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100 Days of Awesome 1.7


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Published in: Technology, Self Improvement
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100 Days of Awesome 1.7

  1. 1. Previously, on 100 Days of Awesome:ANASTASIA (V.O.): It never used to be this hard. All I had to dowas snap my fingers, and they’d come a-running…
  2. 2. ANASTASIA: I don’t get it! I’m just as good as I was when I wasyounger -- better! I know a lot more now. So maybe I’m not quiteas -- as perky as I used to be, but there’s nothing wrong with a little-- a little patina.
  3. 3. ANASTASIA (V.O.): Well, you know what? I’m sick of it! If theyall think I’m a floozy, I’m going to corrupted files act like one!
  4. 4. REBECCA: Um, no. No rubbing the belly. And maybe you shouldsleep on the couch tonight.PONG: But I thought you said you weren’t furious anymore.REBECCA: I did. But “I’m not furious” isn’t the same as “You’reforgiven.”
  5. 5. Hi! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Well, never fear! 100 Days ofAwesome is back and awesomer* than ever.Although I am in no way trying to make it happen, this challenge isturning into quite the soap opera. I hope this is not a problem formy loyal readers. (Or even the occasional ones who drop by everynow and again.) Also, remind me to take a new cover picture.We’ve had an age transition or two since this one was taken…The 100 Days Challenge was created by Callista over at the oldBoolprop, and the only change I’ve made is to decide that it’s okayfor Sims to go to work or school.*“Awesomer” is purely a subjective term. Not all readers will find the chapter awesomer thanits predecessors.
  6. 6. PONG (V.O.): I took the call this time. I mean, I’m in the sameroom as the phone anyway, for now.PONG (V.O.): I hope it’s just for now.
  7. 7. REBECCA: We’re working on it.PONG: I’m trying, I really am. I just don’t know what to do. Imean, everything I’ve done has been because of our tasks. And, Imight add, under protest.REBECCA: Like I said, we’re working on it.PONG: It would be nice to have this all taken care of by the timethe baby gets here.REBECCA: We are working on it, Pong.
  8. 8. ANASTASIA (V.O.): What? It’s nothing to do with me.ANASTASIA: Today’s task is to get struck by lightning. Again.Sheesh. Well, this time I’m gonna set the machine and somebodyelse can actually get struck. Now, how does this thing work?
  9. 9. ANASTASIA: Okay, so you just do this…ANASTASIA: And this. (as machine beeps rapidly for threeseconds) Is it supposed to do that?ANASTASIA: Oh, well. Here goes nothing. (pulls lever)
  10. 10. ANASTASIA: Oh, [bleep]! I’m pretty sure that’s not supposed tohappen. (bellows) GET INSIDE, EVERYONE! NOW!
  11. 11. PONG (V.O.): We really are working on things. I even changed myturn-ons to be more in line with Rebecca than Anastasia. But it wasreally hard, because they have the same coloring, pretty much thesame skill set, and a very similar aesthetic. I mean that doesn’tleave very much that’s exclusive to my wife...
  12. 12. REBECCA: Oh, like that helps. That puff just means that he huffreally was attracted to huff her before, only he wasn’t puff sayinganything.
  13. 13. REBECCA: I don’t know if huff I’m going to forgive him yet.Right now he puff probably thinks I’m going to huff work on thecommunity lot task and I huff hope it’s [bleep]ing got him worried,because it’s puff marry a rich sim and huff I absolutely would!
  14. 14. ANASTASIA: The task was “Marry a Rich Sim,” only that’s nothappening. (scoffs) I mean, we’re the second richest family intown. The only family richer than ours is Frederic’s and he’salready married. To a man.**See Love, Frederic and Already in Progress nos. 51-54
  15. 15. REBECCA: eeeeeeeeEAAUUUUUUGH! Pong, you son of a[bleep]! How could you do this to me? If you ever think abouttouching me again, I’llllllleeeeeeeauuuuuugh!
  16. 16. PONG (V.O.): One picture.PONG (to baby): Oh look! It’s Melanie! It’s Melanie! Yes it is! HiMelanie! Hi hi!REBECCA: Okay, fine, you can hold her.
  17. 17. PONG: I think that’s really great progress, that she’s letting mehold Melanie. I didn’t think she’d even let me be in the same room.Maybe we can have this all worked out before Melanie hits highschool.
  18. 18. ANASTASIA: Mom, do you know why there’s a strange man juststaring at our floor?ABBEY: Mmmm?ANASTASIA: I mean, did you invite him over or something? Hejust walked in!PONG: Should I call the cops?ABBEY: Oh. No, no, don’t call. I think I know what’s going on.
  19. 19. ABBEY (V.O.): Today’s task was to open a home business, and Imade the call, but I didn’t expect anyone to show up yet. I don’thave anything to sell. Goodness, I don’t even have an open/closedsign yet!ANASTASIA (V.O.): Well, he’s here, and that staring at the flooris pretty creepy. I’ll take the kid, you get to selling something.
