100 Days of Awesome Episode 1.3


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100 Days of Awesome Episode 1.3

  1. 1. Previously on 100 Days of Awesome:GIRL WITH THE SPIKED HAIR: Oh. I guess it wasn’t a creativepickup line after all.QND EMPLOYEE: How dare you! What kind of creep are you?!PONG: Yup, it worked…
  2. 2. REBECCA: Pong’s a great guy. He really is. And I love him tobits. And because I love him to bits, I am never going to ask whatbrought that on.
  3. 3. ANASTASIA: Aw, snap!
  4. 4. Hello, and welcome to 100 Days of Awesome, starring the made-of-Awesome Tsvirkunov family. They are currently running at sixobjectives accomplished for six days of trying, and if some of thatinvolves the community lot rule, well, that’s perfectly legal.The 100 Days Challenge was created by Callista over at the oldBoolprop, and the only change I’ve made is to decide that it’s okayfor Sims to go to work or school.
  5. 5. ANASTASIA: This is like the easiest challenge ever. (to phone)Hello?ANASTASIA: Yeah, I’d like to place an order for delivery, please.ANASTASIA: I don’t know. What have you got in a Child?
  6. 6. ANASTASIA: Awesome. Thanks.ANASTASIA: Well, now that’s taken care of, I’m going to bed.Note from esmeiolanthe: Although I made the call less than an hour aftermidnight, I was told the child would arrive the next day, on Day 8. I’m prettysure the game is programmed this way, and so I’m going to count the point.
  7. 7. ABBEY (V.O.): Well, at least she left us a note this time. “I tookcare of it. Have a good day.” What was the “it” she took care of? Idon’t see anything different. (sigh) At least it doesn’t seem to haveinvolved setting the house on fire…
  8. 8. ABBEY: I’m harvesting the lemons. I’m going to stock the juicer.You never know when we might need more orangeade.ABBEY: I’m a firm believer in being prepared.
  9. 9. PONG (V.O.): I’m going to let somebody else do the communitylot thing today. The last time really took it out of me.
  10. 10. PONG (V.O.): Besides, Rebecca and I have a special little lady tospend time with.PONG (V.O.): Uh-uh. No cameras in the nursery.
  11. 11. DESCARTES (V.O.): We have two new parents, one heavilypregnant woman, one working gamer, and a space pirate who getsto make his own hours. Guess who gets to go to a community lottoday?
  12. 12. DESCARTES (V.O.): It’s not so bad, really. I like going to mycousin’s place. The Tacky Flamingo -- you know it? It’s gotbowling and free coffee and hot tubs and toilets and everything.
  13. 13. DESCARTES (V.O.): And from what I hear, Abbey’s father reallylikes the place, so I figured that would be a good place to meet upwith him. And I need to meet up with him for today’s off-sitechallenge.
  14. 14. DESCARTES (V.O.): I’m supposed to Bite or Savage another Sim.Seems kind of violent, but hey.DESCARTES: Did you see that?! Who’s awesome, huh?
  15. 15. ABBEY: My father is Count John Tsvirkunov, the vampire. He’dbe, oooooh, two hundred and forty, two hundred and fifty by now,I guess, but I haven’t heard that he got staked or fried.ABBEY: Golly, I haven’t seen him since I was sixteen. I wouldn’teven know how to get hold of him after all these years. (doubtfully)He might have a phone by now, but it’s not all that likely…
  16. 16. DESCARTES (V.O.): It’s not like visiting the Tacky Flamingo is ahardship. I had a good time.DESCARTES (V.O.): Okay, except for those three hours whennobody would move out of the way to let me out of the toilet. I tellyou, I was this close to just crawling under the door and bitingsomeone on the ankle.
  17. 17. DESCARTES (V.O.): But I stayed until well after sunrise, and Ididn’t see him. (grumbles) I don’t see why we have to stay on onelot the whole time. I could have found him if I went looking.
  18. 18. DESCARTES: For all the good that did, I might as well havestayed home.
  19. 19. DESCARTES (V.O.): Although then I would have had to witnessmy son-in-law being all soppy. (grumbles) That boy’s too Nice forhis own good.**Note from esmeiolanthe: Pong has four Nice points. Descartes has one.
  20. 20. REBECCA (V.O.): I answered the phone today, and we have tohave someone become a supernatural creature.
