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A Phone System that does it all. "Office in a box" Simple. PoE Switch, Router, VoIP Phone System, Wireless, All in one simple bo

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Adtran NetVanta Brochure

  1. 1. NetVanta Unified Communications Solutions Personalizing Unified Communications
  2. 2. NetVanta Unified Communications Solutions Making your communications network simple and affordable. Your organization’s communications network serves many needs in today’s fast-paced business world. It’s a collaboration tool with a supplier. It’s a source for fast and reliable access to employees traveling or working remotely. Is your network keeping up with your customers’ expectations for timely communications? With ADTRAN ’s NetVanta® solutions, your communications network is exactly what you need it to be. It’s more efficient and more productive, and flexible enough to adapt to your company’s specific needs — now and in the future. Flexible Product Offerings to Meet a Unique Business Challenges — Affordable Communications Solutions Variety of Business Needs Solutions to Fit Your Needs Whether you are replacing a Private Branch The business and network challenges you face vary. NetVanta UC Solutions remove the barriers to Exchange (PBX) or key system, or establishing a ADTRAN® responds to the specific needs of your productive and effective business communications new location, you can lower your Total Cost of business with flexible, customizable solutions, a by enabling individuals, departments, and locations Ownership (TCO) with NetVanta UC Solutions. wide range of hardware, software and services, to communicate and exchange information quickly ADTRAN’s VoIP solutions require a significantly and first-class customer support. We understand and easily with the people that matter most to lower initial investment and on-going mainte- the challenges that Small- to Medium-sized your business. nance expense when compared to traditional Businesses (SMBs) and enterprise customers systems. Cost savings are achieved by consoli- Now you can respond to customers quickly face when making a network communications dating voice and data networks, which reduce and professionally by integrating your business purchase decision. That is why we offer a full line monthly service charges. In addition, the communications, processes, applications, and of Unified Communications (UC) software and NetVanta hardware includes free firmware corporate data into a single, easy-to-use application. hardware solutions that provide the right fit for upgrades and an industry-leading five-year your network at a price-point you can afford. warranty with extended service options to further reduce TCO.2 888 423-8726 ■
  3. 3. Unified CommunicationsMany convergence solutions often lack key tunneling. The only other requirements for deployingcapabilities such as true unified messaging, system your Voice over IP (VoIP) network are connections fromadministration and line-of-business integration the service provider and cables to the that can provide a real return on your businessinvestment. With ADTRAN’s broad line of UC IP PBXsolutions, businesses of all sizes can customize a The NetVanta 7060 simplifies the implementationsolution that meets the needs of their workforce and of VoIP for businesses that already have an IP datacustomer-facing services. NetVanta UC Solutions network established. The NetVanta 7060 complements the existing network, quickly enabling VoIP by providing NetVanta Unifiedinclude a suite of products that provide a wide range IP PBX functionality which includes SIP-based Communications Solutionsof features to fit small and medium-sized business telephony features, voice mail, multilevel auto NetVanta Unified Communications 4applications, as well as large corporate enterprise needs. attendant, caller ID name/number, and all the IP Communications Platforms 6Whether you desire to maintain a small-office PBXservicing SMBs or remote offices, or you need other features a business needs for a complete IP Phones and Accessories 8an enterprise-class, multi-site solution for up to VoIP network. NetVanta Unified Communications Solutions 10thousands of users, ADTRAN’s solutions fit the bill. IP Phones Support, Installation, and Maintenance Services 12IP Communications Platform ADTRAN offers standards-based SIP phones designed ADTRAN University 13The NetVanta 7100 represents a breakthrough in to address the growing converged VoIP and IP telephony Total Solution Alliance 14next-generation communications