100 Days of Awesome Season 1, Episode 6


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100 Days of Awesome Season 1, Episode 6

  1. 1. Previously on 100 Days of Awesome:ANASTASIA (V.O.): I’m not old enough to have a Teen.ANASTASIA (V.O.): No, really, I’m not. Do the math.
  2. 2. ANASTASIA (V.O.): A complete waste, I tell you. He’s squeakyclean. In terms of WTDs, I mean. Not in terms of wanting a ringon his finger first.ANASTASIA (V.O.): Well, okay, so it wasn’t a complete waste. Ifyou know what I mean.
  3. 3. ANASTASIA (V.O.): He’s not real involved, and we’re both okaywith that, but now that Georgie’s getting older, she has a right todecide if she wants to get to know him better.
  4. 4. REBECCA (V.O.): Well! What was that for?PONG (V.O.) (with feeling): I love you.REBECCA (V.O.): I love you too. Did you accomplish what youneeded to do?PONG (V.O.): Yes. I love you, Rebecca. I mean, I really, reallylove you.
  5. 5. Hello, and welcome to 100 Days of Awesome, starring the made-of-Awesome Tsvirkunov family. They are currently running at nineobjectives accomplished for nine days of trying, and if some of thatinvolves the community lot rule, well, that’s perfectly legal.The 100 Days Challenge was created by Callista over at the oldBoolprop, and the only change I’ve made is to decide that it’s okayfor Sims to go to work or school.
  6. 6. REBECCA: Mom said you’d be perfect for today’s challenge. Idon’t know if you’re okay with it, though.ANASTASIA: What is it?REBECCA: “Get pregnant.”ANASTASIA: Sign me up! What’s the community lot task? Is thatup my alley too?REBECCA: It’s “First Woohoo!”ANASTASIA: Oh. Nobody in the house is qualified for that one.REBECCA: Nope.
  7. 7. ANASTASIA: Sure, there are some people who would let theirkids do that. And the word for them is “piss-poor parents.”ANASTASIA: Okay, so that’s three words. It’s still true. Allyn candecide what she wants and when she wants it… after she’s grownup.
  8. 8. ALLYN: I’d like to have a large family. Like six or so kids, maybe.Maybe even more.ALLYN: I like it when they walk around in their underpants. Imean, I haven’t seen any real boys in their underpants, but I likethose ads, you know, with Tybalt Capp? And I think it’s soawesome that he’s not afraid to wear a little makeup. But I couldn’tever marry an old guy. Gray hair? Euuuuugh!
  9. 9. ANASTASIA (V.O.): Okay, now, the easy way to do this is to justget with the maid. I mean, we don’t have the best relationship, butI’ve got all day.ANASTASIA (V.O.): On the other hand… Have you seen him?
  10. 10. DON PLATZ, THE MAID: Really? Did she say what she didn’tlike about me? Because I can do more of it.
  11. 11. ANASTASIA: Okay, give me a good one. Lots of chemistry, andnot too strict in the morals department.MATCHMAKER: I’m not sure how I feel about that set ofinstructions…ANASTASIA: Here’s three thousand over and above your usualfee.MATCHMAKER: You know, I feel pretty good about them. Oneloose man, coming right up!
  12. 12. MATCHMAKER (V.O.): It’s not that great a match. I mean, I’mnot going to turn down three thousand extra simoleons. But there’sa word for someone who provides willing woohoo partners on amoment’s notice, and it’s not “matchmaker.” If she can pull it off,I’ll be impressed.
  13. 13. ANASTASIA (V.O.): Three hours! Three [bleep]ing hours, and Ifinally get him to accept a Wolf Whistle! That [bleep]ingmatchmaker ripped me off!ANASTASIA (V.O.): It never used to be this hard. All I had to dowas snap my fingers, and they’d come a-running…
  14. 14. REBECCA: Anastasia seems to be really struggling.PONG: Mmm-hmm.REBECCA: I feel bad for her.PONG: Mmm-hmm. You can’t smell desperate for things like that.You know what I mean?REBECCA: Yup.REBECCA: Maybe we should give the cameraman a break, huh?
  15. 15. ANASTASIA: I don’t get it! I’m just as good as I was when I wasyounger -- better! I know a lot more now. So maybe I’m not quiteas -- as perky as I used to be, but there’s nothing wrong with a little-- a little patina.ANASTASIA: You know what the worst part is?
  16. 16. ANASTASIA (V.O.): The worst part is that before the date wasover, I thought what a good husband Georgie’s dad would make.(wails) I barely even know him!ANASTASIA’S DATE: Do I want to know why that guy iswandering around in his underpants?ANASTASIA: Probably not.
  17. 17. REBECCA: Really? Okay, I’ll give you three guesses, and the firsttwo don’t count.
  18. 18. REBECCA (calls): I’m making a Nutella and pickle sandwich --does anybody else want one?
  19. 19. ABBEY (V.O.): I think we can count the day as a success.
  20. 20. ABBEY: Today, I’m not so sure about. Someone needs to be struckby lightning, but that’s not very common in the middle of winter.
  21. 21. ABBEY (V.O.): I mean, I did buy a Weathernaught 57X. It’s agood model -- Consumer Reports gave it five stars -- but I don’tknow if anyone will be gold or higher when they wake up. I’m onlyin high green, and I don’t want to risk the thing backfiring.
