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Infosys Connected Vehicle Service Offerings


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Delivering and realizing extraordinary value from vehicle telematics programs and capabilities.

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Infosys Connected Vehicle Service Offerings

  1. 1. Infosys Connected Vehicle Service Offerings Delivering and Realizing Extraordinary Value from Vehicle Telematics Programs and Capabilities
  2. 2. Connected Vehicle OverviewExplosion and rapid adoption of “smart” connected devices in every aspect of digital consumers’ active lifestyles has fuelled theirexpectations of connected vehicle capabilities and services. Today’s Connected Vehicle (vehicle telematics) is being enabled bythe convergence of wireless communications, GPS location technology, navigation services, embedded safety and security basedelectronics, infotainment media providers, concierge services, software based personalization, social media influence, remotecontrol/notification and remote diagnostics technologies.This consumer expectation coupled with advances in data communication is driving automotive OEMs to embrace Information andCommunication Technologies to enhance customer’s driving and ownership experiences, differentiate their products/brands andextend customer/dealer/OEM interactions beyond traditional discrete vehicle purchase and service events. The convergence hasled to a multitude of new challenges and partnerships in this new ecosystem. Mastering the complexity of this multi-disciplinaryconsumer, business, product, services and technology ecosystem is not suitable for traditional approaches or solutions. Regulatory bodies Service Providers • Implement safety regulations through technology Content providers • Increase ARPU and customer • Key contributor to smart cities/ lifetime value • Connect with customers through a driving regulations • Bundling with other services new channel • Provide consistent and seamless experience Emergency Services Infotainment Services Remote Services Navigation Services Telematics data consumers Access Portal Auto OEMs Wireless • Real time analysis of consumer Network • Brand and competitive Content management and aggregation behavior differentiation • Drive cost efficiencies internally • Customer behavioral analytics Security services Connectivity services Business Process Management Service Delivery Architecture Suppliers (Tier 1/Vendors) System Integrators • Increased vehicle component • Integration of multiple systems integration across the board • Value added services Dealer Management Vehicle System • Innovative application development on different channels Consumers CRM ERP Finance • Safety and security services • Convenience & productivity enhancers Automotive OEM IT Figure 1 : Telematics Ecosystem2 | Infosys
  3. 3. Challenges in the Telematics domainAutomotive OEMs and suppliers in the vehicle manufacturing ecosystem who have optimized the traditional vehicle developmentand customer interaction lifecycle are now facing new challenges in this dynamic and evolving paradigm:Increasing consumer expectations Dealer coordinationThe pace of innovation in consumer electronics, The connected vehicle environment also affects OEM-communication and information technology has fuelled to-Dealer, Dealer-to-Consumer, and Consumer-to-OEMconsumer demand for newer features, ease of use, interaction dynamics. Training, communication, andpersonalization and upgradability in all connected devices coordination concerns must be addressed to ensure aand cars. These technology-based vehicle features are seamless and positive experience for all constituents.increasingly influencing purchase decisions. Business and Operational processCustomer experience Given the fast pace evolution of telematics domain, thereGiven the increased number of touch-points that consumers is significant strain on the business processes that governhave with OEMs, dealers and third-party service providers, the design and development of core telematics product.providing a consistent, unified, and satisfying consumer In addition, operational processes such as marketing, sales,experience, across all channels is an imperative while an vendor management, and customer care that support theextraordinary challenge. Providing such experience requires core business to deliver value have to be agile and nimblewell-coordinated internal processes through a new customer to react to dynamic market discipline that spans marketing, sales & serviceand dealer operations domains. Engineering processes There is an inherent disharmony between the traditionalSupplier relationships longer and linear vehicle development lifecycle and shorter,OEMs must develop and manage partnerships with new iterative connected information technology developmentage technology providers across the connected vehicle lifecycle. Successful integration of these two processes isecosystem. These new relationships can strain traditional critical to stay ahead of the consumer expectation curve andindustry-specific procurement processes and vendor of competitor offerings.partnerships