systems. This unique marketplace. The ADTRAN series of phones include aOffice in a Box contains everything businesses need variety of features and functions to meet your stringentto deploy a converged Internet Protocol (IP) voice and business needs and includes multiple-line desk phones,data network for small- to medium-sized offices, includ- conferencing phones, phones with HD voice, operatoring a full-function IP PBX for voice. It features an inte- or attendant console stations, and add-on expansiongrated 24-port Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch-router modules. ADTRAN IP phones offer an affordable,for data, a stateful inspection firewall for security, and feature-rich VoIP solution that delivers unsurpassedVirtual Private Network (VPN) for secure Internet quality and performance. 888 423-8726 ■ 3
  4. 4. NetVanta Unified Communications Solutions Improving communications and increasing productivity. Add Unified Communications Feature Rich with Scalability Delivering Unified Communications to Existing PBXs This feature-rich platform offers advanced unified Quickly, Affordably NetVanta UC software is designed for Microsoft® communications services like: The NetVanta UC Server can be installed in one of Windows® platforms and provides all the capabilities • Unified messaging two modes—standalone or within a customer’s Active of unified communications – without the need for • Voice Mail and integrated messaging Directory®. When integrated with Active Directory, a forklift upgrade. It is perfect for organizations that • Fax server the Microsoft Active Directory Users and Microsoft already have one or more PBXs, but want the added • Auto-attendants Management Console (MMC) Snap-ins can be used benefits of unified communications. NetVanta UC • Personal assistants to administer and manage users. The NetVanta UC is capable of supporting unified communications • Inbound and outbound Interactive Server allows your IT staff to manage your business on one or more different types of PBXs from most Voice Response (IVR) communications services using the same user manufacturers (including ADTRAN, Avaya®, Nortel®, • Graphical drag-and-drop service creation accounts and security policies used in your Windows Cisco®, Mitel®, NEC®, and Siemens®) to provide a • One number and call redirection services environment, without any programming or special centralized UC solution. NetVanta UC’s “blend and • Notifications integration. Adds, moves, and changes become easy, extend” approach lets you leverage your existing and security policies become universal throughout A cost-effective and fully integrated solution, the investment and transition to VoIP-enabled UC at the company. In addition, with single user login, NetVanta UC Server scales up to 2,000 users on a single your own pace without a “tip and replace.” your users will never have to log into your business server and is administered and managed through an communications system separately. intuitive, user-friendly interface. NetVanta UC Server NetVanta Business Communications Server Software-based Unified Communications for Existing PBXs Hardware-based IP PBX and Software-based UC for ■ Fullunified messaging: voice, fax, email Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) ■ Microsoft Outlook integration ■ Presence and instant messaging ■ Scalable architecture for future growth ■ Click to dial ■ Multi-site support for centralized messaging ■ IP PBX supports up to 100 SIP stations per device or unit ■ Active Directory administration ■ Includes IP router, PoE switch, firewall, and VPN ■ Find-me/Follow-me ■ Full unified messaging: voice, fax, email ■ SIP trunking and multi-site networking for Off Net Calls4 888 423-8726 ■
  5. 5. NetVanta Unified Communications Business Solutions n Manage voice, fax and email messages in one place n Bridge the gap between desktop phones, cell phones and email, as well as office locations, mobile employees and teleworkers n Give employees the tools they need to communicate effectively with customers, business partners and coworkers across cell phones, desktop phones, email and pagers n Presence and instant messaging n Desktop n Auto-attendant and personal call control tools get calls to employees, whether they are in the office or on the road n Manage voice mail, fax messages, and email from your inbox, your desktop, your smartphone or mobile devices n Send faxes from your desktop n Listen to email messages from any phoneNetVanta UC 420e Platform n Get new message notifications sent to your phone, pagerThe NetVanta UC 420e Platform is