  21. 21. ANASTASIA: So that’s what, creatures of the night? Like, um,vampires and werewolves and bigfeet and stuff? Or do I meanbigfoots?PONG: I think it’s one bigfoot, two bigfoot. Like moose. But theyaren’t creatures of the night. I think plantsims count, though, andzombies and witches.ANASTASIA: Can we become witches?PONG: I honestly can’t see how.
  22. 22. REBECCA: It’s not that I mind the idea of somebody having tobecome a plantsim. I like gardening. I approve of itwholeheartedly. And I know some plantsims, and they’re -- well,actually, the whole family has three Nice points between them, butthat’s not the point.
  23. 23. REBECCA: I just don’t see why I have to be the one to try tobecome a plantsim. I’m still a nursing mother! This can’t be goodfor Winnie.
  24. 24. DESCARTES (V.O.): Hey, did somebody order a kid?ANASTASIA (V.O.): I told you I took care of it yesterday.
  25. 25. ANASTASIA: Hi! You must be Allyn.ALLYN TSVIRKUNOV (NEWLY ADOPTED): Uh-huh. Did youknow you’re pregnant?ANASTASIA: Yeah, I noticed.ALLYN: And you called for another kid anyway?ANASTASIA: Sure did.ALLYN: Cool. Why are there people with cameras here?ABBEY: Would you like some pancakes?
  26. 26. ALLYN: So I’m going to be on TV?ABBEY: If your new mother says it’s okay. And only if you wantto.ALLYN: Oh boy! New Mom, can I -- ?ANASTASIA: Sure, whatever.ALLYN: Oh boy oh boy! So what do we do on TV?
  27. 27. ABBEY: Well, we try to complete a task each day, but we don’tknow what it is until the day of. Today we have to have someonebecome a supernatural creature.ALLYN: Like a ghost? Can I be a ghost? I’ll roll my eyes back likethis (demonstrates) and I’ll be all “ooooh…. oooOOOOoooohh…”ABBEY: No, no ghosts. Zombies count, but I really don’t think wewant anybody to die…ALLYN: But can’t you cure them afterwards? You just get apotion or something. And they drink it and they’re all“aaaaughaaaarggh” and then they’re normal again.
  28. 28. PONG: Anastasia needs to watch the sugar intake on that one. Idon’t mind attempting to do an off-site task until she calms down abit.
  29. 29. PONG: I know Descartes was just here yesterday, but today’s off-site task is to get five or more people at a time to do the Smustle.They have good music here, and we know that Abbey’s fatherhangs out here sometimes, so maybe we could even kill two birdswith one stone.
  30. 30. REBECCA: You can’t do the Smustle on a community lot unlessthere’s a deejay. Everybody knows that. What was he thinking?
  31. 31. PONG (V.O.): So we couldn’t Smustle and I didn’t run intoAbbey’s father. But it wasn’t a complete wash. I met theMatchmaker, and she sold me some potions.
  32. 32. MATCHMAKER: No, this one is for vampires. That one is forplantsims.PONG: And which one is for zombies?MATCHMAKER: This one here. And that one is for werewolves.PONG: Werewolves is this one?MATCHMAKER: Yes, that one.PONG: Okay, great.
  33. 33. ANASTASIA: He bought cures.
  34. 34. PONG: I thought they’d turn you into the things! Haven’t you evermade a mistake?
  35. 35. ANASTASIA (V.O.): So here’s what I’m thinking: if Mr.Oblivious over there bought cures, maybe I can get a job inParanormal. I have a degree, so should be able to start at, like,Level Forty or something, which means we can just get a bonephone. Then somebody just, um, goes away for a little while andwe bring ’em back as a zombie. And then we cure ’em.
  36. 36. PONG: Did you have anybody in particular in mind to volunteer?ANASTASIA: Maybe. But since there aren’t any jobs inParanormal it’s a moot point. …Is that a peanut butter and bananasandwich?PONG: Yes.ANASTASIA: And I thought I was the pregnant one.
  37. 37. ANASTASIA: I never had any weird cravings. Not a one.
  38. 38. DESCARTES (V.O): We couldn’t go back to a community lot totry and meet a vampire, since Pong picked the wrong spot. Wecouldn’t get a job in paranormal, so we couldn’t make a zombie.The garden wasn’t bad enough to need enough spraying to becomea plantsim. Our best bet -- and it wasn’t a very good one -- was towait until dark and hope like system crash we could manage awerewolf.