  20. 20. ABBEY (V.O.): Yes, but what? I mean, the only thing I can dowithout a major investment in stock or special training is givemakeovers…
  21. 21. PONG, REBECCA, ANASTASIA, and ALLYN (V.O.): (muchlaughter)REBECCA: Yeah, maybe you should rethink the “special training”part of that sentence, Mom.
  22. 22. ANASTASIA (V.O.): So our community lot task for the day is tofall in love with five sims on the same day. This should really notbe a problem for me. Only it is being a problem, because there areonly girls here.ANASTASIA (V.O.): Well, I say girls, but some of them arealmost as old as Mom. What are they doing at a club anyway?
  23. 23. ANASTASIA (V.O.): Ah, here we are!ANASTASIA: I’m sorry, were you talking to me?HAPLESS DORMIE: Um, no.ANASTASIA: Well, then, please start. Just kidding! On a moreserious note, are you taking applications for a girlfriend?
  24. 24. HAPLESS DORMIE: No, but if I ever find myself in need of ananny, I’ll give you a call.ANASTASIA: But nannies are old ladies!HAPLESS DORMIE: Bingo. Excuse me, I have to go, uh, feed themeter.ANATASIA (yells after him): What meter? There aren’t anyparking meters this side of Veronaville!ANASTASIA (V.O.): Okay, that was unfortunate. He’s probablygay. Oooh, but look who just walked in!
  25. 25. ANASTASIA: Leonid! Hey, Leonid!REDHEADED DORMIE: Huh?ANASTASIA: Or Pong! Is it Pong? Or Leonid?REDHEADED DORMIE: Seriously? You can’t tell us apart? Welook nothing alike.*ANASTASIA: Whatever. Listen, we had some really good times incollege, didn’t we?REDHEADED DORMIE: …Sure…*Note from esmeiolanthe: They are exact clones, and they were both there atthe time. I have no idea which this is.
  26. 26. ANASTASIA: Well, what would you say to letting me buy you adrink while we talk over the good ol’ days?REDHEADED DORMIE: Yeah, no. I really don’t go for oldladies. Especially not ones who try and act like they’re still my age.ANASTASIA: What? You were at school before I was, buster, youhave to be older than me!REDHEADED DORMIE: Yeah, I don’t think you reallyunderstand how it works. ’Scuse me.
  27. 27. ANASTASIA (V.O.): Okay, fine! If the college guys aren’tinterested -- and I don’t know why they wouldn’t be, everybodyknows older women are better lovers -- then I’ll find somebodywho would be thrilled to have a hot blonde interested.ANASTASIA (V.O.): Somebody like that old guy over there.Watch this.
  28. 28. OLD ADAM SHANKEL: I am sorry madam, but I am stillmourning the death of my dear wife. In addition, even if I were notstill mourning, I tend to prefer ladies a few years older than myself.(under his breath) And I have never cared for mutton dressed aslamb.ANASTASIA: What was that?OLD ADAM SHANKEL: Your pardon, madam. I am… neededelsewhere. For… some worthwhile purpose.
  29. 29. ANASTASIA: Hey, bartender! You don’t think I’m lamb dressedas mutton, do you?BARTENDER: No, ma’am.ANASTASIA: There, I knew I --BARTENDER: The phrase is “mutton dressed as lamb.” It meanstrying to pass something off as much younger than it actually is,usually failing miserably.ANASTASIA: Are you saying that I’m a -- that I’m a -- !BARTENDER: Let me freshen your drink, shall I?
  30. 30. ANASTASIA: It’s… It’s… It’s [beep], that’s what it is! Howcould they all turn me down? I am not some pathetic middle-aged… middle-aged mountain lion!*ANASTASIA: So what if I changed my outfit? This one lets mewear a more supportive bra. And I don’t have to worry about batwings anymore either.* You wanna make something of it?*Notes from esmeiolanthe: In American slang, a “cougar” is an attractive olderwoman who picks up young men. A “mountain lion” is an unattractive cougar.Both are references to large cats that stalk prey and then kill it and eat it, ratherlike a tiger. “Bat wings” refers to the skin that not-so-young women get ontheir upper arms that flops around when they raise their arm and wave.
  31. 31. PONG (V.O.): One picture. One. And only because she’s aging up.
  32. 32. ALLYN: Winifred told me, and she said I could tell you. She likesaliens, but not if they’re, like, super-fit. She says they look likethey wouldn’t be any fun at all to hug if they’re too muscle-y. Likeyou’d be hugging a board or something. And it doesn’t matter ifthey have any money or not, because she’s going to earn all themoney, so she can support whoever. Also (conspiratorially) shereally likes underwear ads too. But don’t tell her I told you.
  33. 33. ALLYN: Oh, and New Mom said I could take the call this morningfor today’s task!We have to make a wish using either the genie orthe well from the garden club. Only the only genie we have is theDiaper Genie that we use for Melanie’s diapers, and I’m pretty surethat doesn’t grant wishes. So we’re going to have to try the gardenclub.
