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Mobile Marketing in China

This presentation provides an overview of the Chinese mobile marketing space. Also contains some useful examples of mobile advertisements and mobile apps.

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Mobile Marketing in China

  1. 1. The  Digital  Experts  There  is  great  debate  in  our  Agency  about  using  Mobile  in  China….  Are  we  ready  in  this  market?  Will  it  work?  What  are  some  of  the  mobile  op.ons?  
  2. 2. UnderstandingMobile Marketing
  3. 3. Remember When?
  4. 4. What is Mobile MarketingFirst, a relatively new, marketing form on or with amobile device, such as a cell phone. (this is anexample of horizontal telecommunicationconvergence).Second, and a more traditional definition, is meant todescribe marketing in a moving fashion - for example -technology road shows or moving billboards. -- Wikipedia This presentation will focus on the first part of this definition  
  5. 5. Types of Mobile Marketing Wap Display Ads App Display AdsSMS Ads Search Ads Push Notifications
  6. 6. Knowing theDevice Features
  7. 7. Device Features and Context Device Features What it provides for us: GPS Location-Aware Intimate and Touch Interactive Physical Sensors (A/V) Intelligence Personal and Contacts Social Relevant at Point Portability of Consideration
  8. 8. ExploringMobile Marketing in China
  9. 9. Mobile Marketing Fast FactsAs of May 2011,China has more than 900 million mobile users. Mobile ad spending will double this year in China to nearly $500 million 332 million of those (38%) make use of the internet on the mobile phone. Making China the largest mobile internet market. This is expected to grow with 200 million more mobile internet users in the next three years. WAP is still strong in China, with CCTV WAP getting more than 10 million unique visitors per day.China is expected to have sold 150 million smartphones in 2011  
  10. 10. The Chinese Mobile Companies China Unicom was the last of the three Chinese operators to launch its own app market, the WoStore, in September 2010. The WoStore joined China Mobile’s Mobile Market and China Telecom’s Estore in the group of app stores owned and managed by operators. By creating they own apps stores, operators wish to use their large pool of customers to attract developers.
  11. 11. Mobile Ad Spending in ChinaIn 2010 the total spending on mobile advertisement inChina was 223.2 million US dollars.   This figure is expected to be doubled in 2011 to 448.7 million US Dollars
  12. 12. Differences in East/West Behavior One key difference between China & the US is in the use of IM on the phone. This explains why the QQ participation is so high in China.
  13. 13. Social, Local, and MobileLocation sharing (e.g.,checking in to Jiepang,FourSquare), communication(e.g., Weibo, Twitter), musicsharing (e.g., Spotify) anddoing all of the above in oneapplication (e.g., mobileRenren or Facebook) arewhat’s driving mobile usage In China, there is a propensity for using social media so having long commute times to“SoLoMo”, for Social, Local, catch up with digital friendsand Mobile creates an environment of “always socially connected” syndrome
  14. 14. mCommerce in ChinaThe rapid growth of 3G and smartphones in China has led to acorresponding growth in shopping via mobile phones. This has led tofurther growth of online shopping in China. As an example, Taobao’s dedicated platform for mobile e-commerce is attaining sales of US$ 6 million per day and has recorded a single day high of 17 million unique visitors. About two-thirds of the site’s mobile users are men, while three-quarters were between ages 19 and 28.
  15. 15. New FormatsHTML5 mobile ad isnow a great way toenrich userexperiences withmobile interactivity
  16. 16. New Advertising Capabilities The new Smartphone ads allow us to integrate sound, touch, motion sensoring, vibration and even location (via GPS)
  17. 17. NowEnter the World of Mobile Apps
  18. 18. Types of AppsApp developers need to consider the type ofapplication that they want to use with aspecific target group. These apps tend to fallinto a number of categories: •  Entertainment •  Engagement •  M-Commerce •  Convenience
  19. 19. Entertainment Apps Mobile gaming is one of the leading areas for games and apps developers Entertainment apps take the form ofcasual games to the group buying apps that incorporate gaming elements such as scoring,time contention and teaming
  20. 20. Engagement AppsKraft’s top selling iFood app keeps cooks comingback with recipes, coupons, and sharing features A top paid selling app, users come back for new recipes and Kraft coupons. In addition, Kraft gathers user data to understand customer behaviors and preferences.
  21. 21. M-Commerce AppsOver 3M have paid with Starbuck’s mobile app The mobile card program was tested in 2009, and found to be the fastest way for customers to pay. It’s available at 6800 stores. Customers purchase credit via PayPal or credit card.
  22. 22. Convenience AppsDelta flyers board with e-boarding passesThe app allows flyers to check-in, use e- boarding passes, receive text alerts, rebook and cancel flights, and share flight details with family/friends.
  23. 23. SomeExamples of Mobile Apps & Marketing
  24. 24. GEFind the right bulb with GE’s Moodometer
  25. 25. RegusMobile professionals find officespace worldwide with Regusaugmented reality app Users can locate and schedule a viewing at any Regus global network office center. The app features search filters, maps, turn-by-turn directions, and augmented reality overlays of location and distances on real-time views.
  26. 26. Mountain DewConsumers Vote Nationwide for thenext Mountain Dew flavor via textConsumers entered to win yearssupply and new flavor launch partyConsumers sample 7 new flavors andtext the number of their favorite to99702Consumers reply to text with anycomments. 38% responseSystem captures all commentsFacebook Twitter Integration
  27. 27. McDonalds Goes Mobile
  28. 28. AboutDigital Jungle
  29. 29. Digital Jungle Fast Facts•  Socially Led, digital marketing specialists•  Global reach•  Offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney•  Spun out of SinoTech Group in 2011
  30. 30. World Class Digital Marketing Experience•  Delivering digital strategy and execution services: –  Customer and competitor insight –  Digital strategy –  Social Media Marketing –  Search Engine Marketing –  Affiliate Marketing –  Media Buying•  We work for global and domestic organisations, across various market sectors, helping our clients: –  Engage with their key audiences –  Transform their business –  Maximise growthMarketing
  31. 31. Our Commitment The mission of Digital Jungle is to help our clients improve their business position and gain real value from their digital marketing investments Through our expertise in social media digital marketing programs and the application of search, affiliate and online marketing, we commit to: • Driving incremental direct revenueDr Matt McDougall,CEO, Digital Jungle • Generating ROI unrivaled by traditional media • Protecting your online reputation • Increasing your market share over your competitors • Building your brand awareness We look forward to working with you.
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