  39. 39. DESCARTES (V.O.): But we kind of got distracted in the evening.ANASTASIA: Aaaaaaaaaaugh!ALLYN: New Mom, are you okay?ANASTASIA: Get this camera out of my faaaaaaaace!ALLYN: Okay. Um. Hi. Mr. Camera Person?
  40. 40. ALLYN: Hi. I’m over here. Listen, I can recite the whole first fit ofThe Hunting of the Snark. I’ll show you. (clears throat) “Just theplace for a Snark!” the Bellman cried/As he landed his crew withcare/Supporting each man on the top of the tide/By a fingerentwined in his hair./“Just the place for a Snark! I have said ittwice/That alone --”ANASTASIA: She really will recite the whole [bleep] thing unlessyou go away!
  41. 41. PONG: Okay, just one shot. And only because she’s just turnedToddler. I don’t want my daughter’s face on the screen all the time.
  42. 42. ANASTASIA: This is Georgiana. Say “Hi” Georgiana! Say “Hi” tothe nice viewers at home!GEORGIANA: brrrrptANASTASIA: Was that good? Did you get enough of a closeup?Do we need to shoot it again?DESCARTES (V.O.): So we didn’t manage a werewolf either.
  43. 43. DESCARTES: But today’s task is really easy! All we have to do isteach a child to study! Pfffffffft -- I could do that standing on myhead. Well, I could if you gave me one of those mirror thingies, soI could see the paper even though I was on the floor. Or Abbeycould do it, maybe, because she’s smarter than me. And I don’tthink she’s had enough screen time.
  44. 44. ANASTASIA: Hey, we need to talk about our other tasks today.REBECCA: Oh, are we going to try the off-site rule again?ANASTASIA: We’re low on points, thanks to a certain someonegoing to exactly the wrong place.PONG: I said I was sorry.ANASTASIA: Anyway, I called for an assignment, and they gaveme two. They said we had to complete both to get the point.
  45. 45. ANASTASIA: Actually, they gave me a lot more than two, butthey either weren’t doable on a community lot or they made nosense. Where the [bleep] is the Fortress of Eternal Darkness? Andhow can we get fired on a community lot if we don’t work there?Or do anything involving a toddler? Or sew custom clothing? Ican’t sew! I don’t know anybody who can, either. And what thesysco is a “magic skill” and how do you “max” it?
  46. 46. REBECCA: Oh, okay. We can do two. What are they?ANASTASIA: “Drink Love Potion #8.5” and --REBECCA: That’s easy. I’ve got like five bottles left from college.But can you drink it on community lots?ANASTASIA: Well, if you can’t, we can jump on a couch instead.-- And the second task is “Get caught cheating.”PONG: (chokes)
  47. 47. REBECCA: What was that, Pong?PONG: Nothing. Forgot how to swallow for a minute.
  48. 48. ANASTASIA: So I’ve got it all worked out: you, I, and Pong willall go somewhere. Pong can drink the love potion and flirt with mereal quick in front of you and we’re done. It’ll take longer to getthere than it will to get the point.REBECCA: I don’t like the idea of my husband flirting with mysister.ANASTASIA: It’s not like it’s cheating cheating. You’ll be therethe whole time.REBECCA: But there’s the whole jealousy thing…ANASTASIA: And how many strawberries did we harvest this lasttime?
  49. 49. REBECCA: You make an excellent point. Okay, that sounds like aplan. We’ll get Mom to watch the kids for a bit and knock this rightout. Pong, go get dressed.PONG: Isn’t anybody going to ask me what I think about this?REBECCA and ANASTASIA (together): No.
  50. 50. REBECCA: So while Pong gets dressed, I’m just stocking thejuicer with all the strawberries I’ve got. That should be enough, butin case it isn’t, Dad has a good backstock too.
  51. 51. REBECCA: Okay, Pong. Here’s the Number 8.5.PONG: Do I have to do this?REBECCA: Yes.PONG: What about your mother? Or father? Or Anastasia? She’sgot lots of boyfriends…ANASTASIA: I don’t have any boyfriends. I have friends withbenefits and one-night stands. And none of them would give a[bleep] what I did. Come on, the sooner we get this over with, thesooner I can take a nap.