a specially designed, or other mobile devicededicated server for NetVanta UC Solutions. This platform n Differentiate competitively by providing information tocomes pre-installed with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 customers 24/7R2 and ADTRAN’s NetVanta UC Solutions, providing a quick n Build communications-enabled services and applications withUC deployment for small and medium enterprises. point-and-click service creation environmentNetVanta Enterprise Communications Server NetVanta Business Application ServerSoftware-based IP PBX and Unified Communications for Enterprises Software-based Communications Server for Customized Business Processes■ IP PBX scaling from 75 to 2,000 SIP stations per server ■ Presence and instant messaging ■ Database integration to streamline business processes■ Full unified messaging: voice, fax, email ■ Active Directory administration ■ Inbound/outbound IVR■ Microsoft Outlook integration with click-to-dial ■ Conference server ■ Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) -enabled IVR and Communication■ Scalable architecture for future growth ■ Overhead and handset paging Enabled Business Process (CEBP)■ Multi-site support for centralized messaging ■ Rule-based call control/redirection ■ Customized business communications processes for virtually any market ■ Read email messages from any telephone with text-to-speech 888 423-8726 ■ 5
  6. 6. NetVanta Unified Communications Solutions IP Communications made simple. The NetVanta 7000 Series greatly simplifies installation, configuration and network administration. In addition to reducing the number of devices to be managed, it reduces cabling, frees up space and eliminates the interoperability issues associated with traditional multi-box VoIP implementations. NetVanta 7100 The NetVanta 7100 is a complete voice and data coverage lists, forwarding of calls to a cell phone and networking solution for business locations of up email notification of voice mail. to 100 stations. This innovative platform includes Option Modules NetVanta 7060 an IP PBX, voice mail, multilevel auto attendant, n T1, ADSL Network Interface The NetVanta 7060 is an IP PBX solution ideal full-featured IP router, firewall, Virtual Private Modules (NIMs) for business locations that already have an IP data Network (VPN), 24-port PoE (802.3af) Fast Ethernet n Analog (FXS, FXO) Voice network established with routing and VPN functionality. switch with Gigabit uplinks, and two expansion Interface Modules (VIMs) slots for NIMs and VIMs. The NetVanta 7060 is an unbundled solution providing IP PBX functionality for up to 100 stations which includes n T1/PRI Voice Interface Modules (VIMs) The NetVanta 7100 IP PBX functionality includes SIP-based telephony features, voice mail, multilevel auto SIP-based telephony features such as voice mail, attendant, caller ID name/number, CoS, trunk groups, n Fiber, Small Form-factor multilevel auto attendant (eight ports), caller ID music on hold, overhead paging, and a number of call Pluggable (SFP) Modules name/number, Shared Line Appearances (SLA), options including call coverage lists, forwarding Busy Lamp Field (BLF), Class of Service (CoS), of calls to a cell phone, and email notification of trunk groups, Music On Hold (MOH), overhead voice mail. paging and a number of call options including call NetVanta 7100 ■ Integrated voice mail (3,000 messages, 8 ports) ■ IPSec VPN tunneling with DES/3DES/AES encryption ■ Multi-level auto attendant (multilevel, 8 ports) ■ SIP-aware firewall ■ IP PBX (100 SIP phones) ■ Ethernet WAN interface ■ Door relay, MOH interfaces ■ PBX and key system modes ■ BLF; SLA over analog, T1/PRI or SIP trunks ■ T.38 Support ■ Integral SIP Gateway, native SIP trunking ■ Includes 24-port PoE switch ■ Voice Quality Monitoring (VQM) ■ 2 FXS and 2 FXO analog interfaces (expansion ■ Full function IP access router included ■ Handset and overhead paging modules optional) ■ Integral stateful inspection firewall protects against ■ Shared call appearance ■ Supports analog phones, fax, modems, and Denial of Service (DoS) attempts ■ ACD/Call Queuing credit card readers ■ Voicemail to email ■ Find Me Follow Me/Simultaneous Ring ■ E911 Support6 888 423-8726 ■