  22. 22. ABBEY (laughs): If only we could get Percy to work the machine.I’m sure she’s in platinum right now. She loves Fetch.
  23. 23. ANASTASIA (V.O.): So yeah, I got to do the community lot taskagain today. Finally!
  24. 24. ANASTASIA (V.O.): I think it’s pretty cool that they have a photobooth at City Hall. I mean, I guess it makes sense, since peopleneed photos for passports and driver’s licenses and stuff. Andthere’s nothing wrong with wanting a picture of me and Abhijeet,is there? He’s my daughter’s father, we should have a picture.
  25. 25. ANASTASIA (V.O.): Yes, photo booths have more than one use.Yes, this particular photo booth got put to very good use. Why doyou always assume that my community lot tasks have to do withwoohoo?
  26. 26. ABBEY: The community lot task was “Woohoo A Service Sim.”Why? What did she tell you it was?
  27. 27. REBECCA: Mmmmmm! What was that for?PONG: In case I don’t come back.REBECCA: In case you don’t come back? Don’t come back fromwhat?
  28. 28. PONG (V.O.): I’m going to call down the lightning. You neverknow about those things -- it might be dangerous.REBECCA (V.O.): So poetic all of a sudden!
  29. 29. PONG (V.O.): Not poetic -- just literal.
  30. 30. PONG (V.O.): If anything happens to me, be sure to tell Winnieand the baby every single day just how much I love them.REBECCA (V.O.): I will, but I won’t need to. Stop being silly andgo “call down the lightning.”
  31. 31. PONG: Aaaaaand I didn’t die or anything. Now I do feel kind ofsilly.
  32. 32. ANASTASIA: Frammit, Mom! I already did one of our taskstoday! Next time you do this!
  33. 33. ANASTASIA: Why is it always me all of a sudden? I can’tremember the last time Rebecca did anything. I help out. Momhelps out. Pong helps out. System crash, even Allyn helps out, ortries to.
  34. 34. ANASTASIA (V.O.): But do I get a “Good job, Anastasia!” or a“Thanks for helping out!”? No. I get a “Why didn’t you do makethe deadline?” or a “We have another dirty job for you to do. Youwon’t mind, because you’re easy.”
  35. 35. ANASTASIA (V.O.): Well, you know what? I’m sick of it! If theyall think I’m a floozy, I’m going to corrupted files act like one!
  36. 36. REBECCA: Oh, Pong, how could you?!PONG: How could I what?REBECCA: How could you go and cheat on me with my sister?PONG: Cheat on you? We’re playing punch-you-punch-me!REBECCA: In our bedroom! With her in that skimpy little nightie!When I look like a hippo because I am pregnant with your baby!
  37. 37. PONG: Rebecca, you’re beautiful!REBECCA: Oh, you’re just saying that. Because I’m not. Andbecause you don’t want me to know that you went and fell in lovewith my sister. I heard the swoopy harp sound effects!PONG: Rebecca, sound effects don’t tell the whole story --REBECCA: So you are in love with her! I knew it, I knew it!PONG: Relationship panels aren’t always accurate gauges. I onlywant to be with you.REBECCA: Sure you do! Next you’ll be telling me that you havemore bolts for my mother than for me, but it doesn’t matter!PONG: Oooh, that was a low blow! Not fair! Look, I’m going tohead out, okay? So we both have time to cool off.
  38. 38. REBECCA (OFF): I knew it! You’re leaving me! You don’t loveme anymore!ABBEY: Hey, do you think you could cheat somebody at chesswhile you’re out? It’s our community lot task for the day.PONG: Not a good time to ask that, Abbey.
  39. 39. PONG (V.O.): And even if I were willing to cheat someone atchess, which I’m not, they don’t have a chess board where I’mgoing.
  40. 40. PONG: I am going to buy every single carton of strawberries theyhave. And then I am going to take them home, so Rebecca candrink the juice. This is getting ridiculous.
  41. 41. PONG (V.O.): I didn’t sign up for any of this. I just want to have ahappy, normal family with my wife and my daughter and the baby,whatever it turns out to be. I don’t want cameras following mearound all the time.PONG (V.O.): I don’t know how much more of this I can take.
  42. 42. ABBEY (V.O.): Getting the actual task done today wasanticlimactic, a little nothing. Anastasia invited her date from twodays ago over and gave him a makeover.
  43. 43. ABBEY (V.O.): I don’t think he liked the results, but he didn’thave to. “Give a townie a makeover,” they said, not “Give a towniea makeover they’ll love.” And it’s not important anyway.
  44. 44. ABBEY (V.O.): No, what’s important is Pong and Rebecca.REBECCA: I just want you to know: I’m not furious at youanymore.PONG: You’re not?REBECCA: No. Strawberry juice is good for that.
  45. 45. PONG: I’m so glad to hear that! Rebecca, I love you and the kidsso much --REBECCA: Um, no. No rubbing the belly. And maybe you shouldsleep on the couch tonight.PONG: But I thought you said you weren’t furious anymore.REBECCA: I did. But “I’m not furious” isn’t the same as “You’reforgiven.”PONG: But --REBECCA: Couch.
  46. 46. ScoreObjectives accomplished on the home lot: 3Objectives accomplished on a community lot: 1Total points: 4Total points from last time: 17GRAND TOTAL: 21Days played: 18 out of 100