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Brochure that explains how we help multi location national companies with their vocie/data/security/wireless and more.

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Corporate Advantage Brochure

  1. 1. Nationwide Coverage | Strategic Technology and Services | Improved Business Insight Corporate Advantage®Comprehensive Project Management | Dedicated Support | Consolidated Invoicing | Increased Savings
  2. 2. Leverage Your Telecom Leverage Your Telecom Innovative telecommunications can have a positive impact on your business operations. That is why selecting the right partner to deliver your business telecommunications is crucial. BullsEye Telecom helps you manage and consolidate critical business functions to: Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for your telecommunications services Empower you to redirect critical resources, time and effort into your core business Increase your productivity and service levels Positively impact your revenue and overall organizational performance Networking voice and data communications ranked fourth in CIO Top 10 priorities in 2010.1 – Gartner
  3. 3. Corporate Advantage® Nearly one-third, or 34%, of enterprises report that they have three or more systems to manage: invoice processing, reconciliation and payment. – Aberdeen Group Introducing: Corporate Advantage® BullsEye Telecom is an experienced leader in telecommunications for national, multi-location businesses in the United States, providing turnkey solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. Our managed solution, Corporate Advantage®, is fully customized to scale and adapt to your organization’s needs. In addition to giving you innovative voice and data solutions in a single-source environment, Corporate Advantage provides: Nationwide Coverage – A single-source solution for consolidation of all your telecommunications services Strategic Technology and Services – Secure, innovative and integrated technology and service offerings Improved Business Insight – In-depth reporting and analysis for better business decisions through our online portal Comprehensive Project Management – Highly coordinated and customized project planning and implementation Dedicated Support – Proactive support by a dedicated team of experts that acts as an extension of your organization Consolidated Invoicing – Combines all telecommunications expenses and invoices from multiple locations into a single invoice Increased Savings – Reduced costs and increased operational efficiency“The best part about working with BullsEye Telecom is that I can count on them! With BullsEye Telecom, I never have to worry about my telecommu- nications services.” 2 – Property management company with more than 750 locations
  4. 4. Advantage: Nationwide Coverage Advantage: Nationwide Coverage As a next-generation telecommunications provider, BullsEye Telecom offers you true nationwide coverage with one of the most extensive footprints in the United States. Our ability to provide such a comprehensive geographic reach and service offering is the result of investment in business infrastructure capabilities and diversity of supply. We further augment this through a business model that integrates with other independent partner solutions all in a single-source environment. We’re everywhere your business is, so you no longer have to manage multiple providers or process multiple invoices for all your locations. Our single- source, multi-location Corporate Advantage® solution offers: Integrated voice, VoIP, wireless and data services A single view into all your telecommunications costs The ability to conduct in-depth reporting and analysis via our online portal A total business solution for all your telecommunications services “I would definitely recommend BullsEye Telecom to businesses looking to migrate all of their nationwide locations over to a single invoice. We have saved significant time and money as a result of having to only process one monthly check and having a single dedicated point of contact to answer questions on all our locations.”3 – Quick service restaurant with more than 500 locations
  5. 5. Advantage: Strategic Technology and Services 86% of enterprises ranked “technical expertise” as the number- one criteria in choosing a vendor. – Booz Allen Hamilton Advantage: Strategic Technology and Services BullsEye Telecom is a total solutions provider offering a comprehensive suite of integrated telecommunications products and services. We support legacy technologies while also offering the best and latest in telecommunications. Our solutions grow with your business to provide security, performance and reliability. BullsEye Telecom’s extensive portfolio of strategic technologies and services includes: Local and Long Distance Telephone Service Broadband Internet Service VoIP/SIP Trunking Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) Primary Rate Interface (PRI) Wireless Virtual Market Expansion Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity“After three years of providing local and long distance telephone service for our locations, BullsEye Telecom showed us how to implement MPLS with a road- map to VoIP. The business benefits realized from this upgrade are already apparent and have made us even more competitive.” 4 – Financial services company with more than 200 locations
  6. 6. Advantage: Improved Business Insight Advantage: Improved Business Insight To make the best decisions for your business, you need immediate access to information. That is why BullsEye Telecom designed the industry-leading online portal solution, My BullsEye Account (MBA). MBA empowers you with administrative control and visibility into all your telecommunications to help improve your bottom line. Key benefits include: A complete view of your telecommunications inventory in executive summary and detailed formats Historical trending to keep your business competitive Custom reporting to identify usage patterns and variances throughout all of your locations The ability to manage account changes and identify the status of your service and support requests for accelerated resolution Flexible integration of reports into your existing financial infrastructure The design of a flexible billing structure that meets your organization’s needs “BullsEye Telecom has been an incredible partner, helping us to identify rogue lines and clean up unused services and features, while providing us with a single invoice. We have realized significant savings and gained visibility into our telecommunications.”5 – Uniform services company with more than 200 locations