  34. 34. ABBEY: So you see, that’s why you feed Venus fly traps little bitsof raw hamburger.ABBEY: Yes, I know, but they aren’t prone to E. coli, so as long asyou wash your hands afterwards, it’s okay.ABBEY (V.O.): Inviting the garden club over in winter? Not thebest idea in the world, but we don’t pick the tasks. I’ll do my partby talking to the trees, and everyone else is planting and tendingright now, but I think our best bet for today is the community lottask.
  35. 35. REBECCA: But I want to do the community lot task. It’s alwayseither you or Anastasia.PONG: No, this makes sense. I’m only one point away frommaxing logic, and since we have to max a skill, it’s perfect.*REBECCA: Yeah, well, I’m only two points away from maxingcooking. One and a half, really. I can just go to the library for a bit.*Note from esmeiolanthe: I have communitylotskilling, so this is possible on acommunity lot. I haven’t pulled the hack for this household because I figurethis makes up for not being able to do some Free Time and Apartment Lifeinteractions on community lots.
  36. 36. PONG: And what about the garden? I planted my strawberriesalready. Did you plant strawberries or cucumbers?REBECCA: I planted --REBECCA: Oh, crap.REBECCA: Yeah, I think you better be the one to go.
  37. 37. PONG (V.O.): It really shouldn’t take all that long. I’m only onepoint away from maxing logic, and there are plenty of people toplay with at the community center.
  38. 38. PONG (V.O.): Chess is a game of strategy, of planning. Offiguring out what’s likely to happen and being sure that you areequipped to deal with any situation that comes up.
  39. 39. PONG (V.O.): And with different opponents, you need to thinkdifferently. It’s very (yawns) very much a chellenge. Challenge.Not an every day thing. (yawns) And it’s more tiring than you’dthink.**Note from esmeiolanthe: I am leaving the typos in for Pong’s dialog tosimulate the speech difficulties that happen when one is very very sleepy.
  40. 40. PONG (V.O.): It’s really really tiring.
  41. 41. PONG (V.O.): But it doesn’t matter how tiring I ham. How tired Iget. I have to finish this for Rebecca. (huge yawn) Like when Iused to write her papers in college. But she made it worth mywhile.PONG (V.O.): Was I putting these in or taking them out?
  42. 42. PONG: No, something isn’t right. Why is that one pice white andall the others are black? That isn’ the way it should be, is it?PONG: Okay, I’m going to try this again. First youtake all thepieces off the board and then you put them out again and (neartears) What’s wrong with the set? The bishops aren’t in the rightplace!
  43. 43. BUTTERCUP SHANKEL, VISIBLE IN THE BACKGROUND:You’re here early. Up for a game?PONG: No, thanks. I’m already playing Charlie here.BUTTERCUP SHANKEL: Who?PONG: You don’t see Charlie? Huh. He’s gone. (yawns) I think Ineed a cup of coffee. And a donut.
  44. 44. PONG: They don’t have any coffee here. Just water. I don’t thinkthat’s gonna cut it. And I’m so hungry. I’m so so so hungry. Whydon’t they have a vending machine? Everytwhere had vendingmachines don’t they? I mean, those a are a real thing, yes? Or am Igoing off into a hypnogogic state again?**Note from esmeiolanthe: Hypnagogia is the state in between being awake andbeing asleep, where you may see/hear things that aren’t there, or see/hearthings that are there, but interpret them as other than they are. For example, Ionce heard a lawnmower while in a hypnagogic state and interpreted it as tigersgrowling, even though there are no wild tigers in America.
  45. 45. PONG: I’m sorry, I just can’t do this. I’m going to pass out and myblood sugar is dangerously low. I’ve got the shakes and everything.PONG: I need to go home. Now.
  46. 46. ALLYN (V.O.): New Mom said I could be the one to ask formembership in the Garden Club! I’m so excited!
  47. 47. ALLYN (V.O): We need the membership so we can get a wishingwell. And we need a wishing well so we can make a wish.
  48. 48. ALLYN (V.O.): We’re going to get today’s point because of me!This is going to be so awesome!
  49. 49. ALLYN (V.O.): You mean we spent all that time and we didn’teven get a well? What’s the point of joining if we can’t get a well?This is so not fair!
  50. 50. ANASTASIA: I don’t think Allyn really understood whatcompleting one of these tasks entails. She’ll learn.
  51. 51. PONG: I really think things are only going to get better.REBECCA: Well, of course they are! We had a little setback, butwe started from a good place, and we still have some credit builtup. We’ll be fine.PONG: I was talking about you and me. What were you talkingabout?REBECCA: Um… our score. Yes. Our score.PONG: Just our score?REBECCA: I don’t have to answer that question. Tell him I don’thave to answer that question.PONG: Okay.
  52. 52. ScoreObjectives accomplished on the home lot: 1Objectives accomplished on a community lot: 0Total points: 1Total points from last time: 21GRAND TOTAL: 22Days played: 21 out of 100