  7. 7. NetVanta 7000 Series Benefits IP, Analog Phones IP Router SIP Gateway DHCP and Value Proposition Auto Attendant 24-port PoE Switch n Affordable and cost-effective IP PBX for Voice Mail Firewall, VPN small to medium officesIP PBX DSU/CSU n Consolidates trunks, lowers recurring expenses and toll charges n No phone or voice mail licenses required n Supports VQM and Mean Opinion Score (MOS) reporting NetVanta 7100 A Complete Voice and Data n Reduces the need for network readiness assessments Office in a Box for Business n Simplifies IP convergence by combining multiple functions in one compact platform Multiple Functions in a Single Box n Simplifies cabling and sparing; conserves space The NetVanta 7000 Series offers all the business-class functionality SMBs and distributed enterprises require, at n Single management system for setup and administration an affordable price. The all-in-one platform consolidates with point and click Moves/Adds/Changes multiple functions in a single, easy-to-manage platform. n Feature-rich ADTRAN Operating System (AOS) provides voice- Both the NetVanta 7100 and 7060 include multiple levels data convergence without compromising functionality of auto-attendant functions and a system scheduler. This allows the customization of auto-attendant functions based on the time or day settings programmed. The NetVanta 7000 Series also works in key system mode and PBX mode for increased flexibility and ease of use. NetVanta 7060 ■ Integrated voice mail (3,000 messages, 8 ports) ■ VQM ■ IP PBX (100 SIP phones) ■ Multi-level auto attendant (multilevel, 8 ports) ■ Handset and overhead paging ■ PBX and key system modes ■ BLF; SLA over analog, T1/PRI or SIP trunks ■ Shared call appearance ■ Integral SIP Gateway, native SIP trunking ■ Includes 24-port PoE switch ■ Call pickup ■ 2 FXS and 2 FXO analog interfaces (expansion ■ Voicemail to email ■ ACD/Call Queuing modules optional) ■ Door relay, MOH interfaces ■ Find Me Follow Me/Simultaneous Ring ■ Supports analog phones, fax, modems, and ■ T.38 Support ■ E911 Support credit card readers 888 423-8726 ■ 7
  8. 8. NetVanta Unified Communications Solutions An IP Phone for every occasion. ADTRAN offers SIP-enabled phones designed to address the growing converged VoIP and IP telephony marketplace for small businesses and multi-site enterprises. ADTRAN phones offer an affordable and standards-based solution that delivers unsurpassed quality and performance. The Power of Partnerships Ease of Use, Style and Productivity Quick, Easy Set-up ADTRAN and Polycom® have partnered to deliver ADTRAN’s IP phones deliver an attractive and ADTRAN and Polycom phones feature an intuitive, a broad range of IP phone solutions for the functional business-class telephone for today’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) for easy set-up and VoIP market, from multiple-line desktop phones, businesses, all at affordable and cost-effective prices. installation. The phones can be directly powered from conferencing phones, phones with HD voice, In addition to the appealing desktop style for the NetVanta 7000 Series or a PoE switch, providing operator or attendant console stations, and business offices of any type, users will appreciate inline power and eliminating the need for a separate add-on expansion modules. Through this the large, backlit, easy-to-read LCD screens and power supply. The phones also have two Ethernet ports partnership, ADTRAN and Polycom have worked well-designed layout of frequently used buttons and to connect to a PC for converged voice and data across together to ensure interoperability of the Polycom functions. On-screen menus and navigation keys a single wiring infrastructure. ADTRAN phones can SoundPoint IP series of SIP phones with ADTRAN work together in an intuitive, user-friendly manner. be locally powered, allowing for multiple options for IP communications solutions. ADTRAN’s IP phones are designed to provide worry-free installation and ease of use. enhanced efficiency and convenience for the user.Conference Phones Executive Phones Performance PhonesIP 7000 IP 6000 IP 5000 IP 670 with color display IP 712 IP 650■ Large conference rooms ■ Large conference rooms ■ Small conference rooms/ ■ Executive office ■ Executive office ■ Manager/Professional office■ HD Voice™ for ■ 12 foot mic pickup Executive office ■ Telephone attendant’s desk ■ Telephone attendant’s desk ■ Telephone attendant’s desk outstanding clarity ■ Up to 6 participants ■ 6 line ■ 12 line ■ 6 line■ 20 foot mic pickup ■ GigE ■ Fast Ethernet ■ GigE ■ USB port ■ Large backlit display ■ USB port ■ XHTML microbrowser ■ XHTML microbrowser 8 888 423-8726 ■
