Sparxup monetizing mobile advertising era presentation material for 20 may 2011 wiku


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Edo Pemungkas's slide presention about mobile industry in Indonesia and how to monetize it.

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Sparxup monetizing mobile advertising era presentation material for 20 may 2011 wiku

  1. 1. 2011: WorldwideMobile Ad Spend$11.4 to $20 Billion Source: Merrill Lynch report
  2. 2. Young Indonesians, age 8-24 years old have the highest level of mobile phone ownership (average 3 handset ), at 80% penetrationHighest Internet User access via mobile In less than 5 years half of Indonesia population will use internet from mobile access Mobile is BIG 3X TV Ownership 4X PC OwnershipGadget FreakMobile browsing intensity around 661 pages per month/person Mass Market Segment !
  3. 3. Social Media
  4. 4. Immediate Immediate Personal ROI Permission Measurable Based Build Interactive DatabaseWhy is Mobile Marketing Effective?
  5. 5. Types of AdvertisingSearch In Message DisplayRich Media In Content At Location
  6. 6. Mobile MarketingTypes of Mobile Marketing CustomerSales Promotion Advertising Public Relations RelationsCoupons Direct Response Quiz / Games Information AdsRewards Information / Alert Sweepstakes RewardsSweepstakes Viral Marketing Voting / Polling MembershipQuiz / Games Co-branding Downloadables
  7. 7. 24% of marketing messages are forwardedText response rates are 5 times higher than thoseof direct mail campaignNot just used by youth market - 72% of 35-54year olds have used SMS Source: Forrester Research
  8. 8. 71%-96% recall rate by consumers in response tomobile marketing campaigns70% of respondents would recommend that friendsreceive mobile marketing messages40% consumer intent to follow a brand prompt43% feel that campaigns via SMS have a positiveimpact Source: Forrester Research
  9. 9. Asia Varies! *to one anotherMobile ads in Japan are ARSouth Korea financial and gamesIndonesia smartphones/blackberryand Twitter
  10. 10. China cosmeticsHong Kong near field OctopusPhilippines SMS and remittanceIndia rural sports entertainment andeducation
  11. 11. Let’s Talk About
  12. 12. Annual Sales: 4 M Clone Sales: 16 MPS: Half of phones sold are QWERTY Based! Source: Shinta Dhanuwardoyo (Bubu)
  13. 13. Biggest Blackberry Applications Source: Mobile Marketing Association
  14. 14. The driving force of Blackberry is Blackberry Messenger and local applications. Source: Johan Kremer of RIM
  15. 15. Similiar Trends goes with Nokia Devices!
  16. 16. Source: comScore
  17. 17. Preffered Twitter Clients
  18. 18. Composition of Mobile WebLandscape in South East Asia Source: Smaato, March 2011
  19. 19. Now, some data for IndonesiaTop 10 sites in Indonesia (unique Top handsets for January 2011users)1. 1. Nokia 5130 XpressMusic2. 2. Nokia C33. 3. Nokia 2700c4. 4. Nokia E635. (6) 5. Nokia 2330c6. (5) 6. Nokia 63007. 7. Nokia N708. 8. Nokia 2730c9. (back on the list) 9. Nokia 3120c10. (new) 10. Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Source: Opera State of Mobile Web, January 2011
  20. 20. Study Case: Game Download for the last month Source: Internal Data
  21. 21. Realize This! Market penetration is mainly onChinese Handsets and Nokia Based
  22. 22. “People bought 80 millionsmartphones in the Q3 2010”…but compared to the 336million new“dumbphones” sold in thesame quarter, all thoseiPhones, BlackBerry andAndroids and are just adrop in the ocean! Source: Gartner
  23. 23. Ways to MonetizeMobile BannerSMS Broadcast/AdvertisementSubscription ServicePay as You GoIn-App or Game AdvertisementIn Game Enhancements
  24. 24. Mobile Application Store is integrating with
  25. 25. In Game EnchancementsIs going to be made possible Image: World of Warcraft
  26. 26. But!Most Revenue still Comes from
  27. 27. Edo Suryo
  28. 28. Dream Big!
  29. 29. And Dream Bigger!