developed and matured over time. Regulatory requirementsOrganizational, and governance models Safety, privacy, security, and reporting regulations willDelivering connected vehicle capabilities, digital services and continue to evolve. In addition, government mandates maysupport processes requires that business functions across require automakers to implement emergency services, safetygeographies are redesigned and empowered to nimbly monitoring, diagnostics, and crash forensics.make critical decisions and deliver capabilities that haveemerging cross-organizational consequences on global Technology diversity and longevitybusiness outcomes and local customer experiences alike. Technology is rapidly changing among each of the ecosystemDetroit, Tokyo and Munich … welcome to the challenges of arenas. Given the longevity of a vehicle - supportability,Silicon Valley. upgradability and adaptability to new technologies are critical architectural design considerations. Likewise, globalCompetitive strategy and positioning diversity amongst data communication technologies,Developing and managing in-house IP for potential ecosystem partners, consumer behavior and economics cancompetitive advantage versus leveraging supplier partner drive geographically dissimilar solutions into an otherwiseinvestments and adoption of potential future industry increasingly globally-minded design, production andstandards for economic value is a new strategic consideration procurement minded industry.for OEM’s.3 | Infosys Infosys | 3
  4. 4. Infosys Point of ViewInfosys believes that the Connected Vehicle domain will continue to evolve and the search for the next killer app or servicewill drive ongoing innovation and differentiation opportunities. OEMs and other ecosystem players must define their overalltelematics strategy and vision to ensure success in this hyper-competitive space. Our point of view emphasizes the need for aholistic assessment across four key dimensions – • Seamless, consistent and immersive customer experience across all channels • A business model that is sustainable and profitable while delivering value to customers • Efficient and sustainable processes that drive innovation, and superior quality • A robust and future proof architecture that is scalable to address technology changes Customer Design and manage the entire Telematics 1 customer journey by applying customer Experience experience management best practices Telematics Enterprise Strategy and Business Design a sustainable business model that 2 leverages open innovation, creates and Model delivers value to all the ecosystem players Business Model Develop standard, consistent and robust Operational and product development and operational 3 Business process processes that foster integration and decrease time to market Invest in creating a flexible in-vehicle and In-Vehicle enterprise architecture that can enable rapid 4 and enterprise service deployment and deliver a unified architecture customer experience Figure 2 : Infosys Point Of View Infosys Value PropositionInfosys Connected Vehicle service offerings are laser-focused on maximizing digital consumer delight and enhancing enterprisevalue realization by applying a range of innovative consumer, business, vehicle, technology and organizational solutions acrossand within the building-blocks of the complex vehicle telematics ecosystem.To deliver maximum end-to-end value to each ecosystem partner in the telematics domain, Infosys provides unmatched expertiseacross three key areas touching consumers, operations and critical technologies- • Connected Vehicle Customer Experience Design & Value Realization • Organizational & Operational Optimization, and • Connected Vehicle Platform & Enterprise Technical Architecture enablement4 | Infosys
  5. 5. Effective operations Enhance customer experience Enable Technology Figure 3 : Infosys Value Proposition Infosys Connected Vehicle Service OfferingsInfosys established history, deep expertise, and unique end-to-end coverage of these highly-diverse underlying disciplineshas positioned us as the go-to authority in assisting our clients rapidly respond to the market opportunities and challenges ofmastering telematics ecosystem complexity.Infosys service lines span from understanding, harnessing, planning, designing, building, operating and enhancing connectedvehicle opportunities, requirements, capabilities, services and value – from the consumer, to the vehicle and across the enterprise.These service lines touch all aspects of business strategy & planning, organizational design, operational optimization, platformarchitecture, service delivery, product engineering processes, in-vehicle and enterprise vehicle technologies, design-build-test-train-implement-support processes, partner eco-system development/management, and business/information analyticscompetency areas.We also offer deep expertise and capability for providing outsourced process support enablement to speed time-to-market andscalability using globally sourced talent.5 | Infosys