  9. 9. ADTRAN-Polycom IP Phones ADTRAN and Polycom have partnered to deliver a broad range of IP phone solutions for the VoIP market. These phones range from desktop to conference room, executive to economy versions, and offer varied features and functions.Mid-high Phones Mainstream Phones Economy Phones AccessoriesIP 706 IP 560 IP450 IP 335, IP 331 and IP 321 Door Phone Soft Phone■ Manager/Professional Office ■ Manager/Professional Office ■ General office/Cubicle ■ Call centers/Common areas ■ Entry applications ■ Software phone■ Telephone attendant’s desk ■ 4 line ■ 3 line (lobby, copy/break room) ■ Analog Speaker ■ VoIP communication■ 6 line ■ GigE ■ XHTML microbrowser ■ 2 line phone ■ Windows or Vista-based■ Fast Ethernet ■ XHTML microbrowser ■ Dual port switch (IP 335 and ■ Call button platforms IP 331 only)■ Large backlit display ■ XHTML microbrowser ■ HD Voice (IP 335 only) 888 423-8726 ■ 9
  10. 10. NetVanta Unified Communications SolutionsThird-party IntegrationMany businesses believe that they need a wholenew VoIP system just to get unified communications.NetVanta UC Server makes unified communicationswidely available as Windows-based software that easilyintegrates with most mainstream PBX systems — no NetVanta 1234P NetVanta 3430 Networkneed for a new PBX system, no need for new phones, ETH 1 NetVanta 3430 ® ETH 2 Compact Flashno need for VoIP. WAN DBU STATUS PRI NetVanta UC Server integrates with a wide range Voice/Mediaof PBX systems from AVAYA, Mitel, Nortel, Cisco, IP PBX Gateway ILL104BNEC, Siemens, Alcatel and other vendors. This solution IP Phonesenables businesses to add unified messaging, unifiedcommunications, fax server, auto-attendants, find me/ NetVanta UC Serverfollow me, and many more features to an existing PBXsystem—all in one cost-effective, integrated solutionadministered and managed through Active Directory.Small and Medium EnterpriseResponding effectively to customer calls is key for NetVanta 7060a small and medium business. Lots of SMEs want afeature-rich unified communications system, without NetVanta 7100 IPthe difficulties of maintaining one. Combining theNetVanta 7100 for a complete voice and data networking IP Phonessolution with NetVanta UC Server creates a truly unifiedsolution that addresses the business communications IP Phonesneeds of the SME market. With the NetVanta Business NetVantaCommunications System, employees can manage new ILL105A UC Servermessage notifications to their mobile devices of their Businesschoice, with a simple Windows-based interface. Communications System IP Phones10 888 423-8726 ■
  11. 11. Large Enterprise Total Access 900 One of the greatest challenges facing businesses today is keeping up with customers’ expectations for NetVanta 1234P timely communications. The challenges are everywhere. NetVanta Enterprise Communications Server removesILL107C NetVanta 6355 the barriers to productive and effective business communications by enabling individuals, departments and locations to communicate and exchange informa- Microsoft tion quickly and easily. With simple line-of-business Exchange NetVanta 7100 Active integration tools that allow for self-service, call-flow Directory management, and unified messaging, businesses can NetVanta Enterprise easily drive workforce productivity. Communications Server Automated Business Processes The NetVanta Business Applications Server provides businesses with a simple, cost-effective way to NetVanta UC Server improve customer responsiveness, customer service and customer retention with communications- enabled business processes. In this configuration, NetVanta 1234P Network the NetVanta Business Application Server integrates with line-of-business data in an ODBC for inbound ODBC ILL103B and/or outbound IVR. No matter the time of day, when Database Server PC a customer calls to check the status of an order, the PC NetVanta Business Application Server can do a database lookup. With the text-to-speech engine, it can then verbally respond with the correct status of the order by simply “reading” what has been captured in the database. 888 423-8726 ■ 11
  12. 12. Support and Services Support, installation, and maintenance services. Having insurance is a necessity and your network is no exception. For that reason, ADTRAN provides an industry-leading product warranty with award-winning customer support and service. Put Your Mind at Ease That Your Installation and Maintenance Services Network is Protected For customers who need an extended guarantee Maintenance services include guaranteed All ADTRAN products come standard with an or a more rapid response, ADTRAN offers a compre- rapid phone response, options for four-hour or industry-leading domestic warranty, pre-sales hensive and flexible Installation and Maintenance next-business day product replacement, depot design assistance and post-sales technical support