  52. 52. ANASTASIA: So where are we going again?REBECCA: I thought Benevolent Grounds.PONG: Not the coffee shop. Not in front of everybody…REBECCA: They’ve got couches to jump on in case it turns outthat you can’t drink the love potion.
  53. 53. REBECCA (V.O.): So yeah, that wasn’t something we needed toworry about after all, but the theory was sound.PONG (mutters): Through the teeth and past the gums -- look outstomach, here it comes…
  54. 54. PONG: So, um, Anastasia. You’re looking really nice today.ANASTASIA: Thanks. Whenever you’re ready.PONG: But I just did flirt with you!ANASTASIA: You call that a flirt? That’s an ordinarycompliment! No wonder you never had any girlfriends before mysister. Say something about my boobs.PONG: Er, they’re very -- Uh, wow! You have some rack! Er…hubba-hubba?ANASTASIA: Esme, this is painful. Rebecca!
  55. 55. REBECCA: Huh?ANASTASIA: Rebecca, your husband just complimented me onmy rack! Don’t you feel inclined to come over and slap him one?REBECCA: I missed it. Lipstick on my teeth. Do it again?
  56. 56. ANASTASIA: Oh, for the love of -- ! Here, I’ll take care of this.PONG: Eeeeeek! Bad touch! Bad touch!
  57. 57. REBECCA: Pong, you schmuck! How could you let my sister feelyou up?! My sister, Pong!PONG: Ow…ANASTASIA: Great, that’s done. Can we go home now? I’m tiredand thirsty and I don’t trust their bathroom.
  58. 58. REBECCA: You realize that everything is completely borked now,right? I’m pissed at my husband, he’s pissed at me, I’m pissed atyou…ANASTASIA: Oh, I know how to fix that. Pong, say somethingnice and romantic to your wife.PONG: Rebecca, you are my guiding star, the center of myuniverse --REBECCA: I don’t want to hear that!
  59. 59. ANASTASIA: And neither do I, you filthy cheater! (slaps Pongbut good) How dare you say something romantic to your wife infront of me?! (slaps him again) We are through, do you hear me?Through!PONG: Why did I ever agree to this…?ANASTASIA: There, see? All better. Dibs on the strawberry juice!
  60. 60. PONG (V.O.): Why do you get dibs?ANASTASIA (V.O.): Because I’m a nursing mother.PONG (V.O.): You are not. Georgiana gets bottles.ANASTASIA (V.O.): Then I’m getting dibs because I’ve got amean right hook.PONG (V.O.): That’s fair.
  61. 61. REBECCA (V.O.): I’m really glad there was a hole that needed tobe filled in. Otherwise I might have taken out my aggression in aless healthy manner. On my husband, say.
  62. 62. REBECCA (V.O.): Okay, it’s not his fault, exactly. I made him doit. But that doesn’t make it hurt any less. I hope to Esme we neverget that task again, because if we do, I don’t think I can handle it.
  63. 63. PONG (V.O.): It’s over. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.
  64. 64. DESCARTES: So whaddya say, kiddo? Are you ready to learnhow to study?ALLYN: You bet!
  65. 65. DESCARTES (V.O.): Did you see how enthusiastic she was? I’mnot sure that’s natural.ABBEY (V.O.): There’s nothing wrong with liking to learn. I liketo learn.DESCARTES (V.O.): But you don’t jump up and down and clapyour hands at the thought of doing homework.ABBEY (V.O.): Well, no…DESCARTES (V.O.): And you never did.ABBEY (V.O.): Well, not as such, no…
  66. 66. DESCARTES (VO.): Like I said, I’m not sure that’s natural.ABBEY (V.O.): But she’ll probably get a lot of scholarships forcollege.DESCARTES (V.O.): That’s true. Always a good thing, whenyou’ve got that many to educate.ALLYN: That’s it?DESCARTES: That’s it.ALLYN: Huh. That wasn’t so hard after all. Thanks, Grampa.
  67. 67. ANASTASIA: Somehow that was anti-climactic.
  68. 68. ScoreObjectives accomplished on the home lot: 2Objectives accomplished on a community lot: 1Total points: 3Total points from last time: 6GRAND TOTAL: 9Days played: 9 out of 100