Off We Go - Offline Freelancing


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Off We Go - Offline Freelancing

  1. 1. Off We Go! A presentation about Offline FreelancingFOWAB#4 - Bandung, December 11, 2010 Harry J. Husni |
  2. 2. Now1999/2000 2004/2005 2008/2009Dotcoms era Dotcoms crash 2nd WavePlayers: Big IT Companies Small to middle agencies Better infrastructures,Immature markets Web/online presentation is affordable gadgets/devicesWhat company are you a luxury Paradigm shift on how to workwork for? What the heck is What the heck, are you still Friendster?! using Friendster?! Facebook/Twitter is breakfast, lunch and dinner. Suppers too.
  3. 3. Choose client wisely.
  4. 4. Be selective, offline clients tend to be more"demanding".Anticipate clients literacy of technical and onlinestuff, especially on implementation stage.Calculate costs - physically and psychologically,decide if the project is worthed or not.
  5. 5. Attitude + Confidence.
  6. 6. Show that being a freelancer is your choice, notbecause youre forced to or because its a coolthing.Show that being a freelancer doesnt mean youdont work professionally or lack of projectmethodology.Realize that agencies are your competitor.Therefore, show the benefits of hiring afreelancer.
  7. 7. Learn to present.
  8. 8. Understand flowcharts, wireframes, timeframe,schedule timeline, etc.That includes creating simple yet informativepresentation slides with charts, graphics,diagrams, etc.
  9. 9. You are what you wear.
  10. 10. Like it or not, subjectivity plays a significant roleto offline-client’s decisions.You need to impress the client with yourappearance, especially on 1st meeting.Dress casual but properly.
  11. 11. Bring your gears.
  12. 12. When online, you impress client with works onyour portfolio web. Offline, you show copies ofthem directly.So bring your gears: laptop, smartphone, usbstick, business card, iphone, ipad, iwhatever...As a bonus, it can level up your pricing too! ;)
  13. 13. Speak properly.
  14. 14. Learn to speak properly.Explain things using simple language.Speak to the point.Accept requests yet dont promise too much.
  15. 15. Be honest.
  16. 16. Tell the truth about who you are, where you work,how you work, assets you have, who you havework with, etc.There’s no point to brag about things. Eventuallypeople finds out.
  17. 17. Work paperless.
  18. 18. Not because of "being green" trend, but becauseit’s simply an effective and efficient way to work.Send previews, documents, quotations & invoicesin digital formats. In return, ask assets in digitalformats too.
  19. 19. Go out. Socialize.
  20. 20. Offline clients often comes from word of mouthand recommendations, so build a goodnetworking.“It’s not the people you know, but the people whoknows you”Furthermore, its nice to go out. It will keep yousane as well!
  21. 21. Hatur nuhun! Harry J. HusniEmail: | Twitter: @aeroplant | FB: |