Services program designed to ensure the equipment sparing, 7x24 or 5x8-support coverage for trouble- provided by a staff of highly trained network is properly installed and the network is protected shooting via phone or emergency on-site needs, engineers. In addition, a number from unnecessary downtime. With and four-hour, on-site field response. For 24/7 of system engineers are region- the ADTRAN Custom Extended access to online technical support resources ally based throughout the United Services (ACES) program custom- visit States, Canada and abroad to ers can design the appropriate support distribution, reseller, and level of support from fully trained, customer support and training ready-to-assist technical experts. needs. ADTRAN’s warranty also ACES offers priority access to an includes a return-to-factory and entire group of operations and repair and replacement program. engineering experts including Phone support is free for the life of ADTRAN’s technical support the product warranty for trouble- engineers, as well as a shooting and is available during trained network of field normal support hours. Emergency support engineers. after-hours support is available for network outages. Installation services include product selection, application validation, configuration, staging, instal- lation and testing. Ongoing support and service with options for on-site and remote installation services for both ADTRAN products as well as select products from other manufacturers is also available.12 888 423-8726 ■
  13. 13. ADTRAN UniversityADTRAN provides innovative training solutions for dynamic organizations. ADTRAN designstraining programs, taking into account varying skill levels and job functions. ADTRAN alsooffers optional professional certification programs to help you structure and individualizeyour continuing education.Certification Options ■ Sales CertificationADTRAN certifications include both sales and ADTRAN Sales Professional (ASP)technical certifications. These certification programs This certification is designed specifically for Training Optionsare designed to equip qualified individuals and networking professionals working primarily ADTRAN brings its internetworking andcompanies with the market and technical knowl- in non-technical capacities such as sales, telecommunications expertise to youedge required to excel in the selling, installation and marketing and management. This certification through classroom, on-site and e-Learningconfiguration of ADTRAN products and solutions. provides fundamental knowledge of networking training options, including: technologies as well as identifies features, opportu- ■ Instructor-led Classes nities and benefits of the ADTRAN solutions. ■ Customer Location ■ Technical Certification ■ e-Learning ADTRAN Technical Support Associate (ATSA) – Computer-based Training (CBT) This certification provides the networking – Virtual Classroom professional with product knowledge, features, applications, and benefits. This certification is For more information on ADTRAN learning the prerequisite foundation for the professional- opportunities, visit level technical certification program. or 800-615-1176. ADTRAN Technical Support Professional (ATSP) This certification provides an individual with hands-on skills in addition to conceptual knowl-edge of the subject matter. This certification expands on the ATSA curriculum and exposes the student to the installation and maintenance of ADTRAN solutions. 888 423-8726 ■ 13
  14. 14. NetVanta Unified Communications Solutions A total solution. Feature Matrix by Product Brand NetVanta NetVanta Unified Communications Enterprise Business Business Product 7060 7100 Communications Communications UC Server Application ADTRAN’S Total Solutions Alliance Server System Server TotalSolution ADTRAN works with the industry’s best of breed to PBX Yes Yes Yes Yes – – deliver the broadest portfolio of the highest quality Key System Alliance Emulation Yes Yes – Yes – – converged services to the small-medium business and enterprise customer. ADTRAN and our alliance mem- VPN/Router/Firewall – Yes – with – – NetVanta 7100 bers have worked together to ensure the combined solution can be deployed with the highest level of PoE Switch Yes Yes – Yes – – confidence and the minimum time to market.To see a Voice mail Standard Standard Advanced Advanced Advanced – complete list of our partners, visit Auto-attendant Standard Standard Advanced Advanced Advanced – Unified Messaging – – Yes Yes Yes – SIP Trunking Presence and Instant Messaging – – Yes Yes Yes –Service Providers ADTRAN IP Click-to-dial Standard Standard Advanced Advanced PBX – Dependent Communication Fax Server – – Yes Yes Yes Yes Alliance Solutions Auto-attendant (visual) – – Yes Yes Yes Yes IVR – – Yes Yes Yes Yes • Call Recording • Speech Recognition Outbound Notifications – – Yes Yes Yes Yes • Hi Def Video Conferencing Database Integration – – Yes* Yes Yes* Yes • Call Accounting • IP End Points Conference Server – – Yes Yes – Optional • FAX Server Paging Server – – Yes Optional – Optional Notification Server Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional *Database integration is optional in some bundles.14 888 423-8726 ■
