-SECURE MESSAGING SECURITY GATEWAY © F-Secure Confidential5
  6. 6. End-to-end confidentialitywherever youneedit. Filterincomingandoutgoingmails, encryptyouremails,blockdataleaks, communicateinprivateand keepyourbusinesstrulyconfidential. © F-Secure Confidential6
  7. 7. BENEFITS © F-Secure Confidential7 MSG offers complete defense against email threats with 99%+ anti-spam accuracy and 100% anti-virus protection. Reduces the load on mail servers and the company network, minimizing the need for hardware investments. Email encryption prevents accidental leaks of confidential data. MSG offers total control and flexibility for email security.
  8. 8. WHATISMESSAGING SECURITYGATEWAY? © F-Secure Confidential8  All-in-one solution for anti-spam, anti- malware and encryption needs.  Helps detect and stop attacks even before they enter your network.  Easy-to-use tool – just install it and forget all about it.  Offers automatic control of confidential information.  Easy to implement and rebrand for your company needs.  Comes with enterprise- class availability and scalability  Simple to administer with no loss of control.
  9. 9. COMPLETEPROTECTIONWITHA SINGLESOLUTION © F-Secure Confidential9 Email encryption  Policy-based encryption  Trusted partners  TLS encryption  Data Loss Prevention Virus protection  Signature-based  Zero-hour threat detection  Parallel message analysis  Dynamic updates Spam detection  Categorization  URL protection  Self learning  Global reputation check
  10. 10. KEY FEATURES © F-Secure Confidential10 MSG offers two main features for email communication: protection and privacy. • Virus protection and spam detection help protect your company’s computers and data against external threats. • Email encryption allows you to make sure that private information stays private.
  11. 11. FEATURESINCLUDEDINTHE SOLUTION Global Features Host Firewall Quarantine Management Alert Monitoring Policy Route Management Branding Templates User / Group Management Email Firewall End User Management Data Loss Prevention SMTP Rate Control LDAP Integration Digital Asset Recipient Verification Smart Send Regulatory Compliance Sender Policy Framework End User Digests Smart Identifiers Bounce Management End User Portal Dictionaries Domain Keys Identified Mail Reporting Business Partners © F-Secure Confidential11
  12. 12. EMAIL ENCRYPTION © F-Secure Confidential12
  13. 13. VIRUS PROTECTION  Zero-hour threat detection  Multi-layered threat protection  Bidirectional filtering  Best-in-class inbound and outbound email security © F-Secure Confidential13
  14. 14. SPAMPROTECTION  Ultimate protection against the latest emails threats.  Real-time reputation check for spam and URLs guarantees highly accurate spam detection.  Advanced machine learning technology for unrivalled anti-spam effectiveness. © F-Secure Confidential14
  15. 15. ELIMINATEHUMANERRORS © F-Secure Confidential18 Digital Assets Module (MLX) analyzes and classifies your confidential documents and then monitors for that information (or parts of that information) in message stream. Easy training Secure document repository Multiple categories for documents Detect all types of private data inside email and attachments
  16. 16. AUTOMATICREPORTING  With the automatic reporting tool, you get an overview of the attempted and blocked attacks and can verify what emails are being filtered.  You can also get an overview of the overall status of email traffic in the company.  You can select what type of information you need to get.  • More than 60 ready-made reporting templates and scheduled  reports  • Multiple ways to publish reports  • Customized reporting for each customer  • Branded reports according to your company’s visual guidelines © F-Secure Confidential19
  18. 18. Completeprotectionfor inboundandoutbound emailcommunication. Blocksunwantedandharmfulmessages, andeliminatesthepossibilityofdata leakage. © F-Secure Confidential21
  19. 19. CHOOSETHESUITABLE SECURITYPACKAGE © F-Secure Confidential22 1 2 Mailboxes Inbound protection Protection bundle To get started – choose your own way to get security – in the cloud or on premises  Choose the model • Self managed (Messaging Security Gateway) • Hardware • Virtual appliance • Hosted by F-Secure (Protection Service for E-mail)  Choose your own package • Inbound protection • Protection bundle • Inbound protection + email encryption + DLP
  20. 20. DEPLOYMENT AND INSTALLATION Designed as a gateway product to protect the email environment inside your network. Supports hardware, virtual or hybrid deployment. Easy and quick to implement in your current network environment. © F-Secure Confidential23
  21. 21. INSTALL AND FORGET © F-Secure Confidential24 Automatic reporting Automatic synchronization with Active Directory Automatic end-user quarantine management Automatic updates (patches, malware/spam definitions) Automatic, self-learning email filtering
  22. 22. BESTPROTECTION INTHEWORLD © F-Secure Confidential25 Advanced machine learning technology for unrivalled anti- spam effectiveness Ultimate protection against latest emails threats. Real-time reputation check for the Spam and URL’s Email Firewall blocks senders with bad reputation Award winning Antivirus engine with multilayer protection Zero-Hour Threat Detection Unbeatable E-mail Encryption and Data Loss Prevention Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant
  23. 23. © F-Secure Confidential26 SOMEREFERENCES
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Does your business deal with confidential information? Complete protection for inbound and outbound email communication. Messaging Security Gateway blocks unwanted and harmful messages, and eliminates the possibility of data leakage. Filter incoming mails, hide and encrypt your emails, block leaks, communicate in private, and keep your secrets truly secret.


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