  6. 6. Description Connected Vehicle Service Offering • Connected Vehicle subscriber experience design and omni-channel touch point management strategy Customer Experience Design & • Connected Vehicle subscriber data management strategy Value Realization • Connected Vehicle HMI and multi-device application usability heuristic assessment and user experience design • Connected Vehicle organizational business process skills assessment, design and optimization Program Operations & Organization Optimization • Connected Vehicle organizational governance, performance management and delivery model benchmarking, assessment and design • Technology strategy roadmap, and landscape definition Technology and Engineering • Ecosystem reference architecture, Solution recommendations process design • Engineering lifecycle process design, architecture and optimization • Tools assessment, harmonization and recommendations • PCB schematic, FGPA design and value engineering • Interface design (CAN, MOST), Device driver design (USB, Bluetooth, GPIO, EEPROM, NAND, etc.) Hardware / Embedded design • Middleware (Media, Phone, voice, etc.), Firmware and BSP design and development • Application interface design (AT Commands, BREW API) for communication with telematics peripherals • Porting and validation to different operating systems • Automation test framework development Platform validation and • HW specific device and feature validation certification • Release testing (pre-alpha, alpha, beta and RC) • Functional, Performance, Integration, System and Acceptance testing • Design and customization of specific components required for delivery framework (content broker, connection manager, service registry, etc.) System Integration • System Integration of the service delivery framework with other systems – OEM IT, Service Providers (wireless, content), Customer relationship platforms • End to end testing and certification of Telematics products Product certification • Release testing (pre-alpha, alpha, beta and RC) • Functional, Performance, Integration, System and Acceptance test • Application enhancement, development, maintenance and support of ERP, CRM, SCM, Business Intelligence/Analytics applications • Mobility services: Application development, and validation on mobile platforms such as Technology services Android, iOS, Windows • Cloud services: Cloud strategy, technology roadmap, design, development and implementation, application migration and sustenance • Customer, Supply Chain analytics and social engagement platforms Platform services • Integrated Telematics Master Data Management services6 | Infosys
  7. 7. Infosys AcceleratorsInfosys leverages its proprietary frameworks, products, platforms and solutions in delivering value to its clients. These acceleratorshave been developed based on the deep domain and technology expertise and working with multiple clients across the entiretelematics domain. Platform Reference Architecture Certification Lab COEs - WinCE, Linux, Android IMPACT FrameworkTM VRM FrameworkTM Test automation Framework Strategic Insights Models FlyppTM Application iEngage Platform Market Place Infosys Speed Azure Software Analytics Platform Factory Infosys Partnerships/Memberships Infosys services and business solutions are strengthened by alliances with leading technology partners. Our network of alliance and teaming relationships creates business value, reduces implementation risk and accelerates speed-to-market. The partnerships focus on developing solutions that incorporate Infosys IP and the alliance partners’ technology and services. We jointly deliver and market Infosys solutions to clients across multiple industries and geographies.7 | Infosys
  8. 8. Success Stories Telematics For a global automotive OEM Infosys collaboratively developed the connected car Strategy product offering, customer experience, process and ideal service delivery architecture, to address key challenges and stay competitive. The recommendations were prioritized and mapped for value and realization. Infotainment For a leading European automotive manufacturer, Infosys developed a unique application Linux based unified car multimedia system that allows multiple simultaneous clients connects to a server running music, video, internet, weather information and live TV services. Navigation Infosys designed and developed a navigation solution for a European infotainment major. Infosys also deployed innovative test setup for remote testing, increasing test coverage by over 20%. Result: reduce support costs and field issues for new devices through accelerated product rollout for a range of next generation navigation devices.About InfosysMany of the worlds most successful organizations rely on Infosys todeliver measurable business value. Infosys provides business consulting,technology, engineering and outsourcing services to help clients in over30 countries build tomorrows enterprise.For more information, contact© 2012 Infosys Limited, Bangalore, India. Infosys believes the information in this publication is accurate as of its publication date; such information is subject to change without notice. Infosys acknowledgesthe proprietary rights of the trademarks and product names of other companies mentioned in this document.8 | Infosys