The Future of Mobile & the Hospitality Industry


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The Future of Mobile & the Hospitality Industry

  1. 1. By Leila Makki
  2. 2. What is the impact of mobile on your business?First, lets see how large mobile is globally:• Today 6 billion mobile devices• 2020 12 billion mobile devices• Today 9 billion connected devices (incl tablets, e-readers, etc)• 2020 24 billion connected devices *Stats from the GSMA, the global mobile industry trade group.
  3. 3. The Booming Mobile MarketRoughly 40% of mobile users in both North America & the UK plan onbuying the newest iPhone when it launches*Apple sold over FOUR MILLION of its new iPhone 4S in just three daysafter its launch on Friday*According to research firm InMobi.
  4. 4. Mobile MadnessRoughly 40 percent of Western Europe and the US mobilemarkets are dominated by smartphones*Google: 190 million Android devices have been activatedaround the world72% of global users use mobile internet on a daily basis**82% have used their mobile phone to research or purchase adigital or physical product**In the UK, mobile browsing will overtake desktop browsing by2013 *According to research conducted by Nielsen. ** MEFs recent Global Consumer Survey.
  5. 5. Making Money from MobileAccording to research byBarclays Corporate, Britishconsumers spent:• £1.3 billion on m- commerce in 2011• 52% of UK consumers using mobile devices at one or more stages of the shopping process• By 2021, total m- commerce spend will be £19.3 billion
  6. 6. Good News!According to a recent poll conducted byTravelClick, 50% of hotels plan to put moremarketing dollars towards mobile websites andmarketing
  7. 7. Hotel Mobile Apps What features do these apps include?• Daily offers• Mobile check-in• Customer support• Loyalty programme• Hotel map & surrounding areas
  8. 8. Hotel Mobile Apps What features do these apps include?• Make/change/cancel a reservation• Photos/videos of rooms & facilities• Real-time room rates & availability• Geo-location services• Travel blogs
  9. 9. Mobile apps aint cheap!A custom mobile app can cost anywhere between £20,000 to £200,000
  10. 10. So why invest in a native app?
  11. 11. What Operating System to Choose?
  12. 12. Depends on how much moneyyour business can afford and on your clientele
  13. 13. Android is the most popular smartphone operating systemin the world but the iPhone is the most popularsmartphone in the world.If you have the money, Id recommend investing in both. Ifmoney was an issue, Apple is the safer bet.
  14. 14. What about Blackberry & Microsoft?It seems only business people Also with Microsoft - there are notand young teenagers use a that many handsets out there toBlackberry nowadays. According warrant a dedicated app just yetto recent figures, their sales havetaken a nose dive
  15. 15. Premier Inn generates £1m from mobileLaunched mobile app in January 2011App was downloaded 250,000 times in 3 monthsOver 5% of hotel bookings in the UK made on mobile£1 million in additional revenue from mobile bookings Source:
  16. 16. Hilton Worldwide Mobile Apps Hilton’s Senior VP of Corporate Strategy Kevin Jacobs said: “Since over 80 per cent of Hilton’s guests travel with a mobile device and 40 per cent use it to search travel, mobile apps make sense."- Hilton’s mobile apps have seen more than 340,000 downloads- Guests used them to book over 100,000 room-nights in 2010- Revenue up 200 per cent Source:
  17. 17. Choice Hotels iPhone Apps1 million downloads from users in over 80 different countriesApp generates thousands of same-day and next-dayreservations every monthUsed by more than 1,500 consumers on a daily basisRecently launched Android app and redesigned mobile website
  18. 18. A Cheaper Alternative?Get a white-label app and brand it with your companys logoBenefits:Cost-efficientCross-platform integration (iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc)Fully-branded app with the hotels look and feel
  19. 19. But there are flaws with a native app DiscoverabilityWith 500,000 apps in the App Store, you may have a hard time getting noticed
  20. 20. Does your business really need an app?
  21. 21. Sometimes all you need is a.... Mobile optimised website (a site that works on any internet-enabled device)Why?Mobile users access their phones browser to searchfor restaurants, pubs and hotelsIf your site isnt optimised for a 3.5 inch screen thenyoure missing out on potential revenue.
  22. 22. Three fundamental features of a mobile optimised websiteContact Information/Customer CareSecure online reservationMap to the hotel
  23. 23. Explore new ways to interact with mobile technologyHave iPod docking stations in hotel rooms (also doubles as acharger)Have a mobile charging station or provide chargers to the mostpopular mobile phonesFinnish company, PowerKiss has wireless chargers built intothe furniture in hotels, airport lobbies and cafes
  24. 24. Mobile perks & location-based appsHow to incentivise mobile users and get to them to keepcoming back?Foursquare and other location-based social networking appsattract, reward and engage mobile usersThey offer Mayor or nearby specials ie. a cup of joe, 10 percent off the menu, or a free night stay when users check in tothe venue
  25. 25. Final ThoughtsThe WiFi should be FREE!!!Add the cost of WiFi to the room bill just don’t charge guestsseparatelyIf you do charge for WiFi - please please dont make guests payper device (tablets, laptops, mobiles = ££££)
  26. 26. Thank YouAny questions, thoughts, comments.... @leilamakki