  15. 15. Smart solutions for a connected world. Unified CommunicationsADTRAN, Inc. is a leading global supplier of Simple, Reliable, and Affordable Comprehensive Training and UC Software and IP Communications Platformsnetworking and communications equipment When you need a networking solution that Certification Serviceswith an innovative portfolio of more than 1,700 fits the unique connectivity requirements of ADTRAN provides innovative training solutionssolutions for use in the last mile of today’s tele- your business, ADTRAN is the smart altern- designed with a focus toward varying skill levelscommunications networks. Widely deployed ative. Our product portfolio offers a breadth and job functions. Professional certification pro- IP Business Gateway forby carriers, distributed enterprises and SMB, of solutions, including a product suite that is grams are designed to help customers structure Trunking and Hosted VoIPADTRAN solutions enable voice, data, video, tailored to the specific needs of SMB and and individualize continuing education needs. NetVanta 6000 Seriesand Internet communications across copper, distributed enterprise customers. With Access to the certification and training programsfiber and wireless network infrastructures. Our ADTRAN’s award-winning and innovative includes both free and fee-based are currently in use by every major U.S. NetVanta switches, routers, multiservice Sessions are available both on- and off-site, Multiservice Access Router NetVanta 3448, 1335service provider and many global ones, as well access routers, VPN solutions, wireless and using Instructor-Led Training (ILT); Computer-as by thousands of public, private and govern- Unified Communications products, it is easy to Based Training (CBT); or virtual classroommental organizations worldwide. find a quality solution that is perfect for your training with real-time, Web-enabled classes. specific network needs. IP Business Gateways for Business Trunking Total Access 900/900e Series Every product is backed by an industry- Technical Questions leading warranty, best-in-class telephone Gold Certified Partners represent technical support from our team of degreed Modular Access Router the highest level of competence and engineers, and is eligible for free firmware Where To Buy NetVanta 3000, 4000, 5000 expertise with Microsoft technologies. upgrades. As a TL 9000 3.0 and ISO 9001:2000 certified supplier supporting next-generation Fixed-port Access Router quality standards, the company maintains Training and Certification NetVanta 3100 in-house labs for reliability, component and compliance testing — all with a focus toward Ethernet Switch NetVanta 1200s and 1500s customer satisfaction. Access Point Bluesocket 1800, NetVanta 160 888 423-8726 ■ 15
  16. 16. ADTRAN, Inc. Pre-Sales Technical Support ACES Installation &Attn: Enterprise Networks 888-423-8726 Maintenance Services901 Explorer Boulevard 888 874-2237Huntsville, AL 35806 Box 140000Huntsville, AL 35814-4000 Where To Buy Training256 963-8000 888 423-8726 888-423-8726256 963-8699 fax Information800 TL19 270 .1ADTRAN is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001,and a TL 9000 certified supplier.EN1478C August Copyright © 2012 ADTRAN, Inc. All rights reserved. ADTRAN believes the information in this publication to be accurate as of publication date,and is not responsible for error. Specifications subject to change without notice. ADTRAN, n-Command, NetVanta and Total Access are registered trademarksof ADTRAN, Inc. and its affiliates in various countries. All other trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners.ADTRAN warranty duration and entitlements vary by product and geography. For specific warranty information, visit products may be subject to U.S. export controls and other trade restrictions. Any export, re-export, or transfer of the products contrary to law isprohibited. For more information regarding ADTRAN’s export license, please visit