Driving Competitive Advantage through Customer-Focused Solution Selling


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Driving Competitive Advantage through Customer-Focused Solution Selling

  1. 1. Driving Competitive Advantagethrough Customer-FocusedSolution Selling
  2. 2. Integrated Digital Supply Chain Integrated Digital Supply Chain Sub-textWajahat A. Wajahat © 2011 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  3. 3. Agenda1 Introduction2 Digital Supply Chain – Industry Trend3 Connecting Digital – Physical Supply Chain4 Assessment Framework
  4. 4.  This is an interactive discussion of Wipro’s Integrated Digital Supply Chain Practice and we welcome your comments and interactions  Wipro has a rich collection of experience in partnering with high tech companies developing integrated supply chains enabling hardware, software delivery services and licensing transformation  Wipro is a strategic partner with several key clients developing VOIP and transforming the Digital Supply Chain which manages Software, Hardware and Support Service sales.  Wipro has created a Integrated Supply Chain Practice by integrating the expertise of individuals in both the Digital and Physical Supply Chains. The focus of this practice is to optimize the client’s overall Supply Chain capabilities.4 © 2010 Wipro Ltd - Confidential © 2010 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  5. 5. How does digital content management impact or work with the physical supply chain? How can digital content be protected? How can a company manage rights, enforce compliance among supply chain participants, and calculate and process royalties? How do we provide targeted data and services, across multiple devices, using real-time, collaborative methods? What processes, infrastructure, and metrics are needed?5 © 2010 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  6. 6. Our methodologies utilizes SCOR framework with S/W enablement and delivery process enabling clients seamlessly integrated physical and digital supply chain process Key benefits to our clients: Predictable revenue growth enabling our clients launch integrated solution (physical and digital products) as single entity Strategic partnership with technology vendors and clients bringing best industry practice and technology6 © 2010 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  7. 7. Customer/Partner/Solution Orchestrator Solution Network provider’s Transforming OEM’s into Data Computing Security & Web Conf. Center Solution Services Solution Infrastructure Solutions Vertical & Horizontal Application/Product Bundles Product BUs7 © 2010 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  8. 8. $$$ Per User, Enterprise wide term, Enhanced Licensing and provisioning System and Solution Revenue • Need to Connect OEM, Channels to Customers • Integrate data across the value chain Enterprise Data Center Service Enterprise Licensing Agreements S/W Market Evolution H/W Market Shift Solution Bundle Software as a Service Term & Content H/W + S/W Subscription & Renewal Hardware Bundle H/W Traditional Perpetual Product Product/ Service and S/W Limited System Revenue Commodity S/W Service8 © 2010 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  9. 9. Plan : Forecast Demand Planning supply chain network design etc. P hy s i c a l Entitlement & Source: Make: Procurement, Demand and Manage physical deliveries Warehousing Supply Supplier Mgmt. Mfg. OEM, Deliver: Logistics, 3 Compliance Management PL, System Installation Association Per device/user/site Corporate Return:(Including Customer Service) System/Device logistics, part/warranty Mgmt. user or Consumer consumer rework, training etc… VAR OEM Plan : Content Deployment, S/W product push/pull upgrade/patches. Service Data Management etc… Digital Content Deliver, Identity : Connect device, License Enable: Network, Cloud, ESD, CDNLicense Management, Run: Provision, Service and Security Provisioning Digital Delivery, Usage, License Control and entitlement Refine: Data validation and interpretation, performance optimization, Governance Compliance, Governance Security etc…9 © 2010 Wipro Ltd - Confidential © 2010 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  10. 10. Technology and Business Process Integration Licensing Offer and Content Delivery (CDN) Provisioning Data- Driven network based solution offer that enhances Customer value CRM chain Solution Offer Delivery ERP An Integrated ERP/CRM system Provides a bi-directional framework and Reliable closed-loop transaction management PLM Manage Digital Compres Quality Content Capture Rights sion Mgmt Mgmt Maximum possible value from the product development and manufacturing processes, and a balance within the product design challenges.10 © 2010 Wipro Ltd - Confidential © 2010 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  11. 11. • Improve demand management, customer experience, end-to- end visibility and process efficiency through the integration of physical, digital and solution networks. CRM = SCM, • Use the lean value chain mapping process to identify where current and future data will be generated and leveraged across physical and digital networks. • Enable predictable revenue growths – Hardware OEM’s are positioning themselves as Integrated Solution providers11 © 2010 Wipro Ltd - Confidential © 2010 Wipro Ltd - Confidential
  12. 12. Digital Supply Chain Business Case Digital Supply Chain • Qualitative gap • Integrated Supply Per User, Enterprise wide term, analysis (client • Improvement chain opportunity Licensing and provisioning maturity model) prioritization improvementDeliverables • Quantitative gap matrix program roadmap analysis (client • “To Be” supply • Business case with • “As-Is” supply metric benchmark chain profile cost/benefit and comparison) value analysis chain profile • Metrics and • Baseline for plan, Benchmarks • Develop initial source, make, Best practice hypotheses • DSC – Value • Develop rough cut deliver, capture, profile within DSC • Analyze Transformation - timelines, budgets Content deliver transactional data Extending and • Develop • Validate Integration of Data implementation questionnaires • Gather improvement and across the plans • Develop data benchmarks and development Customer • Model business collection best practices opportunities • Confirm and case forActivities templates • Develop maturity • Compare “As-Is” prioritize improvement • Gather data models state with industry improvement opportunities • Understand “As-Is” • Interview Wipro best practices opportunities including costs, state for strategy, Consulting experts • Compare client • Develop a “To Be” benefits, value process, and gain industry- metrics against vision and profile delivered technology and specific industry metrics organization understanding • Identify and • Validate baselines • Compare “As-Is” / prioritize • Construct supply • Gather relevant baseline against chain • Construct a benchmarks and improvement improvementObjective baseline profile of quantitative and opportunities and qualitative best practices Software / license program roadmap supply chain within Digital SC and associated (Physical and benchmarks and enablement best practices framework process business case Digital) operations Understanding Best Practices & Conducting Develop Build Road Map As-is/ Baseline Benchmark Gap Analysis Improvement Opp. & Business Case © 2010 Wipro and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Wipro Confidential 12
  13. 13. Thank You Wajahat A. Wajahat Sr. Engagement Manager Wajahat.wajahat@wipro.com© 2010 Wipro Ltd - Confidential