  7. 7. Advantage: Comprehensive Project Management Enterprises allocate 11% of overall staff resources to network manage- ment and administration. – Booz Allen Hamilton Advantage: Comprehensive Project Management BullsEye Telecom understands the complex and intricate details involved in deploying or migrating telecommunications and network solutions. Our well-documented and detailed processes – in which we mutually agree on a statement of work, methods and procedures – ensure a streamlined transition to BullsEye Telecom. Through this comprehensive project management process, we provide: A customized project plan that includes schedules and time frames A dedicated project management team that operates as an extension of your organization Proactive communications based on project milestones and checkpoints as predetermined by you and your project manager Planning that ensures the continuation of your daily business operations Complete migration of all your telecommunications services“BullsEye Telecom’s unique migration process facilitated a smooth transition to their network and services. The company is truly superior when it comes to project planning and implementation, while offering competitive rates.” – Fortune 500 retail client with more than 1,000 locations 6
  8. 8. Advantage: Dedicated Support Advantage: Dedicated Support The Corporate Advantage® support team is an extension of your organization, providing responsive account management, proactive guidance and support, as well as efficient issue resolution, including: A dedicated, single point of contact to give you consistent and personalized service Highly knowledgeable and responsive technical support available 24/7/365 Proactive end-to-end support by a team of experts, including a Service Order Engineer, Account Manager, Client Relationship Manager and Sales Engineer Online tools for immediate access to reporting, status updates and service changes or requests A responsive Account Manager with in-depth knowledge of your services to help save time and money “Your service is excellent! I can call service and support anytime, they answer right away and get my problems fixed. Your people are miracle workers.”7 – Storage company with more than 700 locations
  9. 9. Advantage: Consolidated Invoicing The average Fortune 500 company processes approximately 15,000 invoices. – Aberdeen Group Advantage: Consolidated Invoicing BullsEye Telecom makes processing your monthly invoices easy with our Consolidated Invoicing service. We combine all of your telecommunications invoices from multiple locations into one single invoice. You’ll benefit from increased productivity and efficiency, as well as real savings of time, energy and money with: A dedicated Account Manager who will review your invoice to verify that it meets your business needs, as well as research and provide answers to all invoice and reporting questions A customized, easy-to-read electronic invoice with uniform data, cost information and reporting – allowing you to track usage and compare expenses by business unit, division, geography, location or any other business designation Electronic data interchange (EDI) feeds and the ability to prepopulate your general ledger (GL) codes for incorporation into your own accounting systems Our Invoice Integration service and Help Desk solution ensure a single invoice for all your telecommunications services“BullsEye Telecom migrated more than 1,000 locations for us, replacing the chaos of multiple invoices and clearing up confusion in our AP department. They helped us to finally identify all service locations and understand all features and services on each line. We are a better run business because of BullsEye Telecom.” 88 – Diversified communications services company with more than 1,000 locations
  10. 10. Advantage: Increased Savings The cost of processing a single telecom invoice is between $28 and $34. – Aberdeen Group Advantage: Increased Savings BullsEye Telecom understands your need to focus on critical business functions and reduce total cost of ownership. By delivering strategic telecommunications solutions, we enable you to more effectively deploy resources and maximize return on investment. Corporate Advantage® delivers a single-source solution with one monthly signature single invoice to achieve: Improved efficiencies, eliminating the cost and time spent managing multiple telecommunications providers Streamlined accounts payable functions through a reduced number of invoices and more efficient vendor management The ability to analyze critical cost factors, including usage, traffic and invoice exceptions Accurate budget planning decisions with consistent and predictable telecommunications charges A controlled environment that eliminates unauthorized third-party billing charges from your invoice “BullsEye Telecom reduced our invoice processing costs by more than 99.6%, effectively freeing resources to work on revenue-generating projects. Instead of having to review then pay multiple invoices each month, all our telecommunica- tions and related invoices are rolled into one neat BullsEye Telecom bill.”9 – National retailer with more than 4,700 locations
  11. 11. Get the BullsEye Telecom Advantage Get the BullsEye Telecom Advantage Learn how Corporate Advantage® can revolutionize your telecommunications and make a real impact on your bottom line. Start a conversation with BullsEye Telecom, the leader in innovative multi-location telecommunications.“BullsEye Telecom provided the flexibility, expert knowledge and shared vision to help us create an integrated telecom system. They enabled us to build a scalable solution, meeting our current needs and paving the path for us to take advantage of future opportunities. I love what BullsEye Telecom has given us.” – Real estate management company with more than 300 locations 10
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